Aaand it’s crunch time!

Right, I have a bag of Fish & Chips flavour Walkers here! Their picture was a zillion times better than mine, and it looks pretty good on the front of the packet, so they deserved to win. Open-mouthed

But frankly… I don’t care about the packet. I only care about what’s inside! I will care even less about losing if they’re shite… and I’m gonna find out whether they are or not in about fifteen seconds! Open-mouthed

WOW, what an average taste. I can’t even taste the fish… only the chips and vinegar. That flavour SO didn’t work. It’s not BAD, but it’s not exactly mindblowing. I expected to taste the fish at LEAST!

Thank God I didn’t win. I’d be extremely embarrased at the failure job Walkers has done. Tongue out Might as well just get some Salt & Vinegar flavour crisps, they’re at LEAST 100% better!

Actually… after about 3/4 of a packet, I’d say that Salt & Vinegar is about 300% better. These are beginning to taste quite terrible, to be brutally honest.

Ah well, anyway, I’ll see yas laters. Smile

2 thoughts on “Aaand it’s crunch time!

  1. I think they ripped off everybody who won the competition anyways. Every pic for the new flavours is drawn in the same style, making me think they just remade their own pics that looked better. And that flavour tastes soooo nasty, I could really taste the fish…

  2. FUCK JESUS CHRIST ON A LOG SOMEONE COMMEN… I mean, yo Neb, how’zit goin? :DYa, I thought that as well, cuz all the new pics are pretty much the same style, which kinda makes me think that they didn’t choose the best picture, I just reckon they put everyone that said Fish & Chips into a hat and drew a name or something.Tried Chilli & Chocolate yet? After half a crisp, I felt quite ill. 😛

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