AAARGH! I am getting on my own nerves!

Eekay, so I was planning on getting Dragon Tail done quickly. But in truth, I haven’t looked at it for the past… week? Cuz I’ve been distracted with downloading GMod and getting it working again cuz we were all bored, and downloading the WoW Burning Crusade expansion… and on top of that… I downloaded the WRONG WoW! I downloaded the original like a mongol and wasted 4GB of bandwidth. >.<
BUT ANYWAY, never mind! I’ll get it done ASAP, now that I’m done with GMod for today. IT WAS BRILL, we got my spaceship to work, cuz we’re playing SpaceBuild, where you have to go into space and find new planets and colonise them or explore them. I docked with Ped’s mothership (which he didn’t make himself, sadly) WITHOUT CRASHING! Open-mouthed And then we all got in our ship, and we explored 2 planets before Ped had to go. And this was all ruined by Ped’s pathetic hosting skillz and crap framerate, but it was good. If I could host (which I can’t, cuz GMod is retarded) then it would have been EPIC. Open-mouthed
I’m just gonna check the Dragon Tail edits now if there are any, and then I’ll get to work on the final chapter of Dragon Tail. Open-mouthed But I’ll see you later! Open-mouthed

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