My X-Dorx is back… again!

Yes, I know, X-Dorx is the worst Xbox joke you’ve ever heard, but I thought, y’know… dork? Stupid? Xbox? Kinda sums up it’s reliability… Tongue out

Anyhoo, it’s back now, and this time, it’s not a new one! They’ve replaced the motherboard on it (I thought that "loose RAM" which someone else mentioned on a forum was probably a better guess, but who am I to question Microsoft’s knowledge of their own console?) and done an "extensive two-hour test". Oooooh, that’s deep.

Well, bitches, here’s MY extensive two-hour test! I’ve got the Xbox linked up, and ready to rock (or explode). Here we GO!

OK, it booted! That’s a start. Now to connect a controller up to it… just as long as my Play & Charge kit hasn’t gone walkies…

Okay, it has, but thankfully, my other controller has charge. Open-mouthed Must’ve left my charge kit at Ped’s or something.

Well, it’s been idle for four minutes now, and it’s all okay. Controller’s connected… right, let’s SIGN IN!

Okay, I’ve signed in offline, which is a start. Now, I’ve noticed my resolution is a bit blurry, so let’s CHECK IT!

Yep, it’s at 1080i. Up that to 1080p… and let’s see how it reacts…

IT’S EEKAY! Open-mouthed Right, we’re okay at 6 minutes 34 seconds. Let’s run an ARCADE GAME! Open-mouthed

PISS, need to connect to Live to use my games. Right, let’s see how that goes…

Right, after connecting my wireless and configuring it, I’ve just gotta get a system update… a challenging task for a conole as reliable as this! Let’s GO!

Well, we’ve passed the 10-minute barrier, and everything seems to be fine so far.

Update’s done! Console’s just restarted… and… it’s… now signing into Live… and we’re ONLINE, with NO CRASHES! WOOOO!

Now, I’ve just seen Outrun on the Xbox, and I’m going to start downloading a trial. HERE WE GO! And while we wait for that, I’m going to start an Arcade game, now. Let’s see how this goes!

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2, I managed about 2 minutes of gameplay last time! Let’s see if I can get through a 3 minute game of Deadline! Open-mouthed


I actually don’t believe that my console has been able to run for 26 MINUTES without crashing once! Surprised I think Microsoft may have actually fixed it this time!

Anyway, I’ll keep my timer running, and I’ll be back later! Smile


Okay, even after an hour and 30 minutes, we’re still going! Now, I’m giving the Xbox the hardest test EVER… can it run FABLE II, without crashing?! Me hopes so. Smile


Well… I can safely say that my Xbox is pretty much fixed. Open-mouthed I managed to start a new game of Fable II, and progress FURTHER than I did before the repair, without it crashing once! Good job, Microsoft. You’ve redeemed yourself… again. Tongue out

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