… anyone there? Confused
I think it may be time for me to drop this blog and move on, maybe to a new one. Or, when I manage to get the new ULSG trail… no no, I’ll use a seperate blog for posting about that. Smile
Okay, what’s left to say… apart from that it’s nearly Christmas (woot! Open-mouthed) and that I made a new video of ULSG with the ULTIMATE FRUIT FRENZY and the Balls of Steel powerup in it, but I don’t see much point in uploading it here, cuz no-one’ll watch it. Tongue out I’ll try my hand on YouTube, see if I can get any people interested in ULSG. After all, that Tay Zonday guy managed to get about a zillion hits on his crappy song, and some people really like him. I like the song for one reason, cuz it’s stupid, hence it goes in ULSG! Tongue out
Right, I’m off. I may be back, or maybe not. Bye! Smile

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