Okay, screw that other blog…

It’s just as dead there as it is here. And it requires a Google account, and for me to sign in every single time I go there, and it doesn’t have my archive of this blog. I could just go on MSN and click "My Space", instead. Tongue out
I am STILL gonna post here, because A: I can, B: Some people may still read this and find it funny, and C: Because I like to talk to myself sometimes. Tongue out So ha. And besides, I can have some fun conversations with the dragon inside my head. No, really. Tongue out He’s REAL! You can tell when he’s talking. I’ll add asterisks to show you. Open-mouthed
I’m like a 6-year-old kid, aren’t I? Tongue out
*Yeah, but they don’t have cool things inside their heads. They just have A voice. They don’t have dragons in their heads. Tongue out*
Aye, true. If you ARE a 6-year-old. and you’re reading this, then please tell me… HOW THE CRAP DID YOU MANAGE TO GET ON THE INTERNET?!? Surprised Absolute genius, mate. Mum, Dad, GIVE IM A PEANUT! Open-mouthed
*Best… saying… EVER. Open-mouthed*
‘Tis. Open-mouthed Apart from the DJ button. Open-mouthed Anyhoo!
Did everyone have a good Christmas? If yes, good. If no, Santa says sorry. Tongue out I had a good Xmas, and I got some pretty nice stuff!
Let’s see, got this remote controlled polystyrene plane that can only be used outside if you don’t want to break anything, and that won’t fly in a straight line or not stall, and can’t be flown in a light breeze…
I got a book which shows you how to draw some fantasy characters, the most interesting of which is a dragon, but I’m kinda hesitant to pick it up, because it has a 98% chance of saying and showing that it’s SO EASY, when in actual fact, it’s not.
Still on the subject of dragons, I (predictably) got two new dragon models, one of them is small and green, but I’ll be honest, he’s not that striking. The other one, though, wow! She’s beautiful! And yes, she is a female, because she blatantly looks female. She’s different, because most other models show the power and force of a dragon, and show their destructive side by roaring fiercely, or having bones and skulls littered around their feet… but this one, no! She’s stood on a small rock in the middle of a lush field, smiling, and she looks so peaceful! I love her. Open-mouthed
What else… oh yes… I got some WEEK SOCKS! Ooooh yeah. Open-mouthed So now, I can tell what day it is by looking at my foot! Well, okay, my ankle, but still… Tongue out
And for my main present, I got some driving lessons! So watch out y’all, MONGMASTER’S GONNA BE CRASHING SOON! Open-mouthed
That’s all I can think of, apart from the shower gel and sweets and stuff. Open-mouthed
Right, what else has been happening… oh yes, firstly, I quit WoW. Why? Because after reaching level 80, I realised that there isn’t a single thing that a sane person would want to do anymore. Questing is so easy, and so monotonous… it’s not a challenge anymore. After hitting 80, you’re supposed to set your own game objectives… yet whatever I set mine to, I found it pointless. You can go through instances and get better gear to go through harder instances to get better gear… but there aren’t that many instances, and you REALLY must be bored to want to go through all the instances SEVERAL TIMES. If you ARE that bored, and you make it to Raid level, the groups you will find are stupid, slow, obnoxious, and not the slightest bit fun to play with. And if you want to go AGAINST other players in PvP, you have to have done ALL ^^THAT^^ before you even stand a chance, and even if you DO stand a chance, it’s all about luck and statistics, not skill. If you are a rogue, and you meet a warrior, you are (to put it simply) FUCKED. Likewise, if you’re a warrior, and you meet a spellcaster, you are fucked! You don’t even stand a chance against certain classes. AND all the people on your team are retarded and can’t take orders. You only need 5 or 10 people out of 40 to beat the first boss on some battleground, and we said that in chat. What happens? 35 people run into the boss room. Grrreat teamwork…
Then there are the classes that always win. If you run into a paladin as any class other than a paladin, you LOSE, because they deal damage so fast, you can’t do anything about it. If you DO manage to get a Paladin down to low health, he will bubble, making him invincible, and they can cast any spells in that bubble, including healing spells. And by the time the bubble fades, they are back at full health, and they WILL own you, unless you are a hacker.
I wish I could have posted all of this into the box that asked "Why are you quitting World of Warcraft?", because it would have been SO MUCH FUN. Instead, the box limited me to this:

"After clearing all the 70-80 instances, there is NOTHING that a sane person would truly want to do anymore! Gearing for heroics is extremely boring, because it’s based on luck and the ability to persist going through the same boring area over and over again, gearing for raids is the same, during raids you get obnoxious people and idiots who can’t follow orders in the raid group, and PvP is MORE irritating than a Rubik’s Cube!

Oh, and please, PLEASE don’t mess up Diablo 3 by shoveling WoW stuff into it…"

If they ruin Diablo 3… I WILL hack into Blizzard’s servers and fuck up WoW COMPLETELY. Diablo has ALWAYS been better than WoW. I don’t fully get it, there are about 50k people on BattleNet playing Warcraft III, StarCraft and Diablo II, while there are 11m players on WoW. WTF? GET OFF WOW AND PLAY DIABLO II FOR GOD’S SAKE! D2 is ALWAYS different, because two maps are never, EVER the same, and it is extremely rare you’ll ever run into the same Unique Monster twice in a row. Unless they’re Super-Unique Monsters, Sub-Bosses or Act Bosses, then they appear in every act on any difficulty. AND it’s more fun, AND it’s less laggy, AND you have 20x the monsters of WoW charging at you at the same time, AND ALL the classes are overpowered, AND you can’t heal yourself in a duel by using anything but a potion, which takes time to work. Unless you use a Full Rejuvenation Potion, which are the shiz. Open-mouthed

Wonder if I can sell my WoW account… Open-mouthed Would help me save up for the new computer case I want. Open-mouthed

WOW! I can, as well! Some site quoted me $98 for it! Surprised Not bad.

Oh, yes, the new computer case. Well, the one I’ve got is very nice… but it’s not got a lot of room in there, unfortunately. Wires are all over the place, so that affects the airflow, and that affects the temperature of my CPU. It’s at 40 degrees now, which is fine, but If I want to upgrade my PC with a new graphics card, I’m gonna have to buy a Full Tower case to make sure everything’ll fit! Open-mouthed

Here’s the case I have in mind:

It looks like TEH SEX! Rodney Reynolds even rated it a 100% KICKASS PRODUCT! Open-mouthed Thanks Rodney! (KICKASS! Hard drive, hard drive, hard drive, RAPTOR X! Hard drive…) It’s not just how it looks, either, there’s so much room that you can build a space shuttle in there! AND it can have up to SEVEN fans in there, that’s FIVE more than mine! And as it’s so big, I can arrange the wires better so I can have better airflow! That’s the reason for buying it, along with the fact that it’s so big that I can fit a ATI 4870HDX2 graphics card in there, which is the biggest and most powerful graphics card in the world today. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, what else… Oh yes! On Xmas, Courier Wars was REBORN!! Open-mouthed

Courier Wars? Remember? Well, okay, probably not, but it was an awesome game in the making, where it was an all-out war to get the crate and deliver it to the base to earn credits. The thing is, it was extremely laggy, and had a huge amount of bugs that caused the game to crash. I HAVE FIXED THAT, and during a quarter-hour play test with two others, the game didn’t crash ONCE! We found a couple of bugs, though, if someone logged in while someone had the crate, they could steal it from them by picking it up from the crate pad again. That rendered the person who originally had the crate unable to pick up the crate until they dropped their invisible crate. There was also a lag bug where two people could pick up the crate at the same time. We also found that an insane amount of star powerups appear in the top-left corner of the map, and that sometimes your laser stops working and won’t fire until you fully recharge your energy. Not sure what caused that, but I’ve tried a few things, and all we have to do is hope it doesn’t happen again. Tongue out The crate bugs were easily fixed, and I’m gonna fix the star powerup bug soon. Open-mouthed Then I’ll try and sort out the bladdy lag issues, but other than that, it seems just fine! Open-mouthed OWNAGE!

I’ll upload a copy here soon that you can test if you want. You might catch me online at some points, as well! Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I think that’s it… ya, that’s all that’s happened. Oh, apart from renting Sonic Unleashed. No, it doesn’t suck, it’s awesome. Don’t listen to reviewers, they have no sense of humour, and take everything seriously. Tongue out

Right, I’m off for now. See ya! Open-mouthed

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