Hoooly crap, computer fail!

Right, so I’ve been to Ped’s today for another gaming party, and it was cool, especially Halo multiplayer, cuz that was so much fun. Open-mouthed Before I set off to his, though, I turned on the Pwnage-O-Matic, and tried to copy a game over to my external hard drive so I could take it along with me, just to test if Ped’s (shite) PC could run it. Unfortunately… it was pretty big, and I didn’t have enough time to copy it, so I cancelled, deleted the partially-moved files, removed the external hard drive, and asked the Pwnage-O-Matic to shut down. There was an update, so I just left that to install, which shouldn’t have taken more than a minute or so.

Ya, so what’s the problem with that?

Well, there isn’t one, assuming you’re a normal person. But for some reason, after I’d gotten back from the party, had my tea, fed my fish and all that, I turned on the P-O-M… and it didn’t actually turn on, as such… it started whirring as normal, hard drives started clicking as they usually do, and a few lights flickered on my motherboard, as they usually do… but the computer didn’t beep to say that it was OK, nor did anything appear on the screen. I tried cycling the power about three or four times, but still nothing!

Now, if I knew nothing about the inside of computers, and if I just had a standard motherboard… I would be well and truly screwed at this point. But, my board has a backup, and that is to clear the CMOS by pressing a little button on the back of the motherboard! Great! But THAT didn’t work either… and it usually does. Confused

So, to help me out a little bit, I got out my LCD Poster that came with the board (another tool I would be utterly screwed without), plugged it in, and turned on the P-O-M. The LCD Poster got stuck at DET DRAM… so I assumed my RAM was the problem. I swapped my RAM sticks around, no joy. I unplugged one, no joy. I unplugged both, no joy and broken ears, as my (ultra loud) PC speaker beeped a warning tone as if to say "WHAT THE FOCK, I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING ANYMORE!!" I tried each stick in each slot, until I finally found a combination that booted the PC! WOOT!

Thing is, they’re in different coloured slots. Why is that a problem? Well… actually… I don’t know, as the PC can pick up all the memory, and it’s just as fast as it used to be. Tongue out Apparently, putting RAM in the same coloured slots speeds it up… but I haven’t noticed a performance difference. Tongue out It’s pretty annoying, as this is a £200-ish motherboard with now two
(seemingly broken) RAM slots. I don’t get how they just BROKE, when
the P-O-M was powered off… Must’ve blown a fuse or something when I
turned it back on…

So anyway, all of you people who have a motherboard similar to the Striker II Formula motherboard, and who are having a "DET DRAM" problem and can’t boot your PC’s… try moving your RAM around. Mine worked in slots 3 and 4. And so, the moral of this story is… it’s a GOOD idea to buy an expensive motherboard, because otherwise, you’re f***ed when one of your PC’s bad days come, and you have no failsafes. Open-mouthed (Plus, it’s ultra easy to overclock with certain boards. Open-mouthed)

Anyhoo, I’m off for now, I see yous later! Smile

2 thoughts on “Hoooly crap, computer fail!

  1. LMAO, awesome! 😀 This WOULD have done well on that show. :DNaw, I’ve just written this here because I tried searching on the internets for some sort of solution… and there wasn’t one that really helped. So… now that I’ve written this… there is a solution to try, AND it’s entertaining to read, unlike forums! I has changed the world, and I is proud. 😀

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