Doh, doh, doh doh doh BART! Doh, doh, doh doh!

Firstly, I wanna show you a song. Open-mouthed I’ve had it for ages, but I just listened to it again a few days ago, and it’s ACE! So if you’ve never heard the D’oh Song, then here you go:
Anyhoo, onto STREETS OF RAGE! Open-mouthed
When everyone had gone off Skype but Rich and I, he asked me to send him the Genesis Emulator that I’ve got, so he could play some retro games. So, I sent him it, showed him how to set it up, and he got it working. Then… I suggested we go on Netplay, which hasn’t been working for AGES… but now, it works! It took us a while, but we found a good, fast server, and we set up a game of MULTIPLAYER STREETS OF RAGE 1!! Open-mouthed IT WAS AWESOME! Open-mouthed A little bit laggy in places, but it was FOKKING HILARIOUS! I got the highest score, and we didn’t complete it, but that didn’t really matter, it was so much FUN! Open-mouthed I knew it was gonna be funny from the very start, when we were choosing our characters:
Me: Ah, you go ahead, I prefer Axel, he owns.
*Rich accidentally chooses Axel*
*We lol Open-mouthed*
And it went crazy from there, in the first stage, Axel grabbed Blaze in a very… personal area… multiple times… Rich backhanded me… I kneed Rich in the face hundreds of times (90% of the time accidentally Tongue out), and at the end of a stage, I grabbed Rich and dropped him on his head, FOR FUN!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed
So ya, it was extreme fun. Open-mouthed Multiplayer Streets of Rage wins. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, I’d better be off. Tomorrow, I answer the question: Has Garry’s Mod gotten better? As in… PLAYABLE?!
Oh, and by the way, I’m nearly done with Dragon Tail, just a bit more to do. I’ve been concentrating more on the editing recently, cuz the story’s nearly over. Sad But don’t worry, I hope you’ll find it’s a good ending! Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off. Bye!

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