Okay, so the World of Warcraft expansion is out now, and we’re on day… 3, I think? Well… people have actually gotten from Level 70 to Level 80 in a DAY. To you people, you ACTUALLY need a life. WTF was the point of blazing through the expansion for 30 hours non-stop to be the first people to 80, when all you’re gonna do when it’s over is moan that it didn’t last long enough and it was too easy and blah blah blah. They get on my fricking nerves, they do.
People who had done everything were constantly moaning before the expansion (because there was nothing to do), while the expansion was being made (cuz of things that Blizzard had changed, like damage, talents, honour points, and making the best equipment not the best anymore), during the expansion (because of the ease of it (because they had the best equipment available) and because of a few bugged quests and a couple of server shutdowns) and they will be still moaning AFTER the expansion, because the expansion didn’t last very long or there’s nothing else left to do…
To all you WoW nerds out there, if you constantly keep moaning that there’s nothing to do, and only come on WoW to moan and spam trade chat… DON’T FUCKING PLAY THE GAME! Go outside and DO SOMETHING, or if you can’t cuz you’re fat or have no friends, then go on ANOTHER game! Preferably single-player so no-one can hear you moan!
Anyhoo, now that that’s out of the way… let’s actually talk about the expansion. Open-mouthed
The WoW expansion is great, new area, new quests, new talents, new class that looks like friggin’ win, 10 more levels to earn… but it does NOT deserve coverage on the radio or TV. Yes, it did get coverage on both TV and radio.
It’s not THAT good… some of the new areas are boring… some of the quests seem like I’ve done them before somewhere… several times… and the graphics are still the same… they look like shite. Well, okay, MOST of the game looks like shite, especially environments. Characters look okay, I guess. Basically, it’s an expansion that will keep you occupied, and it’s enjoyable, but it doesn’t deserve an extreme amount of awards…
Gameplay is still the same as it was (good, but it can dull a little bit after a while), the storyline is complicated, bollocks and ignorable, the community is either retarded, rude, or full of kids who aren’t even old enough to play the game yet (there is a SLIGHT opening where the community is actually NICE, but that doesn’t come often) and any game out this year can beat the graphics (Some people come along with crap saying it’s "stylised", but um… if you’d have a look at Blizzard’s proper rendered cutscenes for the same game, they are LIFELIKE, and everything actually looks REAL. If they can do that in a cutscene, then why the hell don’t they try making it like that (within reason, of course) in the game?!). It COULD win the best MMORPG award, based on the pure fact that’s it’s got the most players, and because it has the fastest gameplay pace, even though sometimes it’s not that fast. It’s a good game… but doesn’t deserve anything extreme. For example, if it gets Game Of The Year… that is WAY too high. Tongue out
Anyway… I have heard a rumour that Diablo III is available for preorder… NOW. ALREADY?! WTF? It doesn’t even feel like yesterday since they announced it… and now they’re saying it’ll be ready for MARCH?! Confused
This isn’t… good. Because as you know… a rushed game… sucks! ANYTHING that’s just been rushed has a HUGE chance of sucking! I’m gonna check and see if this rumour is balls, hang on a sec…
Ookay… you CAN preorder it, incredibly. It has no release date, so THAT rumour is balls, thank God. Open-mouthed The thing is, there are only FIVE character classes instead of the seven you can get on Diablo II. That means two have been kicked out (hopefully the Amazon and the Assassin) one has been replaced with the Witch Doctor (Hopefully the Necromancer) one is still the Barbarian (Okay, I guess) and the other three are undetermined. Hopefully the Sorceress stays because she does mega-damage, hopefully the Paladin stays with Holy Shock in the same state, because HE does mega-damage, and hopefully there’s a new class, cuz the others sucked. Open-mouthed
Please Blizzard… don’t nerf the Paladin in Diablo III… Open-mouthed
You see, I WANT TO HELP WITH DIABLO!! Open-mouthed I loved the other two, the second especially… and I just want to make sure that they don’t get rid of the uber fun of one-shotting five enemies in a row with a single click, while being surrounded by a huge group of enemies that want to gang rape you! Cuz if you’re surrounded, they can one-shot you, too! Open-mouthed
If there’s only one game you’ll preorder in the next year or so, for GOD’S SAKE PLEASE make it Diablo III. It will be SO MUCH FUN, and SO AWESOME. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, that’s my entry for now. See yous later!  Open-mouthed

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