I forgot to show you what I did to my location and occupation, hee hee! Open-mouthed Check it out:
LOL! I is a WORLD LEADER IN INTERNET AWESOMENESS! Open-mouthed I meant to show you this before, but I forgot. Tongue out
Anyhoo, what else… oh yes, I was gonna talk about COURIER WARS and ULSG! Open-mouthed
Courier Wars hasn’t really changed for a while, the only change I’ve made is the server it connects to. I’ve changed it to a server which I reckon is faster, but has 11% downtime. Confused Then again, the other one I could have chosen has 10% downtime, so there’s not much in it. Tongue out
Just wish I could use the OINC extension. Then the server would be much faster with a 100% uptime. Open-mouthed But, you know… Clickteam screwing with me and releasing MMF2 about 6 months after I bought MMF1 for £60-70, then removing all support for MMF1? Sorry dudes, but I ain’t forking out another £60 for the new version.
Anyhoo. Open-mouthed
I’ve done one thing on ULSG, but it was a bit of a pain. I added a NEW type of Challenge Medal, one that’s BETTER than Diamond. It is… the KICKASS MEDAL!! Open-mouthed Oh yes. Very hard to earn, but they’ll be used to unlock secret CHALLENGE DOORS! And do you know what? That idea JUST came into my head about… ten seconds ago! Awesomeness! Open-mouthed
Oh, and I’m thinking of scrapping the current idea of a Lame Adventure Mode and replacing it with a newer type, which is a sort of side scrolling role playing survival game. Yes, a SSRPSG! You’ll fly from HQ on a Universal Patrol, and every 2000 miles or light years or whatever I decide to make the distance, you get to dock at a resupply station, which can trade you goods and repairs for credits. And there’ll be NEW WEAPONS, too! And at this resupply station, you can save the game to continue from that point at another time. When you return to the game, though, the save will be deleted, so you can’t die and return to a previous save; once you’re dead, you have to start all over again! The game mode is endless, and you can go on forever… but that’s not likely, as it gets harder after every resupply station. I’ll figure out some more stuff later, but it sounds quite awesome, but not as tedious as the Lame Adventure Mode! Open-mouthed Hell, maybe I’ll make both! Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, I’m off. See ya. Smile

1 thought on “OH WOW!

  1. Hehe!!!! I love it!!! 😀 Sorry just had to say that! :)Anyway I’m counting down to the 21st!!!! 😀 Guess why!!! Go on try and guess!!!! :)Have you guessed yet??No…Well I’m gonna tell ya!!!….Bet I’m annoying ya!….:PLol you annoyed yet?….NOW I’ll tell you!!….Hehe only joking….sorry I’m extra hyper!!!Right now I HAVE TO tell you, before I explode with happiness and hyperness and excitement and before I jump so high that I crack my head on the ceilling! OK I’m gonna shut up and tell ya now!I’m excited because….5….4…3….2….1…I’m going to the WRESTLING!!!!!I know other people wouldn’t be excited about that, but I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED about it, it’s unbelievable!!Nikki told me she’d rather stick pins through her eyeballs than go to the wrestling, which I thought was a really negative attitude! But anyway, yeah I’m really excited!! So I can’t WAIT for the 21st!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DSee ya later! 😀

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