Not willing to sacrifice, though. Tongue out
YES, I’m BACK! And OLD! Yes, 18 now, legally allowed to drink in bars (I don’t do that..), buy and rent 18 films (which aren’t my style) and games (which isn’t often), amongst other things that I can’t really think of now. Oh, get married. Which I won’t. Ever. Tongue out
Speaking of weddings, my brother’s wedding was great, just got a bit annoying at the disco, cuz it was WAY too loud (YES, it CAN be too loud, if the music SUCKS. The guitarist’s riffs were great, though. Open-mouthed) and I only truly knew five of the 70 people who were there. And I didn’t talk to them, cuz they’re all old. Tongue out
The rest of it was great though. Open-mouthed Speech went 7000^4,000,000 times better than I thought it would, and everyone loved it. Open-mouthed I kept saying "I’m as COLD AS ICE!!" before the speech… like… up to three hours before, because, well… I WAS as cold as ice! Supercool! JUST OUT OF THE FREEZER! Wasn’t nervous at all. Open-mouthed
For mah B’day, I didn’t get loads of presents, cuz no-one actually had any idea what to get me. Craig gave me £60, Grandparents gave me £50, Ian (New father in law) gave me £20, and a very warm Scottish welcome (while at the same time holding a giant sword, that was during the speech, it was awesome. Open-mouthed), Val (woman who owns our house) gave me £20, and next door neighbours gave me £20. So… £170, which is the most I’ve ever recieved for my birthday before. Surprised My only three presents were the Samsung Omnia (which I got a little while ago for an early birthday present) a bigasstub of sweets (that I’m eating RIGHT NOW!) and an absolutely stunning new dragon.
The dragon is like… perfect, his pose is awesome, his colours are brilliant and he’s so well painted (They even used a different type of paint for certain parts of him, like his talons, his tongue and the inside of his mouth are all glossy and feel smooth, and the rest is matte and feels rougher! Surprised I’ve never seen that done before!). The only two things I can say that’s wrong with him is that he looks slightly ugly, and his legs have no scales and look pretty weird. But what the hell, there’s no such thing as an "incorrect" dragon! Tongue out (Unless the dragon is hideously ugly or just doesn’t look anything like a dragon… Tongue out)
So yes, had a great birthday, even if it was nearly totally eclipsed by by brother’s wedding. Tongue out I also JUST checked my bank balance, and just said "HOLY SHIT!" as I have about £250 in there now, which is like… the most I’ve ever had since I built my PC. Open-mouthed
So, no, this weekend, I haven’t done ANYTHING on Dragon Tail, and nor have I done anything on ULSG. I’ve gotta finish this work for college by Wednesday (some 3DS Max work is rendering RIGHT NOW, and it’s so particle-system heavy that it’s gonna take about a total of 2 hours for 6.2 seconds of video. YES, REALLY!)
Because of this, I doubt I’ll do anything on Dragon Tail tomorrow, or Wednesday. Yes, I’m sowwy! Annoyingly, work has to be more important than the best piece of writing I’ll ever do for a long time. Sad I have got a huge amount of new trance/dance albums thanks to Tom next door, so that should boost me through Chapter 41 and the prologue. Smile I’ll get it on here as soon as it’s ready, I promise! Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off now, cuz the stupid text entry system of these spaces is being slowed down by the 3DS Max render, and it’s missing out letters that I type. So, I’ll see yous all later! Open-mouthed

4 thoughts on “I’m AS COLD AS ICE!

  1. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t talked to you for AGES!! How are you??
    Anyway, finally my workload seems to have decreased so after I’ve posted this comment, me thinks I shall go and edit DT, while listening to Paramore! :D:D:D
    I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday by the way! 😀 -hugs- Oh my God, your new dragon sounds seriously COOL! Please can you put a picture up?? 🙂
    I’m glad your speech went OK, I knew it would! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding too! And yeah I know, discos can be too loud sometimes! I hate it if they’re too loud cuz I get a headache too quickly and for some reason I start to feel dizzy! 😦 But I’m glad you enjoyed it, did you enjoy the chocolate fountains? 🙂
    Awww college work! Ouch, that’s so harsh! They sound like French giving you a lot of homework lol! Good luck with it!
    It’s OK, I’ll keep myself amused with editing 🙂 and I’m sure my workload will be doubled by the end of the week! 😦
    See ya later! 😀

    Well actually, my name’s Carl, so that’s completely irrelevant. 😛
    Thank yous! 🙂 He is REALLY cool, apart from the fact that his crest and tail makes him look like he’s on fire, and he’s sat on a ring of flame. 😀 I has put several pictures up, let me know what’cha think! 🙂
    There was only one chocolate fountain, annoyingly, and it wasn’t white chocolate, which was even more annoying. It was also extremely annoying that it wasn’t as good as I’d expected… you had to be served, it wasn’t self service, which is kind of understandable if the little kids decide they want to to wash their hair in it for some retarded reason… but 90% of the people there were all 18 or older… 😛 It kinda sucked that the chocolate didn’t taste as nice as I thought it’d do. 😦 Never mind, though. 😛
    The time of the render is pretty much 100% my fault, cuz I was the one who decided to use four extremely complex, extremely detailed particle systems for the Ultimate Lame Ship, and I was also the one who made every single UFO in the scene (five of them total) have a particle system that was probably more complex than the Ultimate Lame Ship’s thrusters… 😛 If there weren’t any particle systems, it would have looked like fail, but it would’ve probably taken 10-30 minutes… something like that. The FAIL computers at college don’t help, either, it can’t run ULSG fast enough to be PLAYABLE… 😛
    It’s not hard, though, just a bit of 3DS Max to do, some more editing in Premiere… bit of videoing… and we’re all set! 😀
    Right, I’m off to check Dragon Tail now! See yous later! 🙂

  3. Oh, and when I say "He is REALLY cool, apart from the fact that he looks like he’s on fire…" I mean that he still looks like epic win in a jar, but he’s not exactly COOL. As in AS COLLLD AS ICE! 😀
    Just in case you didn’t see the pun. 😛

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