Yeeeah, my Xbox is back!

It came Wootage! Awesome service by Microsoft. Smile

It’s a brand new Xbox, and it’s quieter, and it doesn’t crash halfway through games anymore… it’s ace! Open-mouthed And they included a month of Xbox Live Gold for me, too, which was cool. Open-mouthed It arrived a lot faster than I expected it to. Smile Kudos to MS.

I also got a new Live Arcade game, Castle Crashers, which is super-awesome. Open-mouthed It’s like Streets of Rage, only it’s next-gen, and in HD, and is pretty much nothing like Streets of Rage graphics-wise. Tongue out

I got a couple new game demos, too! Open-mouthed Tom Clancy’s HAWX, which is fricking awesome, and I’ve already pre-ordered it. It’s full of awesome action, and you can pull off stupid stunts when you turn assistance off… and you can also stall the plane that way. But that’s easy to fix, just pull up and accelerate, and you’ll snap right out of it. Open-mouthed Can’t wait for that to be released.

I also tried Halo Wars… which is shit. Yes, I am DEADLY serious, Halo Wars is shit, and ANYONE who says it isn’t really needs to snap out of it. I may be a bit biased, because I went off RTS’s ever since I realised that they’re all exactly the same… but I’m not kidding about Halo Wars at all. The game is a glorified version of Age of Empires 3, and that game was seriously boring. Halo Wars is a bit LESS boring, but it’s still not really gripping… it’s like Age of Empires with extra rush elements added from Command and Conquer, the town hall upgrade system from the Warcraft RTS’s, and the Covenant even has the leader system from War Wind!
The Covenant have AGES, like Age of Empires, which is stupid. Buildings are created within ten seconds, so you can get a full base up and running within 20-30 seconds, and units train at quite a fast rate, just like C&C. The bases can be upgraded to level 2 and 3, like in Warcraft… and the Covenant have a leader that you have to protect at all costs, otherwise you immediately lose, like in War Wind! It’s stupid, and has zero originality! Even the graphics are shitty (discounting the FMV’s every so often, but FMV’s ALWAYS have stupidly insanely awesome graphics, because they’re pre-rendered), but that’s tradition with most RTS’s nowadays. And the camera is impossible to get into a good angle. Halo Wars is gonna be exactly like the new Star Wars films, it’s gonna have no soul, it’s going to be boring, and it’s just the product of people saying "Right, those last three games people liked and they made us a lot of money… now let’s make some more just for the money, because our fans WILL buy it…"

And I hate games like that.

Anyway, as a summary, get HAWX, because it’s full of awesome action, get Castle Crashers, because it’s freaking fun, and avoid Halo Wars, because it’s boring as F**K!

Right, I’m off now, so I’ll see yous laters! Smile

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