YO, all those who want a Cosmos S RC-1100 case…

Go to Dixons.co.uk. Seriously, they’re selling the Cosmos S a lot cheaper than all the other major stores, like Amazon, Dabs, CCL, Scan, eBuyer… the lot! £134.98, including P&P. That’s… £20 cheaper than eBuyer, which is the second cheapest price. And be fair, £20 is quite a big saving on a case, right?

GO BUY NOW, before Dixons realise that it’s way too cheap. You can thank me later. Wink

So yes, I bought a ridiculously overpriced PC case. Why? Cuz A: It looks like the aluminium embodiment of sex, B: It can have up to 10 fans, which equates to more cooling power than Iceland, C: There is so much room in there that you can probably get lost while you’re building your PC, D: Because it can probably last the next 20-30 years without needing a chassis upgrade because it’s so futureproof, and E: Because it is EXTREMELY cool. People will enter the room, look at it and suddenly MELT, because it’s too awesome. Open-mouthed

Oh ya, and if my brother doesn’t want to buy my old case from me, anyone out there interested? It’s in good condition, just a slight dent on the top from where I knocked one of my dragon models onto it (cuz I’m a complete dumbass) and one of the side USB ports doesn’t work for some reason. I think it was when I spilt water on the case when I was cleaning my fish. Not fully my fault, because my parents know I have a lot of stuff, so what do they do? Put me in the smallest room, and arrange it FOR ME in one of the worst possible ways. And before I had chance to say otherwise, they decide to put my fish tank behind my computer, and filled it, making it impossible to move unless I moved my PC out of the way, which would take forever, and then empty the whole tank and reposition it, which is extremely irritating.

*ahem* Sorry about that, I got a lickle bit carried away, methinks. Tongue out

Anyhoo, ya. I got Cosmos S for cheap. Now I is very happy. Open-mouthed

Oh, aye, another thing… I’ve confirmed that the survey site I visit is FULLY LEGIT! Open-mouthed About 4-5 weeks ago, I traded 1,880 of my hard-earned points for cash. Wasn’t so sure how much, cuz I never checked at the time. Anyhoo, two days ago, I recieved a cheque from Canada for £67. Oh ya, rly! £67 JUST by answering surveys, some that even contained MUSIC and VIDEO! Open-mouthed Some were boring as FOCK, but worth it. Open-mouthed

So, ya, now I know it’s legit, I can tell you about it.  If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands and want to earn a little extra cash, just ask me, and I’ll e-mail you a referral link. Cuz if I do it that way, I’ll get a few extra points. 20 points, which is like… $1, which is like… 60-70p… which is like… not much. Open-mouthed

And… all of a sudden, one of the MOST RANDOM THINGS I have EVER read comes out of MSN, from Aaron. Open-mouthed

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero!   Life Lesson 121: Don’t get Vista, unless you LIKE frustration. says (23:25):
AAARGH but then it wouldn’t be a true remake. 
 It’d be a whole new game. 

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:25):

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:26):
 you missed out the H before the RGH
 anyway, i know

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero!   Life Lesson 121: Don’t get Vista, unless you LIKE frustration. says (23:26):

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:26):
 i thought u mightve tried to copy my AARHRGH

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero!   Life Lesson 121: Don’t get Vista, unless you LIKE frustration. says (23:27):
 Naw, Axel has his own AAARGH! 

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:27):
 nah he just went into the pick’n’mix shop and stole adams oodiar scream sweet

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero!   Life Lesson 121: Don’t get Vista, unless you LIKE frustration. says (23:27):

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:27):

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero!   Life Lesson 121: Don’t get Vista, unless you LIKE frustration. says (23:28):
 That was one of the most random things I’ve ever read. 

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:28):
 he only has one scream – ARGH
 so because you said two – ARGH, OODIAR (i though pick n mix) lmao

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero!   Life Lesson 121: Don’t get Vista, unless you LIKE frustration. says (23:28):
 Ahhh… so there is LOGIC behind your epic winnage randomness. 

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:28):
 with the capital H

Oh yes, randomness for the freaking WIN. Open-mouthed

Right, I think that’s everything I wanted to say… no no no, wait a sec! I forgot to stick these personalities of all my dragons on here. Don’t worry all yous that don’t know what I’m on about, Aaron just wants the descriptions so he can try and improve his artwork a lickle bit. Open-mouthed

The descriptions have A LOT of mid-level plot spoilers in them, and I really do mean A LOT. I’ll black them out so you can’t see them unless you highlight them. Open-mouthed

Whirlwind (Sintarka):

(Known as “Whirlwind”, “Sin” and “Sintarka”. Different
dragons call him different things. J)

Whirlwind is a young Ice Dragon, and natural to his element,
he is very peaceful, caring and respectful, always ready to lend help to anyone
who may need it. Although Whirlwind is peaceful most of the time, he won’t
hesitate to fight if he or his friends are in danger, but he would never attack
without reason. He is also a very modest dragon, and not entirely
self-confident about his abilities, although he is a very good leader. He’s a
skilled blacksmith, and also an awesome swordfighter.

Whirlwind has had a pretty difficult past, and has picked up
all sorts of wounds and battle scars from many different attacks he has
experienced. He is also Heartbound to his brother, Blizzard, which allows
Blizzard to live just as long as Whirlwind lives. Despite all this, he is an
extremely determined dragon, and is willing to fight the human invasion, even if
it costs him his life.


Thunder (Arizak):

(Usually known as “Thunder”.)

Thunder is a powerful, defensive Great Lightning Dragon, and
he will always put his friends’ lives before his own. Despite his power, he is
quite a peaceful dragon, and like Whirlwind, he would never attack another
dragon without reason. He is a well-trained fighter, and a very enduring
dragon, so he can take quite a lot of punishment before he starts to lose his
strength. He refuses to use any kind of weapon, as he claims he is much more
effective without them.


Fire (Ifri):

(Always referred to as “Ifri”.)

Ifri is a relatively young, yet very intelligent Fire Drake,
and since he is a Drake, he is
naturally very outgoing, friendly and lighthearted, and would never want to
hurt anyone. He isn’t very strong, but he is very fast, and very stealthy,
making him a good scout. However, he is most comfortable with his constant
research into new weapons and gadgets to help his friends (and himself) out.
Ifri is the coolest dragon in Dragon Tail, without a doubt. J


Emerald (Virana):

(Always referred to as “Emerald”.)

Emerald is an Earth Dragon, and just like Whirlwind, she is
a very peaceful, caring dragon. As soon as she met Whirlwind, she started to
discover that he was very similar in personality to Emerald, so similar, in
fact, that they ended up slowly falling in love with one another. However,
despite her peacefulness, she can be very aggressive sometimes, especially
towards those who have angered her or caused any of her friends any grief. She
is an extremely talented healer, she is semi-telepathic, and she also has a
strange friendship with an enchanted spider, named Ssreakadiraticamarionitachinisaraksretha.
Ya, rly. 😀


Shining Dragon (DracoSkaar):

(Referred to as “DracoSkaar”, 99% of the time.)

DracoSkaar is a legendary Light Dragon, and is known
throughout Guira for his brave acts against the invading humans and corrupted
dragons. Although he is a very wise dragon, he can get very, very hot-headed at times, more
aggressive than you should expect from a Light Dragon, although he will not
harm anything that hadn’t harmed him or him friends in any way first. He is an
excellent fighter, and has had a lot of combat experience.  Because of events that have happened in his
past (that he won’t tell anyone about), he cannot stand Dark Dragons or Meriva

DracoSkaar is a pretty complex character, it’s really hard
to describe him well. L


Shadow (Necrasa):

(Referred to as “Shadow”, usually, although “Necrasa” is a
cool name. J)

Shadow is a very wise Dark Dragon, and is surprisingly
peaceful for his element, trying his best to avoid conflicts rather than escalate
them. When faced with the human threat, however, Shadow’s bravery is unleashed,
and he would give his life to defend the future of his race. He is as black as
night, and therefore nearly impossible to see after the sun goes down.

Shadow is also a talented blacksmith, and has created
weapons and equipment many times for other dragons.


Ice (Shiras):

(Always referred to as “Ice”.)

Ice is a young Ice Dragon, however, contrary to his element,
he was originally a corrupt, and assisted Blizzard with his plans. However,
during this time, Blizzard murdered Ice’s younger sister, and Ice was blinded
with rage. Since Blizzard is invincible while Whirlwind still lives, Ice tried
to kill Whirlwind in a desperate attempt at revenge, but failed. After this,
Ice managed to escape the clutches of Blizzard, and started to seek out another
way to get his revenge. Despite his obsession with revenge, he is a very
respectful dragon, and always looks up to and admires what other dragons can do.
Ice is not very strong, but he is an aspiring swordfighter.

Ice finds it very hard to forgive himself for things he has
done in the past. He’s a complicated character, and you need to read Dragon
Tail up to Chapter 26 to mostly understand him.


Dark Warrior (Dimari):

(Always referred to as “Dimari”.)

Dimari is a very mysterious Meriva Dragon. Meriva Dragons
are known for their strength, endurance and extremely short tempers, but most
dragons regard them as demons. Dimari is a troubled dragon, and he has a very,
very aggressive alter-ego, but at heart, he is a good dragon, and only wishes
for others to treat him like a normal dragon.

Dimari met Whirlwind on Mt. Frost, and he found that he was
the only dragon he’d ever met that he could trust. Whirlwind helped Dimari to
believe in himself, and to calm his aggressive alter-ego.

I’ve got a couple more to type up, but this should keep you busy for a bit, Aaron. Open-mouthed Hope you like the descriptions, everyone. Smile

Anyhoo, I’m off for now. See yas! Open-mouthed

If you’re bored, play this game. No, in fact, just play the game, no matter what. :P

Bored? I have a solution! Find the video! Here’s your clue:

Get down!
Yureru mawaru fureru setsunai kimochi,
Futari de issho ni nemuru winter land!
Anata dake mitsumete,
Watashi dake mitsumete,
Ashita wo chikau!
Gyutto dakare moeru koigokoro,
Hageshiku maichiru yuki ni tsutsumarete,
Eien ni ai shiteru,
Kyou yori ai shiteru,
Zutto, eternal love!

Find the funny video I’m on about on YouTube, and I’LL GIVE YOU A COOKIE! Open-mouthed The Goldeneye vid or the Nitori vid are both good, but Goldeneye is MUCH more FTW. Open-mouthed

Seriously. Play this game. The video is WAY TOO FUNNY to be legal. Open-mouthed



Was searching for a classical song that I used to like listening to, "Pachelbel’s Canon in D" (Screw you, don’t laugh, it’s an awesome song. Tongue out) on Lime… um… the local internet music store. Yeah, that one. (I don’t use LimeWire… honestly… Tongue out)

I found it, and downloaded it. As I was listening to it, another thing in the list caught my eye: "Pachelbel’s Canon in D (rockin’ electric guitar)". Since it had a length and bitrate of over zero, it wasn’t a cloaked virus, so I downloaded it.

I listened to it, and I nearly spat my drink all over my keyboard.

Now you listen.


Whoever covered that song, you are GODS, and I REALLY want to shake all of your hands, although I may be electrocuted due to the amount of holy energy in your bodies. Open-mouthed


FRIG ME, 30 downloads! On 4Shared, the least-known file sharing service in the world, that usually has NO-ONE downloading stuff! Surprised To those 30 people, you have seriously good music taste. Open-mouthed


MEEE, 82 downloads!! If we convert that to YouTube views (which is a more popular site, by MILES), it’d have thousands of views by now. Open-mouthed

Hmm… this is pretty danged interesting!

Firstly, and completely unrelated to what I’m gonna talk about, I have learned that Bill Gates is stepping down as boss of Microsoft. Mr. Gates, that is the BEST buisness move ever. You’ve noticed how shitty Microsoft are becoming, and there’s an averagely… low chance that the company will go bust because of the recession! NICE! Open-mouthed BTW, don’t you DARE make another company that makes operating systems. It’s too confusing and already hard enough for programmers as it is. Tongue out

Right, now onto the thing I was gonna say.

I have been approached by Simon today, at college, with the words "Grace says you’re an expert programmer."
I reply "Not really, hehe." which is completely true. I’m a semi-expert at using Multimedia Fusion 2, which is not pure programming. Tongue out I’m a complete and utter N00B at pure programming. Tongue out
But THEN, he went on to explain about this guy that had come in to see them about making a board game for the computer. The guy obviously knows what he’s doing, as his board game is actually on shelves, and he’s sold a fair few sets (like, 300+). The guy wanted to know if Simon could do it for him, but because Simon doesn’t have the time or energy or the proper skill to do it, he said that "He’d have a look into it".
And Simon was coming specifically to ME, to ask whether I could do it or not.

WOW! Surprised Firstly, ZOMG, for the first time EVER, I was specifically approached to do a PROPER job. And secondly, if this isn’t an awesome thing to put on my CV in the future, I don’t know what is!

Duuuude, this is potentially my first proper game project! Open-mouthed Sure, ULSG is a very awesome project, but it’s gonna be freeware, and it was just the product of me faffing around, seeing what I could do! This board game project isn’t me faffing around, the rules have already been planned out, and now it’s my job to computerise it! And it is actually a job, as I have an average chance of earning some bling for doing this! Seriously!

I snapped that job up pretty modestly, with the words "I’ll give it my best shot." Even though I’m going to attempt to OWN the project, and make the guy MELT because of its awesomeness. Open-mouthed Still, I’ve gotta wait until Wednesday or next Monday, just to see what the game’s all about (I know it’s a game like Draughts, only with arithmetic involved [it’s an educational game, BTW, which should be real easy. Open-mouthed]) and to learn the rules and see the different pieces and stuff. Open-mouthed

Anyway, just thought I’d pass on that info of me actually getting a private job offered to me, and me getting a little overexcited about it. Open-mouthed

Right, I’m off for now, but I’ll see yous later! Smile

This just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it, Microsoft?

You know, I used to really like Microsoft. They made WINDOWS, for God’s sake, a great Operating System! Until Vista came out. They made the Xbox, too, which I really liked (apart from the gargantuan controllers), and the 360 was even better, my favourite Next Gen console!

Until it did this, for the SECOND time:

As the Tourettes Guy would scream after he smashes his head on a chandalier: FUUUUUUUUUCK!

Just in case you don’t know, that’s the Red Ring of Death, and it’s the horror of Xbox 360 gamers. It signifies a "hardware failure", quoting Microsoft’s website. In layman’s terms, basically: "your Xbox is fucked".


The good thing is, because of the RRoD, I’m covered under the 3 year warranty, instead of the normal 1 year for if something else happens to your console. That is really retarded, why don’t you cover ALL Xboxes for 3 years, no matter what? Apart from accidental/deliberate damage, of course, because that’s the fault of idiots who somehow drop the console. Tongue out

So, Microsoft are sending me a box to put my Xbox in, which I’ll send back, then they’ll fix it, and send me it back. And they’d BETTER fix it, because it IS the RRoD, and it IS broken. And no, it’s not modded or chipped in any way. Was actually contemplating getting a new custom case for it, and it’s a good thing I didn’t. Tongue out

Oh, ya, I never told you HOW it broke, did I? Well… I turned it on for the first time in a week or so, and it loaded up fine, but I wasn’t connected to Xbox Live for some reason. I checked the connection, and it said my wireless reciever was disconnected. I checked, and it was disconnected. I have no idea why, cuz I never disconnect it. Must have been some other retard messing around with my stuff.

Anyway, I plugged it back in, tested again, and it still said it was disconnected. So I waited for about 20 seconds, tested again, and the same happened. I thought "never mind, maybe the console needs restarting", and turned the console off. Waited a couple of seconds, turned it back on, and I got the Red Ring of Death.

WHAT THE FOCK?! They must have had some idiots from the Vista development team help with building the Xbox, because that is one of the most random hardware failures, EVER! Just like Vista has the most random software errors EVER!

So, Microsoft has earned another bucket of FAIL! Good job, Microsoft, keep this up, you’ll have millions more customers in no time… Sarcastic


(Click teh blog title! Otherwise you’ll miss the l33t descriptions off the screenshots. Open-mouthed)

No, I’ve not gone crazy… well… okay, let me start again.

No, I’ve not increased my level of craziness, I’m talking about ULSG! The new INTERGALACTIC MALL has landed! Check it out:

BOOYAH! It’s a tonne of win. Open-mouthed I thought it was going to be fail, because of my phail art skillz, but I find that I am UBER AWESOME with layer effects! Open-mouthed Inner glow, Outer glow, Satin and awesome colour choices FTW. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’ll be posting some more ULSG updates soon, but for now, BYEEEE! Open-mouthed

PS: Look at this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_uxSwrO9EjI It is too awesome. TOO TOO awesome. Open-mouthed

Oh my God, I think I nearly laughed myself to death.

Seriously. Tongue out

I found Encyclopedia Dramatica, and it is FULL of win. After looking up just one thing (IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!) I found myself with about 10 tabs open to read about. Open-mouthed
Today, I’ve learned:

  • About the LAZOR, which can only be stopped by putting a taco in the mouth of the attacker, which then causes them to release a ROYAL RAINBOW.
  • What a Falcon Punch is, and that it is the only thing that counters a Limit Break when delivered by an individual with a power level of over 9000, and that this kind of Falcon Punch can produce the same effects as dividing by zero, and what would happen if two Falcon Punches collided at the same time when they were of equal amounts of win: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=S363ixv9oZk&e Open-mouthed
  • How to perform Limit Break: "First you must allow someone to completely dominate and humiliate the fuck out of you. After you have gone through enough pwnage, you have to look deep inside yourself to find your inner warrior. Once you have achieved this, you have to completely flip the fuck out on the source of the ass-kickery. Assuming your opponent does not possess a  Falcon Punch or isn’t simply better than you, win will ensue. If your opponent lands any hits during this event, then Limit Break is considered an auto-fail." Also that using a Limit Break whilst having 7,777 HP results in the occurrence of some scary shit. Open-mouthed
  • What a lol-cow is,
  • The correct way to use "NO U",
  • How to use "LOL WUT",
  • That Raptor Jesus exists,
  • What "The Game" is… shite, I lost. Oh, now you lost. Tongue out
  • That WoW is completely and utterly crappy,
  • That the Encyclopedia Dramatica team and I all have the same common knowledge about AOL’s crappiness,
  • That the best possible filter in Photoshop is the Lens Flare (contradictory to all digital artists’ opinions),
  • That Furries and Otherkin are severely mentally challenged and need to get out more, especially LittleCloud and DragoMike, who are both lol-cows,
  • What the abbreviations GTFO and FYIAD mean, and how to use "NO U", "LOL WUT" and "HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS",
  • Oh, and that Neopets was, still is, and will always be fail in a bucket.

I have no idea how I got through all that. Was middle-clicking things that I didn’t get, and ended up with loads of tabs. Open-mouthed I think it was the most I’ve ever read in the past few years (excluding Dragon Tail Tongue out). Encyclopedia Dramatica… you is teh epic win. Open-mouthed

Here you goes, readers, if you wants to read stuff. I suggest searching for something that you hate (like AOL) or want to know more about (IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!!) and going from there. Open-mouthed You might not want to search for stuff you like, it’ll usually rip the crap out of it. Even though it will most likely be hilarious. Open-mouthed

Anyhooooo, I’m off for now. Boi boi! Open-mouthed

ULSG Update!

NO! There’s no mention of Vista being a complete plank! It’s not crashed ONCE today! Surprised AND the service pack installed okay! Still can’t hear my MIDI files, but I don’t really care anymore. Tongue out

Anyhoo, just a quick update about ULSG. I can feel it, V13 is nearly complete! Just a few more things to do, then I can release it for public Beta testing! Or not, maybe just private Beta testing, so I can actually get some ideas of bugs. I’ll probably ask the other guys in my team. Smile Yes, I’ll speak about that in a bit.

Right, so I’ve added a few new Achievements (very, very easily, thanks to mah Achievement Engine Smile) and started on the MASTER ACHIEVEMENTS! Oh yes, ten extremely difficult Achievements that even I cringe at attempting. I’ve got the first couple, and the final 1000 point Achievement.

The first, for 100 points:
All you’ve got to do is activate Ultimate Fruit Frenzy THREE TIMES in ONE game. That’s… quite a lot to ask. Tongue out

The second one I’ve come up with, for 500 points:
You have to inflict over 9000 points of damage on an enemy, in a SINGLE SHOT. The Choclit Ray does 666 damage, and isn’t even affected by Quad Damage, so that’s not an option. There is a special weapon that does 1337 damage, though, and with modifiers… it can do >9000 damage… Open-mouthed

And… the final Achievement, the most insanely hard thing to do in the game, for 1000 points:
Okay, in a SINGLE One Player game… you have to collect every single powerup, score at least a 150 Combo at some point, activate Ultimate Fruit Frenzy at least once, hit the score cap, and defeat the final boss while carrying over 9000 credits. Oh, yes, and you have to finish with 100% health and 999×999 multipliers. Ya, rly.

I truly don’t think anyone will be able to get that. Confused I don’t even think I can do that, and I MADE the game!

Anyhoo, I’m off for now. See yas! Smile


Okay, Vista is officially getting more retarded each day.

I’d just opened one of my old games with Multimedia Fusion, and it has MIDI music in it, which sounds terrible, because Vista has a shitty synthesiser. I go on the net to try and find another one. I then install it, and the MIDI music has completely gone. Sooo… I look for a way to change it back… and there isn’t a way, because Vista has REMOVED features that were originally in XP… therefore making XP more powerful than Vista, and Vista is a more recent, more expensive OS. That really does make sense… Sarcastic

Anyway, I ignore it, and just go on another game that I’ve made. Then I get bugged to install Service Pack 1, which is important. So, I go ahead and let it install, and then restart my computer when it asks.

Now, bear in mind that this is about a 200MB service pack. If you try to copy 200MB from one location on your hard drive to another, on a standard hard drive, it should take about 20 seconds. Installing is exactly the same as copying, because all the service pack is doing is copying files from the pack into specific locations.

The service pack took ONE HOUR to install. AN HOUR! I’ve been sat here, fucking playing Solitaire on my Smartphone for an HOUR, waiting for this stupid OS to install a 200MB pack. AND THEN, at the end of the installation, it says it FAILED TO INSTALL! WHAT THE CRAP?! Then it took another TEN MINUTES to revert the changes, so in total, I’ve been sat here for one hour ten minutes… FOR NOTHING!

Oh, no, and it doesn’t end there! After the computer had restarted, and I had logged in, I noticed that this was now at the bottom right of my desktop:

WHAT THE FRICKING HELL? So… Microsoft… I install YOUR service pack, using a copy of Windows that WAS genuine according to YOUR Certificate of Authenticity… then YOUR service pack failed to install after over an HOUR, and now YOU’RE saying that I’M breaking the law, by having an invalid copy of Windows. That is the stupidest, most random, most irritating and most pathetic thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I’m gonna try a restart. If it still says it’s invalid, I’m downgrading to XP. Maybe even Linux! So, up yours, Microsoft.


Oh good, it’s GONE. Was planning on writing a letter to Bill Gates, telling him to fire his entire Vista Dev team for being too retarded.