I didn’t think Logitech could be bothered to upgrade the G15, the best keyboard on the planet… but they DID! Surprised

Okay, screw the watercooling, me need keyboard with colour LCD and multicolour backlights RIGHT NOW.


Thought I’d post this topic in this entry instead of making a new entry, as it’s pretty relevant. Smile

I’ve been messing around with my G15, to see what it can do. I’ve not really looked into it much, as LCDSirReal is the only thing I ever needed for it, along with the POP3 Monitor. But NOW, I’ve found a little tool called LCDStudio, which helps you create your own displays for the G15! So, I made an applet which essentially replaced LCD SirReal, because mine’s cooler and has a pretty sweet FPS display that’s much better than LCDSirReal. Open-mouthed

Ya, it’s pretty tiny, but that’s really all you can fit on the display. Tongue out It’s got pretty much everything: date, time, CPU load, RAM usage, remaining HDD space, CPU and GPU temperatures, network meters, and an FPS display. Open-mouthed I wanted to fit e-mail on there, and a warning if CPU or GPU temps get too high, but there’s no plugin for LCDStudio which lets you check e-mail, and it doesn’t let you write out useful comparison expressions, either. Sad Ah well, it’s fine as it is. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, ya. If you’ve got a G15 and haven’t heard of LCDStudio, then that’s impossible, because I told you about LCDStudio about 30-60 seconds ago. Tongue out Wink Try it out, it’s a handy little program. Smile

Right, I’m off, so I’ll sees yas laters! Open-mouthed

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