Bit more of my ULSG trailer…

Nope, it’s nowhere NEAR done yet! Open-mouthed I’ve done the trails… Tongue out
They look better when they’re animated, trust me. Open-mouthed As you can see, too, I managed to sort out the rear end of the Ultimate Lame Ship! Now it looks good instead of epic fail lego-style. Tongue out It’s not perfect, but heck, it’s fine for a trailer that doesn’t really need any 3DS Max in it. Tongue out
The game isn’t anywhere near finished, either. Tongue out I’ve JUST realised how BIG the Lame Adventure Mode is… I have to make all the terrain by myself (it won’t be INCREDIBLE, but Photoshop and Vector artwork FTW! I love Vector artwork, it makes some jobs SO easy. Open-mouthed Tongue out), and I have to code the levels individually, make every single enemy path perfect… and there’ll be five end of game bosses… Confused
The GOOD thing, though, is that it is quite replayable! The levels go in a triangle format… like Out Run, if you’ve ever played it. At the end of a stage, there’ll be a branching path, where you can choose whether to go up or down. Your choice then affects where you can go for the rest of the game. So, the whole level map will look like this:
So for example, if you choose to go up in Stage 1, you can’t possibly reach the "E" boss, but you can still get to "A", "B", "C" and "D", unless you go up again, then you can’t get to "D". Simple, really. Smile There’s a total of 15 stages, with 16 possible routes through the game! Open-mouthed Replayable, much? AND, there’s a special Challenge medal awarded for beating all five end game bosses, so people who want the medal have to play at least 25 levels! Open-mouthed AWESOME!
And there’s gonna be another online high score table for it, and that’ll be much better, because the top score won’t be limited! Open-mouthed
I’ve got a little demo of the first stage for you, if you’d like to see? It’s only about 20 seconds long, cuz the level’s barely finished. It’s just a taste. Open-mouthed
I reckon the level will be about… 2-3 minutes long when I’m done? That makes for around about a 15 minute game… which fits nicely into a coffee break! Open-mouthed I really have thought of everything. Tongue out
But, still a long way to go for the game… and I’ve got the trailer to do… and my bro’s wedding is next week… so that’s a five hour drive to SCOTLAND (and it’s not like I can just get out of it, it’s a wedding, for starters, but I’m the Best Man! Surprised), and I’ve still gotta finish Dragon Tail… lots to do… Smile
I’d better be off, but I’ll see yous later! Open-mouthed

4 thoughts on “Bit more of my ULSG trailer…

  1. Hey how are you?
    OH MY GOD, AGAIN I haven’t talked to you for AGES!!! I’m SO SORRY!!! But honestly you have NO IDEA the amount of homework I’ve had, and it doesn’t help when teachers CHANGE THE DEADLINES for the coursework CONSTANTLY!! STUPID TEACHERS!!!
    Anyway WOW!!!! Trailer is AWESOME!!!!!!!! And YES you really have thought of EVERYTHING!!! A 15 minute game to fit into coffee breaks with multiples routes of playing it so it’s replayable? GENIUS!!!
    Oooohhhh I love weddings! Well not the actual ceremony, I like the food after and the reception after lol! How’s ya speech going?
    OH NO!!! I’M SO DUMB!!!! I forgot!!! It’s your 18th birthday next Saturday!!! Oops I forgot to get you a present!!! GRRR I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!!! I’m SORRY!!! I don’t think I’m going to be able to get out anywhere to get you a present either, plus I don’t know what to get you either! Lol! I hope you don’t mind!! I’m REALLY SORRY!!! Here have a hug for your birthday! 🙂 -hug!-
    Now I’m going to finally edit DT!
    See ya later! 😀

  2. Speck! I just saw that you’d messaged me on MSN, and cuz I was playing a game, I didn’t hear the sound, and I was quite busy on it and stuff. So sorry about that, I wasn’t ignoring you! 🙂
    ULSG IS GONNA BE AWESOME! 😀 Making it’s gonna be HAARD, but it’ll be worth it! 😀
    Meh. Never been to a wedding, but it sounds complicated and boring. Ah well, we’re getting chocolate fountains (yes… fountainS, two of them…! :P) and God knows what else. 😀 I’ve done the speech, now I just need to say it in front of like… 70 people… 65 that I don’t actually KNOW… 😛
    Don’t worry about teh present! I’m fine! I don’t even know what I’d want, apart from a boost to my dragon collection (even though I have THIRTEEN dragons… well, fifteen if you count both dragons on two of my models :P). My sister’s SOMEHOW thought of something, and so has my brother, but God knows what they all got me. 😛
    Anyhoo, I’m off to check Dragon Tail, too! 😀 See yas.

  3. Don’t worry about it, I sorta guessed you were busy on a game lol! 🙂
    Weddings are OK, I always find the ceremony boring, but once you get to the food and reception that’s fun! I decided for my wedding, everyone gets an invite (including you!) and everyone can wear what they want. I’m wearing jeans and I’m going to my wedding on a motorbike! :D:D:D:D:D:D And my wedding is going to be in a BIG castle somewhere, or on the beach! :D:D:D:D:D And alcohol will be drunk in moderation, becaue I don’t want anyone getting drunk and it’s gonna be fish and chips for food! 🙂
    Aww, OK! I still can’t believe I forgot to get you something! I NEVER forget birthdays!! But you can still have a hug for ya birthday, because I like hugs! 🙂 -hug!!-
    See ya later! 😀

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