ULSG V13 update! :D

Spoon! Open-mouthed
I’ve done some major work on ULSG, fixing a few minor bugs and adding TWO NEW POWERUPS! Oh yes, I invented, coded and created the artwork for two powerups in one day. Open-mouthed They are… well, actually, watch this video. Open-mouthed
(A bit jumpy in places, cuz of fail CamStudio’s abilities to capture video.)
They is AWESOME. Open-mouthed The Choclit Rain (I call it CHOCLIT Rain cuz the guy who sang Chocolate Rain says "CHOCLIT", so there. Tongue out) powerup’s not fully done yet, though. When you collect Choclit Raindrops, you get a boost to the CHOCLIT BAR! When the Choclit Bar is full, you can launch a new attack, the CHOCLIT RAY! Open-mouthed It shoots a beam of chocolate in front of you, which instakills pretty much anything that it touches! Open-mouthed Apart from the final boss, of course. Tongue out For every enemy that you chocolatify, you get a multiplier of each type (maybe 2 multipliers) and you also get triple the points you’d usually score! Open-mouthed
Nineteen’s done, but maybe I’ll do some work on the particles that fly from the lasers. Cuz if you have an ultra-fast finger like me, they can nearly cover the screen! Open-mouthed
Eekay, I is off for now. Bye bye! Smile

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