I would like to announce…

Ya, rly! Let me count people that like the game, excluding me, of course… let’s see… Aaron’s one… Paul’s two, Dean’s three, Lourie’s four… add the teachers and helpers in, that’s seven… seven people off the top of my head!
Well, it’s a start! Open-mouthed
It’s kind of a small phenomenon at college! Even though no-one can even get CLOSE to the score cap, and the highest 2 Player co-op score is about half a quadrillion… only a quarter of the way. But I blame the bug that we discovered that wouldn’t let you go over 999×999 multipliers. Tongue out I am unbeatable in Duel Mode… when we’re playing fairly, not sticking me on 500 difficulty while my opponent’s on 0… Tongue out
So, it seems like ULSG is my main focus at the minute, cuz it’s so full of win, and a fair few people are interested in it. Open-mouthed It’s hardly ever tedious to make, either, I find it quite fun! Open-mouthed There’s still a lot to do for V13, I’ve gotta make the Lame Adventure Mode, for a start, and that’s gonna be massive. Probably not gameplay-wise, but coding wise, HOLY CRAP, it is gonna be big. Lots to do, and lots of confusion in store… Open-mouthed I’ve also gotta make all the achievements for the challenges, cuz I’ve finished the Single Player achievements! Open-mouthed Oh yes, all 20 of them. Even though I’ve already got a couple of ideas for more. Tongue out Maximum multipliers (Mult-teasers), hitting the 999,999,999,999,999 point mark (The End…?)… still more to come, I bet. Open-mouthed I also need to polish off Duel Mode, it’s NEARLY out of Alpha, just a couple of bugs to sort out and powerups to add, then I can start with the thorough Beta testing! Open-mouthed I also need to update Two Player, cuz that’s being a bit neglected cuz of Duel Mode, but it’ll be sorted. Open-mouthed Finished the Combo System, which is extra-awesome… and I added a new powerup! It’s called… BALLS OF STEEL!! Open-mouthed Oh yes. When you pick it up, Duke Nukem says "I’VE GOT BALLS OF STEEEEL!" and you get four spinning Balls of Steel around your ship, which deflect bullets and destroy enemies! Open-mouthed AWESOME! Open-mouthed
Anyway, that’s my ULSG update. I’m gonna post a game trailer on YouTube at some point, cuz I’m THAT confident. Open-mouthed Who knows, maybe people will be interested in it? Open-mouthed
I’m off now, but I’ll see you alls later! Open-mouthed

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