Alllrighty then… lots to say…

Speck to ye all! Open-mouthed
Right, I’ll start with Dragon Tail. As it’s now complete, I’m gonna start taking the chapters down soon… well, probably when I’m done writing this. I truly doubt anyone else is going to read it. Sad¬†I’ll keep on with the editing, though, and I’ve still gotta do the dreaded.. ARTWORK… (shudders)…
But right now,¬†I frankly cannot be ARSED with the artwork. Firstly, there are WAY too many amazing games coming out next month. Secondly, the only graphics tablet I own doesn’t work with Vista, cuz Vista is a stupid operating system and tries to take control of the tablet… and I am NOT paying ¬£80 for a stupidly overpriced ENTRY LEVEL graphics tablet, I’d rather¬†buy¬†the Collectors Edition of¬†Gears of War 2 and get a¬†gold plated Lancer Assault rifle, and¬†STILL have ¬£30 left over to spend on World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and a month’s subscription to WoW. All you get with the graphics tablet is a box, a CD, a pen and a piece of plastic with some mega-simple technology in it. Ripoff. Thirdly, I SUCK at artwork. There is only¬†ONE PIECE¬†that¬†I am truly proud of, which is my¬†drawing of Sintarka. If you haven’t seen it before, here ya go:
I’ve had three other attempts at dragons, which sucked… artwork at school… which sucked (apart from the last piece, but that was so blatantly a copy of something, so I could never be proud of it) and the game cover that I did in college, which was good… but I wasn’t insanely proud of myself. Dunno why, as it was my first ever real project in Photoshop, and it scored me a Distinction, but whatever… Tongue out
So, no artwork yet. Sad¬†Don’t worreeee, though! I HAVE to get it done at some point. Open-mouthed
Okay, next… the GAMES out next month!
Ooooh yes… there’s a pretty big barrage of games coming… Fable II is already out, which should be amazing… don’t fancy it, but it’s still a big game. Rock Band 2 is out soon… Gears Of War 2 is coming on the 7th, I think… on the 13th, Wrath of the Lich King comes out, which will be mayhem, cuz Blizzard’s servers will be dropping like flies… then the NEXT DAY,¬†Guitar Hero 4 comes out, which will be INSANE, but I just can’t afford it, and I’ve decided to leave it for a few weeks before getting it. I don’t want to get left behind in the leveling rush on WoW, either, it’s absolute HELL otherwise… Sad
That’s… all I can remember. That’s quite a lot of games that I’d want… very expensive too… let’s see, GoW2 is ¬£50 (cuz I’m getting the Collectors Edition, cuz A: I have the GoW1¬†Collectors Edition and B: I want to look cool with a gold plated assault rifle. Open-mouthed), WoW is ¬£17… GH4 is a very hefty ¬£150, cuz you can’t buy a drumkit on its own, and¬†I want the new wireless guitar and drumkit, too. Open-mouthed¬†Thing is… I have two GH2 guitars… a GH3 guitar… a RB guitar, drumkit and mic… and soon I’m gonna have a GH4 guitar, drumkit and mic. HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA FIT THIS CRAP IN MY ROOM?! Surprised
But anyway, that’s ¬£217 total… which I have EXACTLY, but my WoW subscription runs out on the 3rd, so I’m gonna lose ¬£9. And if I have the WoW expansion and no subscription, I am GOING to kick myself. Tongue out
Ah… wait. My EMA goes in on the 9th… so I will STILL have enough money to get Guitar Hero! Open-mouthed¬†But I’m not gonna, I’m gonna wait till I have money first. Tongue out
Right, next is ULSG! Open-mouthed
Since Aaron posted that link of the Gladiators theme tune, I’ve been trying to find a place where it can go in ULSG. Aaron suggested a powerup where you shot those duelling sticks instead of lasers, but I have quite a few powerups now, and I don’t want to add any more in V13. Instead… I have thought of the DUEL MODE!! Open-mouthed¬†Oh yes… I’ve written the format of the game somewhere… just a sec… Open-mouthed
Aha, here we go: "In this game mode, two players face off against each other. The screen is split horizontally with the "Void Bar", and enemies fly in as usual. The difficulty increases slowly, and when a player fills his 5-part miss counter, the Void Bar moves towards that player, therefore giving them less room to maneouver, and giving their opponent more room. Destroying ships and collecting multipliers fills the Powerup Meter. When a player fills the Powerup Meter, that player gets a Powerup  Canister thrown towards them, which they can pick up for an effect which hinders their opponent, such as increased spawn rate, a bar nudge, weapon overheat, reversed controls, etc. When a player runs out of health or loses too much space, they lose! Open-mouthed All this happens to the theme of GLADIATORS! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed"
AWESOME ON¬†A STICK! Open-mouthed¬†I can just imagine a Duel game… Open-mouthed
I got some more ideas too, achievement points which can be used to buy new ship colours and designs, an Xbox 360-style sign in system, and a VERY crazy creation by Aaron and I… the ADAM AND ONION SMASH! Open-mouthed¬†It’s to do with Streets of Rage, so you might not get it: "An onion appears at the bottom of the screen, and AADAAAM does a diagonal OODIAR into the onion, which explodes, destroying nearby enemies. Then shards come off the onion, which causes damage to ships it hits. Then AXEL GRAND UPPAA’s AADAAAM, and there’s a HUGE explosion, in which George Bush’s face appears and then quickly disappears. TRIPLE POINTS for enemies destroyed via the onion explosion, QUADRUPLE POINTS for enemies destroyed via the onion shards, DOUBLE POINTS for enemies destroyed by AXEL or AADAAAM, and normal points for all enemies destroyed with the huge explosion. Open-mouthed"
LOL, I am so gonna try and make that. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo… I think… that’s it. Open-mouthed¬†Oh no, wait, one more thing… I completely¬†forgot to post all the pics of my dragons on here, sowwy! Sad¬†I’ll get the pics together, and I’ll make a blog entry with them all on there. Open-mouthed¬†Yes, I do want to show you. I like to brag about my abnormally large collection of dragons. Open-mouthed
Eekay, that’s all. Bye bye for now! Smile

Dragon Tail – Chapter 41 + Prologue

(Okay, I fixed it. Open-mouthed¬†Panic’s over!)

OH MY FUCKING GOD. /facepalm

I said 4:00… but you have NO IDEA how annoying people have been. It’s like they KNEW that I was busy; first I had to log off Warcraft, then my parents told me to empty the dishwasher just before I was about to log onto Spaces and post Dragon Tail, then we had tea at an abnormally early time, that took ages, then I had to finish somethng on Warcraft cuz otherwise everyone will have screwed at me, so that was a waste of time, then my SISTER wanted to use my PC, which took an abnormally long time… and now I’m here, 3 1/2 hours late. Angry

But anyway, at least I’m here. Tongue out Now enough of me blabbing on, you go ahead and read. Open-mouthed

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)

… zomg.

Did you expect that, or not? What do you think about this chapter? And what did you think about the story as a whole? Good? No good? Commentise me! Open-mouthed

Well… it’s over for now, just about 2 + years of writing. Sad Maybe I’ll start another story sometime though, don’t cry or pee yourself! Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’m off for now, but I hope you enjoyed it. Smile

(PS: I just threw this out frantically without a proper reviewal, so if there are any mistakes or fuckeries, I’m sowwy!)

It’s over…

The first revision of Dragon Tail is COMPLETE! Open-mouthed¬†(licks finger and puts out fire) Ooooooh yeah… Hot
134k words… on the FIRST revision.¬†HOLY crap. Surprised¬†The epilogue was SO hard to do, cuz I just could not think of anything to write… AT ALL! I mean… what do I say? We know¬†Whirlwind hates the humans… we know what has just¬†happened…¬†it’s tough. I managed 298 words before losing it, which is…¬†about half the¬†length of the prologue. Confused¬†I’d offer for you to try and give it a go, but I don’t want to ruin the end for you. Smile
You may be wondering why I’m not posting the whole thing yet. Well, three reasons. One, it’s not 100% complete yet, about 99.5% complete. Just need to go over it and make sure it’s fit for reading. Two, it’s late as hell, cuz I’ve been dying to get this thing finished and I never noticed the bloody time, and three, I like to keep you in suspense. Tongue out
Tomorrow, at 4:00PM, it will be here. No, really. Smile

A ha ha… HA!

It’s STILL THE WEEKEND!! Tongue out
Don’t panic, though, I’ve neeearly done. Finishing off the main chapter now, and starting to write the epilogue, which won’t be long. Smile¬†It’ll be here tomorrow!
Right, off I go to write a little Dragon Tail. Bye now!

Super 70!!

LOOKY WHAT I DID! Open-mouthed

WOO! MAXIMUM LEVEL! Open-mouthed Ownage… even though I suck compared to everyone else. Tongue out Not like I care or anything. Tongue out

Now that I’m 70, I can play all types of Player vs Player (PvP), use the rewards you can get from PvP, be in an arena team, do daily quests for lots of ¬£¬£… and fly on an extremely slow flying mount. Open-mouthed But don’t worrreee! Soon enough, I will get an EPIC flying mount, which triples your speed. Surprised Just need 5000 gold first (that’s A LOT)… then another 200 for the mount… then I can complete the Netherwing quest chains to get me a Netherdrake, which look like serious epic win. Open-mouthed

Or I can wait until the expansion and complete EVERY heroic dungeon for a "Black Proto-Drake"… which is really hard… or complete every RAID for a "Red Proto-Drake". But… that’s sort of… um… well… near-impossible right now, with my gear. Tongue out

Anyhoo, enough dreaming about flying on dragons for now. Open-mouthedTongue out

Speaking of dragons, anyway, I’ve done some more Dragon Tail. No, really! Open-mouthed I’m getting there now… I reckon a couple more nights of editing will finish it off! Open-mouthed It’s getting a bit tough, though, there’s only one direction to travel in, now, unlike earlier on in the middle of the story, where I could have gone in loads of different directions and it not affect the main storyline… now it’s just a sprint to the planned finish…

Right, I’d better be off, but I promise you, Dragon Tail will be here by the weekend. Here, have a limb, you can keep it if I don’t do it on time. Open-mouthed

Bye bye!

Ohhh, things aren’t going well for Blizzard…

Two lines of text you do NOT want to see on an online same: "Login Unavailable" and "Realms Offline". Tongue out
Oh yes, it was the World of Warcraft patch day¬†two days ago¬†where Blizzard unloads all of the new features they’ve been creating for the past year¬†or so¬†into the game and hopes for the best. The one thing I think they forgot to do though… um… was upgrade the servers. Tongue out
Because of the patch, the game was extremely busy, leading to low frame rates for everyone with crap computers (Mine struggled a little bit, getting as low as 20FPS Confused), and because areas were busy, the parts of the server dedicated to those areas were running slowly… and eventually dumping a huge chunk of players off the game. Tongue out
Everyone was stressing on Skype, moaning about the lag and the drops… and when the server had to be closed for maintenance, Ped nearly died of WoW withdrawal symptoms, cuz he’s such an epic nerd. Tongue out¬†No, really, he wouldn’t¬†get off the game title screen because he was constantly trying to log in, and when that¬†failed,¬†he went on the WoW website and looked at¬†loads of random nerd crap, while constantly asking "Is it up yet? Is it¬†up yet?" I had to take off my headphones… I can’t stand nerds. Tongue out
The new features (when they work) are actually quite cool, there’s the calendar so you can organise events, there’s the new Achievement system which some people hate so much it’s actually¬†scary…¬†I can’t see why… Tongue out¬†Um… there’s new skillz and talentz and all sorts of random crap. My class is now epic win… I can do twice the damage I could do before… Open-mouthed¬†So yeah, it’s not worked out too bad. Apart from the fact that the login servers are down and no-one can get online, but I don’t care, I’ve got the Xbox… ULSG… Spore if¬†I get bored enough… I don’t get WoW withdrawal symptoms. Unlike Ped, who will probably be phoning up Blizzard and asking when the servers’ll be up. Tongue out
I like the new title screen very much… even though some people say it’s annoying. Sarcastic¬†Um… no, you must have the wrong word, it’s like "Epic Win" you mean?
Whether you like WoW or not, you’ve gotta admit, that is COOL. Open-mouthed¬†Now… if only the whole game had graphics like that… Tongue out
Right, I’m gonna go and put mah tea in, maybe do a little bit of Dragon Tail while I wait, or if I’m not in the mood, I’ll edit ULSG a¬†little bit, or¬†go on the Xbox and pwn n00bz on Rock Band or kick ass on Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo or cause insane explosions on E4 or see how much time I can waste on Lumines Live. Open-mouthed¬†Cyas!


Yes, it’s green season again! Even though these colour changes are not based on seasons, they’re just completely random, and for when I get bored of one colour. ūüėõ
Anyhoo. Tongue out
I have done some work on ULSG while I was bored, and I have implemented the CHOCLIT RAY!! Open-mouthed Oh yes. Have a lookies at the veedeeo. Open-mouthed
OBEY YOUR THIRST! DRINK A BIG BUCKET OF CHOCLIT RAAAAIINNN! Open-mouthed Awesome weapon, scores you 10x the points!! Surprised
Anyhoo, I’m off now. See ya laters. Open-mouthed

OH YES, new typing speed record!!

No, really! Open-mouthed

I usually type at 60WPM, which is quite respectable! Tonight… while writing Dragon Tail… LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!

That circled white dot is my maximum word speed, and it measures it by multiplying the outside numbers by 10… so that is 75 WPM!! OH MY GOD! Open-mouthed

I’m sowwy, that’s such a pointless blog entry, but I just looked up after a long typing session while I was IN THE ZONE, and there it was! New speed record! And ZOMG, I nearly set a new speed record typing this paragraph, oh my God oh GOD I’M GONNA DO IT! … NOOOOOO! Crap! I lost it… damn, only 70 WPM.¬†Sad Ah well. Tongue out

This is weird, I’m using FireFox, cuz then I can use FireFTP to upload pictures without needing to use two different browsers… and all the text is huge (compared to my normal blog) Times New Roman crap. Hopefully it’s not like that when I post the entry. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’m off for tonight. Chapter 41 now has… 1,252 words! Not too shabby… I reckon I’m getting my touch back. Open-mouthed

Nighty night everyone! Smile

(PS: Oh good, it posts it as normal, cool mini-text. Good old FireFox. Open-mouthed)

OKAY, I fail!

It is now… Wednesday! And as you can see, there is NO DRAGON TAIL!
I know… I fail, it’s my fault, I suck! I am SO CLOSE to maximum level on Warcraft, though, which is incredible, cuz it wasn’t long ago since I hated the game, but there are a lot of funny, non-nerdy¬†people on the game, and in my guild. And a lot of nice, helpful people, too. Open-mouthed¬†It’s just let down by the fags who think they know everything and try to boss you around, and the nerds who play multiple characters at the SAME TIME, and they are hence, invincible. Sad
I WILL do some Dragon Tail soon, I promise! Smile¬†It’s just hard when you’ve got the choice of playing a game with several people, with the potential to talk to thousands more… or writing a story which barely ANYONE reads, and I’m hesitant to show it to others, because of its dark tone, and… I dunno… something about¬†it being nearly completely about¬†dragons, I can’t put my finger on what’s bugging me about that. Maybe cuz dragons are a strange subject that¬†hardly anyone talks about… or maybe because I like them to a¬†pretty abnormal¬†degree… Hell, I’m still not even sure about publishing it, yet!
But don’t worry! I’m not giving up on the story, I’m just being slow. Tongue out¬†I HAVE to finish it before Rock Band 2 comes out… cuz that’ll keep¬†me distracted… and¬†then shortly after that, Guitar Hero 4 comes out. And I reckon I’ll FORGET about the story if I’m engrossed in those games…
Anyway, I’m off for tonight. Bye bye! Smile