Streets of Goong – Stage 4 is LIVE!!

Oh ya, rly! It’s been like… 6 months, but now Kham is BACK, ready to LOAD STATE, and KICK ASS on the Streets of Goong!! Open-mouthed

Streets of Goong – Stage 4!

YouTube sucks, by the way. I spend ages making sure I use a lossless codec for EVERYTHING I do, resizing the video, capturing the health bar movements, and rendering the final video… and then I compress the video to MPEG-4 at 2Mbps. YouTube is supposed to like MPEG-4, and 2Mbps is a good bitrate.

Then what does YouTube do after I’ve uploaded the vid? It compresses the HELL out of it, making it sound shitty and look shitty! And there’s no link for high quality, even though I’ve uploaded it at a high quality resolution!

Dumb YouTube. Next time I’m doing it in HD. Tongue out

Anyhoo, I’m off for now. I’ll see yas later. Smile


WOW! The high-quality link’s appeared out of nowhere! Open-mouthed I’m happy now. Open-mouthed

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