Speckeroonie! Open-mouthed
I has a video for you before I go to bed, cuz it’s college in the morning. Kinda yay, kinda "urrrgh", cuz it’s kinda fun, yet boring. AARON, GET YOUR ASS BACK TO COLLEGE! It’s not as fun with no-one to prat around with. Tongue out
Anyhoo, it is PLEBS PLAYIN’ GMOD, EPISODE 1!! Open-mouthed The funniest moments from Garry’s Mod that I recorded. Open-mouthed
There ya go. Watch and larf. Open-mouthed

2 thoughts on “GMod WINNAGE!

  1. Rofl! :D:D:D:D:D:D SO FUNNY!!! :D:D:D And you are all very strange, but I knew that anyway so there ya go!
    Oh by the way, I edited DT chapter 20 FINALLY!!
    See ya later! 😀

  2. IT WAS AN AWESOME GAME!! 😀 Arnie with his machine gun mouth, shooting Ped with a laser-guided RPG, bombing Ped and Si with melons, shooting a custom rocket at Ped’s head… and the MOST LAGGY WAR EVER!! 😀
    And with an explosive finale. 😀
    I just checked mah keyboard’s e-mail display before I started commenting (still boasting :P), and I see you’ve edited it! 😀 I’ll just go check on that now! 😀 Buhbye! 😀

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