I’ve just finished Crysis, and now I’m screwing about it.

Yup, I completed Crysis. Yes, I am screwing about it. It’s a good game, it’s quite challenging, it’s got nice gameplay, a pretty good story, alright characters and unbelievable graphics, I thought I’d plugged my 360 into my PC by mistake. I’m surprised my little 8800GT could cope quite well with the settings I asked for – one setting on low, four (one of them shaders, which are graphics card killers) on medium and the rest on high (nothing on very high Sad), and the card managed around 70FPS maximum, dropping to 10 FPS at one point, but getting an average of around 30-35 FPS. Not too bad. Smile I just need a GTX295 or Radeon 4870X2, one of those will cause epic amounts of KICKASS. Open-mouthed

Now you ask: "Why are you screwing about Crysis?"

Well… the only thing the game does NOT have is a FECKING GOOD ENDING! And last time I checked, a good ending is sort of KEY to wrap up an awesome experience! Authors wouldn’t put a shit ending in their books (Unless they’re JK Rowling, YOU SHOULD HAVE FOCKING KILLED HARRY DICKHEAD, YOU DUMBASS!) so why do game developers put shit endings in their games?! They must’ve spent millions on graphics, coding and takeaways… and in the process, they completely forgot that a game is supposed to end! It’s like gathering the best ingredients from around the world to make a sandwich, like getting freshly baked bread and free range chicken or something… and then when you’ve put the sarnie all together and it’s absolutely perfect… you stick mayonnaise on it. That’s the epitome of FAIL, and Crysis JUST DID IT.

I know there’s a sequel to Crysis, but Halo 2 had a sequel, as well, and the ending to Halo 2 was SHIT, too. Both Halo 2 and Crysis make you think that you’re gonna enter another final mission, and you’re expecting a bigass huge battle at the end… and then all of a sudden, you see the credits screen! GAHD DAMNIT! And then, when you get the sequel, the most annoying thing EVAR is when the sequel’s ending SUCKS!! Halo 3’s wasn’t too bad… but not that good, either. Still yet to see Crysis’ sequels’ ending. (WOW, that was confusing to say. Tongue out)

Call of Duty 4 is the only FPS… actually, it’s probably one of the only GAMES I’ve played that actually has an awesome ending, because it makes you feel like "OH F**K YES, I JUST LAST-STAND-KILLED A LUNATIC AND SAVED THE WORLD, I RULE!" And THEN, there’s a bonus mission! AWESOME! Open-mouthed

Anyone out there ever played a game other than CoD4 that has a truly good ending? Or does everyone kinda agree that 98% of game endings suck hard and make you feel the game was worth half of what you paid for it? Smile

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