Seriously! I mean, come on, I’ve just packed a LOAD of new features into ULSG today! It SHOULD be called "UESG", the Ultimate Epic Ship Game, but that means I would throw away it’s history of being lame! Yes, it started lame, but now it’s awesome. Open-mouthed Annoyingly, I can’t find versions 5-9, which is a shame, cuz I was gonna do a little video about the history of ULSG as an unlockable. Sad But don’t worreee! I have V1, V2, V3, V4, V10, V11, V12, and of course, V13 to show off. Open-mouthed
Today, I added THIS:
OH YES, it is the ULTIMATE FRUIT FRENZY!! Open-mouthed You can score up to a 5x multiplier in that, but um… that’s impossible, I can only get as high as a 4x. Tongue out Which isn’t bad, only 400 trillion points… Tongue out
It’s too awesome. And that cow that flies across the screen, that’s EXTRA RANDOMNESS to make the Ultimate Fruit Frenzy seem even MORE insane! Just look at this screenie that I managed to get!

That’s INSANE! I’ve never seen that much action in ULSG… EVER! Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’m gonna put an improved trailer on YouTube soon, see if I can get anyone else interested. Open-mouthed That should be fun. Open-mouthed

Right, I’m off for now, but I’ll see yas later! Smile

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