Okay, so the ULSG video is now on YouTube, awaiting some hits and people to comment on it, then I might make a developer blog for it.
As for this blog, well, it’s pretty much safe to say that it’s totally dead. So, goodbye everyone! Smile
PS: The music studio on GH4 is SHIT.

2 thoughts on “Zzzzz…

  1. nice! wheres the link? haha – no worries ill look on your profileoh whens meddi’s assignment in for? i feel i might not make it in time :/Adam & Onion

  2. I’ll shtick the link here for ya! :)http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lPfFHOsjGqEBloody YouTube wrecked the awesome quality. 😦 And I don’t get how to upload stuff so you can watch them in high quality, either. 😦 Anyway, if we don’t get Distinctions for our trailers, I’m going to yell "CONSPIRACY!!" in the classroom. :PMedi’d assignment’s in for Wednesday. If we give it to him on time, I think he’ll let us piss around playing games and stuff. 😀 I think. Anyway, have… um… "fun" with the assignment… 😛

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