Haha, I’ve just noticed something!

I’ve started downloading a little game demo off Steam, aaaand… it’s downloading at 110KB/s! WOOOO!

YESZ! MY BANDWIDTH IS BACK TO NORMAL! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed


Yes, I’m back! I’ve just been playing a demo of FLOCK! And I know the game developers have one of the most ultimate senses of humour EVER, because they can see the funny side of that word. It’s pretty obvious, too, since you (as the UFO) have to herd animals to the MOTHERFLOCKER! AWESOME! Open-mouthed How they got away with a 7+ is beyond me. I’d expect at least 11+ for suggestive content. Tongue out
The game’s awesome in every way, it’s got great gameplay, which is simple to understand, yet really hard to master (you try and get Gold Perfect medals on every level first time. Tongue out). It’s got a co-op mode, it’s got a level editor, it’s got really cool, stylised graphics, and it’s got bags of humour! AND, it’s an indie game, the most fun type of game ever invented, so it’s replayable, and it’s cheap, only £11 off Steam! Open-mouthed And, I’ll bet it’s got more playtime than nearly any recent £40 commercial game. Apart from RPG’s, of course, but the replayability of those are pretty much ZERO. Tongue out

As soon as I get my next GlobalTestMarket payment, I think I’ll be getting that game. Open-mouthed Bigass Kudos to Proper Games. Open-mouthed

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