Oh, what a GREAT day I’ve had today…

Yeeeah… if you happen to LIKE being irritated and annoyed, you’d’ve REALLY wanted to be me, today.

Let’s see, where do I begin… oh yes, I went to college, and found out that Torque Constructor, the program I need to use to complete an assignment, doesn’t work AT ALL. I can load it up, but I can’t DO ANYTHING. So, I’ve been bored at college all day.

When I got home, and after tea, I went on Crysis. My graphics cards can handle it no problem at all on medium-high graphics, sometimes dipping to 20FPS, but usually hovering around 40-55FPS, which is perfectly acceptable. Then… halfway through a level, my display driver stops responding for no reason, which forces me to exit the game, and load it again. That’s fine the first time… but when it happens seven or eight times in the space of half an hour, it starts to become extremely irritating, especially due to the fact that I didn’t know WTF was causing it. I assumed it was the new level I’d entered, and shrugged it off.

Until I loaded up LCD SirReal, and got my GPU temperatues. My main card was running at a frankly STUPID 110 degrees C. Yes, 110C. Usually, that card runs at around 70-80C, which is fine, I’ve never had any problems at all, but 110C was a bit scary.

And I was right to be scared. cuz after another 20 seconds, the computer ordered an emergency shutdown. My graphics card had JUST broken the temperature threshold. First time in my life that I’ve ever experienced that.

Just to check that my sensors weren’t going nuts, I touched the heatsink of the GPU, and it BURNED. My sensors definitely weren’t wrong, that GPU had overheated. I let it cool for 15 minutes or so, while I tried to figure out WTF had caused it to overheat. Could I find anything? No, I couldnt.

Until I put the card back in, and rebooted my PC.

The GPU fan WASN’T SPINNING, therefore it was literally frying my GPU, because it had no direct cooling whatsoever. I gave the fan a kickstart, and it started to spin, although it was a LOT slower than my other GPU, which explained why it was so much hotter than my other GPU. Just before I could decide that it was way too dangerous to keep the overheated card in my PC anymore… I found that Vista hadn’t been able to load the graphics drivers. I blamed Vista, and reinstalled them, yet they still wouldn’t work. Then, I switched the GPU’s around, so that my healthier GPU was running the display… and the drivers worked. That, coupled with the fact that NOTHING could detect the overheated GPU, meant only one thing.


Thinking about that, though, it’s not even my fault. How is it my fault if the fan on that shitty GPU just STOPPED SPINNING for NO REASON, therefore cooking the GPU without me being able to know? I’m always keeping temperature monitors up from now on, though.

Oh, yeah, and by the way, alongside this graphics card breakage… the huge 200mm fan on the side of my Cosmos S, after just a few days, has SHATTERED, and lost 2 blades, therefore making the case wobble when that fan spins, AND reducing cooling power! So I have to tell CoolerMaster to get me another one of THEM!

And to add insult to injury, as I was removing my bricked card and making my healthy card primary, the CPU cooler ACTUALLY FELL OFF THE CPU! That’s not only fricking irritating, because it takes 15-20 painful minutes to put back on, but it’s damned dangerous as well, it could’ve damaged several other components if it had fell on them!

So, in ONE DAY, I’ve lost a £100 graphics card because of a SINGLE overheat, I’ve had the largest fan on a £135 case shatter for no obvious reason, and I’ve collected three more cuts from that damned CPU fan. Now I have to decide whether to continue with my plans and get a new watercooling system, which will replace that loud, dangerous, unstable, non-cooling CPU fan… or replace my current 8800GT with a card that will act as if TWO 8800GT’s (or possibly more) are linked together in my system… and whatever I choose, it’s not gonna be cheap… ESPECIALLY the graphics…

Anyway… how was your day? Tongue out

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