Yeeeah, Xtreme Mode awesomeness!

Been playing Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends recently, because of my Xbox going down the drain, and not feeling like playing The Last Remnant. This is a GOOD GAME, don’t talk shit about Dynasty Warriors. Tongue out Sure, they may all be pretty similar, and the graphics on the first 5 may not be great, and yes, it doesn’t really have much depth to the combat system, and it’s extremely far-fetched, and the voice acting is crap. BUT, let me list some other games!

All the Halo games, they’re pretty similar, right? Do we like them? Yes.
Pac-Man had shitty graphics. Was it so good that it became a classic game? Yes!
Streets of Rage, there are three buttons you can press, and a total of eight or nine unique moves per character, and not all that indepth, yeah? Altered Beast was even worse! Do we like them? Yes!
Gears of War was far fetched, I mean, come on… Locust alien thingies emerging from the ground? Cities being sunk by a massive worm? Did we like it? Yes!
And bad voice acting is a way of life, walk two steps into a game store and you’ll find at least one game with shitty voice acting. Tongue out

This game is so much fun because bashing loads of idiotic Chinese soldiers heads in is extremely satisfying and fun! It’s not like they’re real! Besides, the game’s not meant to be taken seriously, anyway… Tongue out

Anyway, I’ve been on the Xtreme Mode, where you have to survive as many missions as you can. And I am on Mission 30, at this very moment, and about to kick some dude’s buttisholz! Open-mouthed

Yes, Mission 30. Awesome. Open-mouthed And before you say it, NO, I did NOT use the memory card switching cheat! Tongue out This is all legit, and I have not died at all. A few close calls, but that’s it! Open-mouthed Besides, Mission 30 compared to how far some other people have got is quite crap. Tongue out

Anyway, I’m off to do this mission, but before I go, has anyone ever played Dynasty Warriors 6? If yes, is it any good? I’m kinda split on whether to get it or not, because they’ve changed the combat system to something more lame-sounding, and as it’s in HD, it’ll look prettiful, but it’s got a chance of causing STUPID amounts of slowdown… which I hate. Tongue out

If I do get it… I hope Lu Bu’s overpowered in DW6, just like he is in DW5. Open-mouthed He kicks too much ass for it to be legal. Open-mouthed


Did it! Owned Mission 30. Open-mouthed Was pretty close though, had a red health bar at the end. That’s gonna be expensive to fix. Confused

Never mind, I got 31,526 gold from that mission alone! That’s… quite a lot. Open-mouthed

4 thoughts on “Yeeeah, Xtreme Mode awesomeness!

  1. Cool, so your on dynasty warriors now then – good, i’m on about mission 400 or something lol, can’t remember, played it for ages with my characters and edit chars. If I die, im going to create an AADAAM and Axel duo, but i can’t see that happening as ive got 5 lu-bu’s (Lu-Bu and 4 edit chars with his motion) and Zuo Ci and Zhen Ji (both for healing purposes: after a certain ammount of missions they will heal the party if they are in reserves). I’ll give you any more tips if you want. Good luck surviving for ages!

  2. WTF?! Mission 400?! I didn’t even think that was possible, I thought it’d just short out at Mission 99 or something! 😀 Or maybe Mission 255, because I’ve noticed the maximum combo is 255, then it just stops and fades out, even if you continue owning the enemy. :DAh, I didn’t know that Zhen Ji healed your characters. 😀 I noticed that she "invited a doctor" after one mission, so maybe that was it. 😀 Shame, I don’t haver her any more. I took her out of reserve and swapped her with a char who had REALLY low health, then she got raped by one of my edit characters in the next mission, LOL. :DI managed to get my weapon to Level 4 last night, too, and as that gives a Musou Token every 100 kills, I think I’ll be fine for quiiitte a while now. 😀

  3. Ah, he had like… 2 pixels of health left. (And has a really irritating voice. :P) He revolted against me for some reason after Mission 32, anyway. 😀

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