Streets of GOOOONG!! And other stuff. :D

Speckeroo! Not been on for a while, I’ve been doing crappy college work and other random stuff, like updating ULSG. Smile Anyhoo, onto the entry!

Oh ya! No April Fool’s joke! (Even though the site that the vid’s hosted on HAS got an April Fool’s joke going on. Tongue out) I’m still making SoG, and I’ve just finished Stage 5! Open-mouthed I’m just uploading it to YouTube now, so I’ll shove a link down here when it’s done. Smile Dubbing films with Streets of Rage sounds is FUN. Open-mouthed

Here ya go:
Streets of Goong – Stage 5!
You enjoy now. 🙂

Right, what else is there… oh yes about university. I might’ve said this before, but NEW College sucks, and none of the tutors know anything about games development. I was gonna do their programming course, just so I could avoid having to travel a million miles to go to university, but NEW College teaches BASIC and Visual BASIC, and last time I checked, BASIC is really easy… but it’s a pointless language to learn if you want to MAKE things… it’s about as useful as a square wheel. Tongue out

Happily, though, some universities offer specific game programming courses that DO teach you worthwhile languages, such as C, C#, C++, Java, and others. AND they know what they’re talking about. My neighbour showed me a university that he went to that was really good, Huddersfield. Yes, it’s friggin’ miles away, and I think I’d hate having to travel so far. But I want to go there, because the course sounds good, and so does the uni, because they have connections with companies, which makes it just a little bit easier to get into work. Open-mouthed Then again… NEW College’s course SOUNDED good… but it wasn’t. Tongue out

But anyway, I’ve gotta finish the course I’m on, and earn at least MMM (Triple Merit) to be able to have a chance at getting onto this course. Then there’s the tuition fees, which confuse me. Why can’t they just have A LOAN, instead of about 50 different loans and grants you can qualify for? Meh, whatever, I’ll understand them soon enough. Open-mouthed

Oh ya, and one more thing… after I’d finished writing a bit more of Dragon Tail, and just before deciding to finish Streets of Goong Stage 5, I accidentally found this, and it actually scares me…

"LOL why?" you ask? Well… because that looks a lot like Ifri from Dragon Tail… he’s the same colour, he’s got the same attitude, and this looks like how Ifri would stand when he wanted to intimidate his opponents, cuz he’s such a kickass dragon when he’s angry. Open-mouthed Sure, there are a couple of differences, mainly the fact that Ifri has wings, but it’s still strikingly similar. I haven’t even tried to DRAW Ifri yet, and then I find something that looks ultra-close to how I think he looks! It’s weird…
Ah, whatever. Good job on reading my mind, Mr. Artist Dude. Tongue out

Anyway, I is off for now. See yas later! Smile

3 thoughts on “Streets of GOOOONG!! And other stuff. :D

  1. Uh, that picture is a digimon from digimon tamers, it’s suppossed to be a dinosaur shape. The series has been available for years so they’re not reading your mind…More like you saw it somewhere without noticing and thought it looked cool, then it’d imprint onto your mind etc, I’m not going to go on any thurther, I don’t find psycology (Sp?) entertaining.If you havn’t seen digimon tamers then you’re not missing much, except maybe the concept of using digital cards to increase stats, skills and such. But they use the card concept way too much and eventually begin saying any drawing can become a caerd used for the game…Way too far.

  2. Really? Woooow… that’s taking me back. I remember the time I first watched Digimon, I was about seven, I think, but I don’t remember seeing that Digimon. I remember one of them, though, Gabumon I think his name was. He was f**king ace. 😀 Dinosaur shape or not, he still looks a LOT like Ifri. :)(Psychology. :P)Naw, I haven’t watched Digimon for years. I’d probably facepalm a hell of a lot if I watched it now, cuz I wouldn’t "get" it. 😀

  3. Gabumon is from the first digimon group, there’s been load more of them. The picture is from the third one, set in another world to the first and second. There are many Digimon series with completely different characters.

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