Achievement Unlocked: “Top 2% of O2 Bandwidth Users in UK”.

Oh, yes! I don’t know how I managed it, but I’m in the top 2% of UK O2 bandwidth users. That’s not good, though, because now my bandwidth’s been halved to 512Kb, probably until the end of this month. Confused

No… it’s not kiloBYTE, as 80% of people think it is. It’s kiloBIT, 1024 BITS. Divide your "advertised" connection
speed by 8, and that’s your actual download speed in meaningful kiloBYTES. Mine WAS 128KB/s. Now it’s 64KB/s. Sad Guh.

Well… that’d be fine for browsing and just general internet usage… BUT, instead, I’m trying to download Team Fortress 2 again, after it just randomly vanished from my hard drive for no reason. About 7 hours to go, oh joy. I WOULD play TrackMania while I was waiting, but the assfaggotry of the crappy Steam platform won’t let you download updates and play Steam games (even if you’re playing them offline) at the same time. You can’t even use a shortcut to an external program though Steam, because that pauses your updates, too. Confused And most of my best games are on Steam… Sad

I would use my Xbox, but THAT’S being a faggot, too! I only thought it was Fable that was crashing, but now EVERY game’s doing it MORE OFTEN THAN FABLE DID! WTF?!! We tried to play a game of Horde on Gears of War 2 at Ped’s house… and we managed to get about ten seconds into the first wave before my Xbox just crashed for no reason. It’s a "hanging" sort of crash, so you don’t get any error messages or anything, the picture just freezes, the sounds stops, and the only way out it to turn off the Xbox. Anyone ever had this before, and have found a way to fix it WITHOUT opening the entire Xbox and voiding warranty?

Gah… this is the first time where I actually WANT a RRoD, just so I can send the friggin’ thing back. I’m supposed to be saving my money for university, not spending it on repairs for one of the most unreliable machines ever built.

Microsoft, when you build your next console, the Xbox 720 or whatever stupid name you’re gonna give it… please make sure it WORKS first, before making us pay £200 for it… Oh, and NEVER make a portable Xbox 360, or "Xbox 180" like some people would call it. Judging by your Windows Mobile series, I’m guessing a handheld console made by you would end with many small explosions, and a LOT of irritated people. Tongue out


OKAY! After playing… about… ooh… five minutes of a DEMO of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, the Xbox crashed in the same way AGAIN. Oh, no, that’s not an improvement from Ped’s house, not at all. Because I was playing the game for TEN SECONDS! The rest of the time, I was in the menus, reading the controls and the hints! And you don’t want to know how long I lasted in Lumines LIVE…

MicroTwats… I’ve sent a repair request. You can have the fecking console back. This time, send me one that isn’t broken.

10 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: “Top 2% of O2 Bandwidth Users in UK”.

  1. Hahaha, that happens. :DYa, I’m pished off a little. O2 is no problem, because I WAS downloading a bit too much, and it’s only fair that they cut my bandwidth. Steam is no problem now, because I managed to get Team Fortress 2 overnight. The Xbox 360 IS a problem. Been wanting to play Fable II for a while, and just as I’m getting into it, the Xbox suddenly forgets that it’s supposed to be working and ALL of the components seem to fall asleep, apart from the power supply. Then it does the same with all my other games, even simple Live Arcade games like Galaga!

  2. Lol *Funny sound*, Street fighter seemed to fail on you aswell, You didn’t drink enough "DRAGON PUNCH!"

  3. No, MICROSOFT failed on me! 😛 The ten seconds that I played Street Fighter were good… sort of. Because there’s no Single Player mode until you buy the game… which is really stupid… you need someone else to play it with you, local only. Aaand, everyone but me around here would suck at it. :PI seriously want some of that Dragon Punch stuff. 😀

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