ULSG Update!

Check it out:

The ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM HAS LANDED! Open-mouthed It NEARLY works like ownage, just a few things to do to make it work perfectly. Then I need to add all 20 Achievements for the main game (Done 6 so far). THEN, I need to add Achievements for ALL the game modes! I got the whole list here:

I Activated Fruit Frenzy And All I Got Was This Stupid Achievement… (5)
Activate Fruit Frenzy for the first time.

Combonator (5)
Score a 25 Combo.

On The Way (10)
Earn an effective multiplier total of 10,000,000x in one game.

Not On My Shift (10)
Don’t let any enemies past you for at least 20 seconds of Quad Damage! (Only attainable after Level 15)

Ship Shreddin’ (10)
Take out 30 enemy ships in a single Rapid Fire powerup.

Can’t Touch This (10)
Pick up an Invincibility powerup while you already have Invincibility.

BANG, And The Dirt Is Still There! (10)
Collect Cillit Bang, then don’t destroy a single enemy while it’s active.

Choclit Overload (10)
Collect 75 Choclit Raindrops before Choclit Rain ends.

On The Edge (10)
Collect a Health Up powerup with flashing red health.

Shoop Da Whoop! (10)
Hit five enemies with the Choclit Ray at the same time.

Combolicious (10)
Score a 50 Combo.

BANZAI! (25)
Reach Level 28.

Combo Crazy (25)
Score a 100 Combo.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker! (25)
Lose a 200+ Combo.

Collateral Damage (25)
Destroy a Cruiser while Quad Damage and Nineteen are both active.

The Perfect Cleaning Combination (25)
Score a 100 Combo while Cillit Bang and Quad Damage are both active.

Combo Maniac (40)
Score a 200 Combo.

ULSG Master (50)
Earn one quadrillion points in a single game!

Combo Insanity! (75)
Score a 300 Combo!

ULSG Addict (100)
Earn ten quadrillion lifetime points!

(Haven’t thought of any yet Sad)

Perfect! (25)
Win a Duel with full health.

Inconcievable! (25)
Win a Duel while having a difficulty bar at least one level higher than your opponent’s.

(There’ll be more here later on Smile)

Fruit Frenzy Master (10)
Diamond Fruit Frenzy.

(There’ll be more here later on Smile)

Ninja Skillz Master (15)
Diamond Ninja Skillz.

(There’ll be more here later on Smile)

Four Minutes Master (20)
Diamond Four Minutes.

(There’ll be more here later on Smile)

21 Seconds Master (21)
Diamond 21 Seconds.

(There’ll be more here later on Smile)

AREA 51!
Area 51 Master (25)
Diamond Area 51.

(There’ll be more here later on Smile)

Double Trouble Master (25)
Diamond Double Trouble.

(There’ll be more here later on Smile)

Slow ‘n’ Steady! (25)
Last 30 seconds in Overdrive while using Low-Speed.

Fast ‘n’ Furious! (10)
Last 30 seconds in Overdrive while using High-Speed.

Overdrive Master (25)
Diamond Overdrive.

Let’s get this over with… (25)
Get owned in half a second or less.

Elite Speed! (50)
Last at least 90 seconds.

Aaaand that’s all I have so far. Open-mouthed Despite all this, the Achievements window is a bit empty:

Ya, there’ll be more in there than that. Open-mouthed And there WILL be Master Challenges for filling out a whole grid, which lead to more Achievement Points (to buy special craft and unlocks) and unlockables! Open-mouthed

Right, I’m off, as it’s pretty late. I’ll see yas later! Smile

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