Y hallo thar. Open-mouthed

So I just got an e-mail from GAME, bragging that they’re the best high street retailer or something. That’s great, and good for them. But, in celebration, they’re giving some savings! That’s cool!


UNFORTUNATELY… they’re on the two things I am least likely to buy in the future… a Nintendo Wii… sorry, I mean… a Nintendo PISS, because my Dad’s got one and I think they suck anyway… and a Nintendo DSi, which is a nice little handheld, but it’s at a ridiculous price, even with £10 off! It’s nearly as expensive as the Piss… and JUST AS expensive as an Xbox 360 Arcade bundle… and they are… more advanced?

Oh, notice how GAME are only offering deals for Nintendo consoles, too? My Favouritism Detector just exploded.

I’m sorry… but anyone that buys a DSi over a DS has been ripped off… because the only thing that’s new is the camera, and the nearly impossible-to-notice size difference. Also, people who upgrade from a DS to a DSi are monumental retards (unless they manage a good trade-in or sell their old DS for a fair amount).

No, I have nothing against Nintendo or anything. Tongue out Their consoles are good, and they make good games, and have really good mascots… but the only problem is… everyone else sucks at making games for their consoles, apart from (usually) SEGA. I don’t know of ANY third-party game I’d ever want to play on the Piss or the DS. I just think they’re pushing their luck a bit too much, what, with their prices and the development of a new handheld that is nearly technically the same as the old one, but costs a lot more. Oh, and the fact that the Piss USED to cost less than the Xbox 360 or PS3… but now it costs more. Good marketing tactics I suppose. Evil, but extremely good. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo… what else… oh yeah, Amazon Prime sucks. Tongue out I signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime, which gives you unlimited one day delivery for a month. That’s great. So, I ordered one of those Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kits, because I badly need it. Why? Well… I probably won’t see my Play & Charge kit for another few months, as I think it’s at Ped’s, and I can’t find either of the original battery packs for my controllers anywhere, so I can’t use the nine rechargable batteries I have in reserve… typical. Sad I asked for one day delivery, and it confirmed and everything.

TODAY, two days after ordering, it’s just been dispatched. Now, sure, it’s not such a big deal, because I can wait a few days for a charge kit, I have other things that I can do… but I thought that ONE day delivery, would take ONE day to pack and deliver to my house. Not THREE. Can’t believe people would pay £50 odd a year just to get their items delivered about one or two days faster than Super Saver delivery… Tongue out

Right… I THINK that’s all, apart from ULSG! If anyone on my Skype is ever bored or not doing anything or whatever, it’d be great if you could help me for a couple minutes, just to see if I can actually make a multiplayer game with Multimedia Fusion 2 or not. I’ve made a little test app which can start a server or connect to one, and you can see other players ships and fire lasers and shoot down enemy ships. It probably doesn’t sound exciting to you, but to me, it’s really important, cuz if this works, then I CAN get started with a real ULSG online game mode of some sort. One of my college mates have already tried connecting to me, but it didn’t work. I can’t really give up just because ONE person can’t connect, though, I need at least a few to not be able to connect to fully render it "not working".
Anyway, if you want to help, just leave a comment, and I’ll meet you on Skype when I notice it. Smile I don’t go on that often anymore, I don’t really see the point.

Rightiho, I’m off. I’ll see yas soon! Open-mouthed


Okay, disregard that plea for help… I managed to find a really good public server. MASSIVE kudos to KlikFarm. Open-mouthed

9 thoughts on “FAIL OFFERS!

  1. Aye, the public server worked fine… but I was still determined to get a private server working. And I managed to do it today! Now that I understand how to do it, I can create online games! 😀 First up: ULSG Online Race Mode, followed by ULSG Online Battle Mode, followed by ULSG Online Co-Op. :DStill need to do a burn-in test with the server, see how many players it can handle before starting to lag. 🙂

  2. You can get a WII in Cex for £120 as just the console and remote, much better then £165 minus £15.WII is still the cheapest console Mongz, Followed by Xbox and then last PS3.The DS has more then just the camera, if you went into a game shop and asked about it’s features you’d get a long winded answer full of all the different things they’ve added.

  3. Ah, alright, that’s fair enough, GAME are probably just ripping people off with the Wii then, cuz it is actually the same price as an Xbox 360 Arcade bundle on their site. :S The Wii’s actually £179.99 minus the £15 discount on GAME’s site… IMHO, that’s ri-friggin-diculous, even with their "extra discount". Will be avoiding buying future games consoles from GAME. :DI’m still a bit skeptical about what you’d get extra on the DS, though. I’m just having a look at the new features of the DSi now, and I’m still finding it hard to find a reason to upgrade from an older model. Let’s just assume that I already have a DS Lite, and that costs around £100… so if I spend about £140-£150 more on upgrading it to the newer model… I’m gettting this list of stuff:12% thinner, which is quite frankly, pathetic. That’s like saying "THIS PIECE OF TOILET PAPER IS NOW 12% THINNER!" You’re not going to notice it unless you look REALLY closely.No more GBA support, which is a shame, because I quite liked playing Sonic Advance 2.0.25 inches extra on the screen, (that’s EIGHT PERCENT) which is also quite pathetic. Seriously, I’m not making this up, I found a ruler, and I’ve measured that 0.25 inches is about ___ << that much, as long as you’re at a normal text size on your screen. 😛 Split that into a quarter and add the quarter onto each side of a DS screen… I don’t think I’d notice ANYTHING different.Extra sound quality, quite nice, but you can only do so much with speakers embedded into a handheld.A camera with a 0.3 Megapixel resolution (LMFAO, only 640×480? I have a very old PDA with four times more megapixels than that…)An audio player which isn’t a proper audio player. (Before you jump on me, I quote from Nintendo’s own website "Another new function, the DSi Sound audio player, is not meant to be an ordinary audio playback mechanism. We have designed it so that people can enjoy playing with sounds.") Only the Japanese find sound tests on games entertaining, so they were the only ones to think of this. :PAn SD card slot so you can now actually save stuff (Woot!).Internal memory (doesn’t say how much, unfortunately).A web browser (This is starting to get better…)New software you can download and use (probably iPhone-style things like a Calculator that costs about a fiver, I bet).Faster WiFi, but only for software made specifially for the DSi."Moving Notepad", which is badly explained and I don’t fully understand. I take it it’s just a notepad program.And that’s it, all taken from Nintendo’s own site, which you can check out if you still have problems with what I’m saying:, if I DID have a DS Lite, I sure wouldn’t pay that much extra for that very minor list of extra features. Even if I got 50% of what I paid for my DS Lite back through a trade-in, it’d still cost £90 for an upgrade to a DSi. They say they aim to expand their audience, but it’s not reached me yet, unfortunately. :(Again, I’m not knocking the DS, because it is a good idea, and a nice little handheld. I’m just knocking Nintendo trying to get people to pay £140 for a console that isn’t THAT much better than the original! And people WILL buy it, because some people basically worship Nintendo. 😛

  4. Considering that was made before the DSi came out, I’m sure you realise they don’t list everthing about the console. You can edit the images you take pictures of with various weird and wacky functions, you can use Wii Ware to download games, guess what they’re gonna put in the downloads, I bet it’ll be game boy advance games. Hopefully for free, if not then that woudn’t be much use. You can import audio into the DSi and remove lyrics, therefore you’d have an instrumental version even if there has been no instrument version released.You can record videos and mess around with them too. Bear in mind that this console is for use when you’re out and about and bored, when you want something to do you just open the DSi and presto, hours of neeless messing around that’ll make you forget the time.Also if you trade in your DS lite you can get a DSi for about…I think it was either £70 or £40, you’ll have to check gamestation on that one…Not sure if they’re still doing that offer.

  5. Ahhh, I didn’t see that. I just read the "Today Nintendo introduced the newest member of the Nintendo DS family of products, Nintendo DSi." and assumed it was made on the day it was released. *facepalm* for me. :PImporting audio into the DSi and removing lyrics would not work properly on 99.9% of songs. To get rid of lyrics, you’ve got to kill the sound frequencies that the lyrics are on, and other instruments (sometimes quite critical ones like guitar and piano) can also play at the same frequencies as vocals, so you’ll be killing them, too. Add in the distortion you’ll probably get… and it’s effectively removed the vocals, but also destroyed the rest of the song.If the console’s for use when you’re out and about, and you’re bored… those things are fine (apart from the browser, cuz you’d need access to a WiFi hotspot to use it when you’re out), but what I’d personally do, is open it up, and… play a game on it, like it was designed to do. I can agree that it’s expanded it’s audience to appeal to YOUNGER people, what, with the picture editing and stuff… but my point is, if you’ve already got a DS Lite, and if you’re sane, there’s hardly any point in paying even more for a DSi, because there’s nothing new that is seriously noticable. Let’s put it in a different context: Would you pay £150-£200 for an Xbox 360i/Wiii/Playstation 3i/(Your Console Here)i that is exactly the same as the old model, only it’s thinner, has an SD card slot, has a little extra sound quality and has a web browser? I sure as hell wouldn’t…I suppose that’s a good offer, because you’re getting NEARLY the price you’d spent on the Lite off the DSi… but I remember a ridiculous offer (probably at GAME, knowing them) where you could trade in the DS Lite AND three games to get the DSi for something like… £60. Basically trading in £160-£190 worth of stuff to buy a DSi for £60. They should be GIVING you a DSi if you do that. Anyone who fell for that "offer" is mental. 😛

  6. It’s all about where you buy, and don’t compare handhelds to home consoles, you know they’re completely different.and if you remember the PS2 had an add on that did the same screen thing as the DSi has now, the add on did cost alot and alot of people bought it.You’re reading too much into this, the DSi was just launched, ofcourse it’s gonna be a high price at first, and not everyone is YOU, they make their own decisions and some people may have really wanted those features on their DS, take everyone into consideration before you say something is really bad or not worth it, to some people it just may be good and/or worth it.

  7. *sigh* I don’t think I can be arsed to argue anymore after this, you seem to be missing my point completely. I’m saying that no matter where you buy, it’s a lot of money to part with for such a minor list of extra features. I never compared it to home consoles, I know they’re different, I was just putting my point in a different context. And I AM taking everyone into consideration, maybe some insane people really do want to upgrade and pay £150 for 0.25 inches extra on the screen amongst some other tiny things, and that’s fine, it’s totally up to them, they can go ahead and buy a piece of land on the Moon for all I care. But I’m trying to advise normal people who may come across this while researching what handheld they want to get, and trying to get people to open their eyes and realise what little extra they’re actually paying for.So, here’s my advice for you researching people: If you want a good multimedia device with a camera, MP3 player, video player, ability to play some light mobile games (not awesome, but not like the crap you get on regular mobile phones), and all sorts of other gadgets, buy a PDA or a Smartphone. If you want a very good, fun, unique handheld console which has all the perks a handheld console should have, buy the DS Original or the DS Lite. If you want to buy a relatively powerful handheld console with some great multimedia capabilities, buy a PSP. If you want to buy a DS specifically that TRIES to be both a console and a multimedia device through the addition of random bits of software and equipment (ie: you want a DS with the extra features listed somewhere below), or you’re actively looking to get ripped off, buy the DSi. If you want the features listed below but don’t want to get ripped off and you have some patience, wait until the DSi loses about £40-£50 off the price tag before you buy it, and if you want to practically GIVE Nintendo money, upgrade from your Lite/Original to a DSi. If you’re a little rich bratty kid, on the other hand, and want a very simple but expensive notepad, sound recorder, camera, and photo editor RIGHT NOW, the DSi is the handheld for you. And when you do decide what you want, buy it from Cex, just so I can laugh and say you bought something from the Cex shop. :DJust my two cents, or whatever you call it in Englandland. 😛

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