Oh yes, the game BAFTA’s have SO made my day. Open-mouthed,664,BA.html

Most of the awards went to the right games.Open-mouthed I can’t comment on Super Mario Galaxy being awarded Best Game, as I’ve never played it. Same with Fable II, can’t comment, but that won Best Action/Adventure… the Artistic Achievement went to LittleBigPlanet, I want that game, it looks intriguing, but I don’t have a PS3, and I’m not about to buy a console for ONE game. Tongue out Boom Blox won Best Casual, never played it, but if it’s better than Bejeweled 3 or Castle Crashers, I’ll eat myself. Tongue out Gameplay Award went to Call of Duty 4, I completely agree with that… I’m ignoring Best Handheld Game, cuz I don’t like handheld consoles anymore… Left 4 Dead got Best Multiplayer, I can probably agree with that, although I’ve never played it… Dead Space got Best Musical Score, never played it, so I can’t comment… I’m ignoring Best Sports Game, because I don’t care about them… Ignoring Best Strategy, cuz almost all strategy games suck ass… Call of Duty 4 also won Best Story & Character, I can understand the story part but… not character. Spore got Technical Achievement, couldn’t agree more… and Dead Space won Best Use of Audio.

After reading through all that, I then noticed the thing that made my day. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, one of the nominations, was nowhere to be seen on any of the runners up lists in ANY category! Open-mouthed AND, if you’d just go on the website and look at the "Game Award of 2008"… out of the ten games that Game had chosen for the award… WoW:WotLK came LAST!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed And that’s a PUBLIC vote!


YES! THE WORLD IS SANE AFTER ALLLL!!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed Thank God for that. I can’t stand the freaking game… I am SO glad I had that epiphany a few months ago, which snapped me out of the game, and after realising I’d wasted my life and money on the game, I completely flipped out by talking as much shit about the game as I possibly could. Open-mouthed

I’m warning you all, don’t play WoW, OR ELSE THIS GUY WILL GET YOU… AND if you continue to play it beyond maximum level, you WILL die a horrible, lonely death, having accomplished nothing but getting full epics on a stupid game. NEWSFLASH NERDS! NO-ONE CARES THAT YOU HAVE VIRTUAL ARMOUR THAT HAS A NAME IN PURPLE! Freaking snap out of it, you’re wasting your life, go and try to do something that people may LIKE you for, like, I dunno… be creative and get a hobby, create something to entertain others, try and make something of your life? Instead of playing the same game and doing the same stupid instance every freaking day?

Glad I got that off my chest. Open-mouthed Anyway, moving right along… what else is there to say…

Oh yes. "The other day I had a, 12-hour marathon… of Scooby Doo and Friends, on Cartoon Network… I watched all 12 hours. When it was finished, I said SHIT!"

HAHA, Tourettes Guy was the ultimate bomb. Open-mouthed Okay, NEXT!

Right, I think it’s the first time in… um… several MONTHS that I’ve even touched Dragon Tail. Yush, I am starting to update it again, after a loooong break. Open-mouthed Just going over it to improve chapters to get rid of rough edges like grammar problems and stuff… then after it’s done, well… I actually dunno what I’m gonna do with it. I guess I need to find SOME way to try and publish it, cuz that’s what I’ve been aiming for since about halfway through writing it, but it’s kinda difficult when you’re a newbie in the industry. Tongue out I’m not gonna publish the revised version here, I still don’t trust the community on Live Spaces. The absolute last thing I want is Dragon Tail to be plagiarised, I DID kinda put a lot of time into it. Tongue out

Anyhoo, I think that’s all. I’ll see yas laters. Open-mouthed


  1. Kongregate is the way forward my friend 😀 Theres recently been new features added to further improve the rewards game publishers get 😀

  2. Hey, I just checked Kongregate out for the first time in like… ages. That’s actually quite good. :DThing is… I can’t use Flash yet. 😛 Now… if only the Ultimate Lame Ship Game was Flash based… 😀

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