Have you seen the new Guitar Hero?!

Zomg. It sounds fokking amazing! Surprised
It’s got EVERYTHING in it that you could possibly want! Guitarists get a new, WIRELESS, more responsive guitar (kinda looks like a Gibson Les Paul, but it’s not, it’s more spiky Open-mouthed), bassists can get their own unique bass guitar, vocalists get a new, more responsive microphone… and for drummers, well… um… you thought it was REALLY hard already?
You’ve got three pads in front of you, then you have two pads higher up, which are cymbals. That’s a total of FIVE targets, one more than the already near-impossible drums on Rock Band! AND you’ve STILL got the foot pedal to use! Surprised SIX TARGETS?! They might as well have added a sixth key on the guitars for Uber difficulty mode! Oh, and did I mention that the drums were also wireless? Open-mouthed
The mic still has a wire, understandably. There’s no way you can transmit sound fast enough to the Xbox through a wireless mic. It’ll all lag out and you’d fail faster than Ped. Tongue out
And, by the way, this is Guitar Hero. Rock Band is easy, whereas Guitar Hero is insane!
Anyway, new features, apparently there’ll be a music studio mode, where you can make your OWN TRACKS. If that’s true, that is the killer, that’s what’s gonna make previous players buy it! If they don’t care about that, then maybe they’ll care about the Battle of the Bands mode, where it’s 4v4 multiplayer! Surprised I NEVER thought they’d do that! That’ll be AWESOME! Open-mouthed
And there’s all the customisation of Rock Band in Guitar Hero 4 (or Guitar Hero: World Tour, it’s proper name), and MORE! You can modify your guitar to look unique by adding all sorts of random bits of metal on there…
I could go on for hours saying how FREAKING AMAZING this game is going to be, but have a link, instead. Open-mouthed
It’s expensive… to say the least. £149. You’ll have to at least get the drums, cuz the old Rock Band set probably won’t work (six targets on GH4… only five on Rock Band… y’know?) but the guitar should, and the mic should. If you don’t care about getting the GH4 stuff, it’ll cost you… um… actually… I don’t know. There isn’t a drum set + game package. Sad
No worries for me, though! EMA’s £20 a week, I owe my mum about £175 still… and… wait, there ARE worries, EMA will only amount up to like… £120, and then I’ve still gotta pay my mum off… GAH! There’s a job at Argos, apparently, if I can get that, OWNED! Open-mouthed
So ya. Make sure you save enough for it, unlike me. Tongue out It’ll be awesome. Open-mouthed And if you get it on Xbox and don’t have Xbox Live, sign up! Then we can jam together. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, that’s that. Bye bye for now! Smile

5 thoughts on “Have you seen the new Guitar Hero?!

  1. So let me get this straight…Guitar Hero 4 or Guitar Hero World Tour which hereafter I will shorten to GHWT or GH4 has a mic, drums with six targets, and a unique bass controller as well as a new guitar? OH MY GOD, if all that is right I WANT THIS GAME!!! Seriously, I paid, probably a bit less for Rock Band and now I can get GHWT for £149 and get MORE than I get with Rock Band! I WANT THAT GAME!! So when’s it out? I’ll have to start saving lol! Or it can just go on my Christmas list!
    Anyway! I’ll see you later! 🙂

  2. Speck!
    Yes, but I don’t think you get more. Apart from the GAME offer which gives you a free bass controller. Well, actually… you get a better drumkit (scary, but better, I can’t handle five targets on the drums sometimes, let alone SIX!) and the guitars will most likely be better quality. Thing is… I already have 2 GH2 guitars… a GH3 guitar… a Rock Band guitar, drumkit and mic… where am I gonna put the GH4 stuff?! :O
    I’ll have to stick the GH2 and GH3 stuff upstairs. 😀
    Yup, it’s out in November! 😀 I have SO got to try and get a job, otherwise I’ll not be able to afford it. 😦
    Anyhoo, next commentz0rz! 😀

  3. Lol I was telling my sister about it and we had the exact same thought…where are we gonna put the GH4 stuff? Because at the moment in my room I have the GH3 guitar and the Rock Band stuff so where am I gonna put the GH4 stuff?
    OH YEAH, by the way, I got the TNA game, OH MY GOD it is AWESOME!!! SERIOUSLY!!! WOW!! I’ll post a blog about it soon, maybe over the weekend or something. 🙂

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