An epic moment in gaming…

Yes! And no, it’s not from a mainstream game that’s sold millions of copies worldwide… it’s from BEJEWELED TWIST. Below is the reason why I LOVE Indie games. Open-mouthed
PopCap… I actually love you. Open-mouthed We are SO on the same wavelength! I could watch that a hundred times and not get bored of it! Open-mouthed
You see, Indie games can last forever, and are so much more fun, and sometimes full of random easter eggs like ^that^ one, which are hilarious. Open-mouthed MAINSTEAM games don’t last forever, they can get boring relatively easily if you only have one player playing it (like Gears of War 2, that was more immersive rather than fun, and it really didn’t last long) and they can get really frustrating. Indie games also don’t have a goal, your main aim is to get better and beat your best score. Whereas mainstream games have goals, and once you’ve reached them, that’s it, there’s not much reason to play the game anymore.
Got any positions open, PopCap? I’d love to join you! Open-mouthed No, really! Just tell me what type of code I’ll need to learn, and I’ll get right on it. Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off. Indie games FTW. Open-mouthed

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