Bit more of my ULSG trailer…

Nope, it’s nowhere NEAR done yet! Open-mouthed¬†I’ve done the trails… Tongue out
They look better¬†when they’re animated, trust me. Open-mouthed¬†As you can see, too, I managed to sort out the¬†rear end of the Ultimate Lame Ship! Now it looks good¬†instead of¬†epic¬†fail lego-style. Tongue out¬†It’s not perfect, but¬†heck, it’s fine for a trailer that doesn’t really need¬†any 3DS Max in it. Tongue out
The game isn’t anywhere near finished, either. Tongue out¬†I’ve JUST realised how BIG the Lame Adventure Mode is… I have to make all the terrain by myself (it won’t be INCREDIBLE, but Photoshop and Vector artwork FTW! I love Vector artwork, it makes some jobs SO easy. Open-mouthed¬†Tongue out), and I have to code the levels individually, make every single enemy path perfect… and there’ll be five end of game bosses… Confused
The GOOD thing, though, is that it is quite replayable! The levels go in a triangle format… like Out Run, if you’ve ever played it. At the end of a stage, there’ll be¬†a branching path, where you can choose whether to go up or down. Your choice then affects where you can go¬†for the¬†rest of the game.¬†So, the whole level map will look like this:
So for example, if you choose to go up in Stage 1, you can’t possibly reach the "E" boss, but you can still get to "A", "B", "C" and "D", unless you go up again, then you can’t get to "D". Simple, really. Smile¬†There’s a total of 15 stages, with 16 possible routes through the game! Open-mouthed¬†Replayable, much? AND, there’s a special Challenge medal awarded for beating all five end game bosses, so people who want the medal have to play at least 25 levels! Open-mouthed¬†AWESOME!
And there’s gonna be another online high score table for it, and that’ll be much better, because the top score won’t be limited! Open-mouthed
I’ve got a little demo of the first stage for you, if you’d like to see? It’s only about 20 seconds long, cuz¬†the level’s barely finished. It’s just a taste.¬†Open-mouthed
I reckon the level will be about… 2-3 minutes long when I’m done? That makes for around about a 15 minute game… which fits nicely into a coffee break! Open-mouthed¬†I really have thought of everything. Tongue out
But, still a long way to go for the game… and I’ve got the trailer to do… and my bro’s wedding is next week… so that’s a five hour drive to SCOTLAND (and it’s not like I can just get out of it, it’s a wedding, for starters, but¬†I’m the Best Man! Surprised), and I’ve still gotta finish Dragon Tail… lots to do… Smile
I’d better be off, but I’ll see yous later! Open-mouthed

ULSG V13 update! :D

Spoon! Open-mouthed
I’ve done some¬†major work on ULSG, fixing a few minor bugs and adding TWO NEW POWERUPS! Oh yes, I invented, coded and created the artwork for two powerups in one day. Open-mouthed¬†They are… well, actually, watch this video. Open-mouthed
(A bit jumpy in places, cuz of fail CamStudio’s abilities to capture video.)
They is AWESOME. Open-mouthed¬†The Choclit Rain (I call it CHOCLIT Rain cuz the guy who sang Chocolate Rain says "CHOCLIT", so there. Tongue out) powerup’s not fully done yet, though. When you collect Choclit Raindrops, you get a boost to the CHOCLIT BAR! When the Choclit Bar is full, you can launch a new attack, the CHOCLIT RAY! Open-mouthed¬†It shoots a¬†beam of chocolate in front of you, which instakills pretty much anything that it touches! Open-mouthed¬†Apart from the final boss, of course.¬†Tongue out¬†For every enemy that you chocolatify, you get a multiplier of each type (maybe 2 multipliers) and you also get¬†triple the points you’d usually¬†score! Open-mouthed
Nineteen’s done, but maybe I’ll do some work on the particles that fly from the lasers. Cuz if you have an ultra-fast finger like me, they can nearly cover the screen! Open-mouthed
Eekay, I is off for now. Bye bye! Smile

ZOMG, WoW was tense tonight! :D

I’ll try and explain what happened in as normal language as I can. Open-mouthed¬†So, Si wanted to go through a place called Stratholme, it’s called an "instance", full of elite¬†enemies with sometimes more than twice as much health as they normally have, and hence, a good 5-man group is needed to clear it (or a very good 4-man group). I thought I’d tag along, and Rich, Andy and Neb came along to help out, too! Open-mouthed¬†I was the tank, (the guy who keeps the aggression off the other players so they can all do their jobs properly) Neb was the healer, (the guy who has to keep an eye on everyone’s health and heal them) Andy and Rich were our DPS (Damage Per Second, they are the guys who do most of the damage in the group) and Si was… undefined, really, he was a bit low for this instance. Open-mouthed
About halfway through, the game threw a timer on us, which lasted for 45 mins. If you didn’t do it within that time, the main boss would kill some dude, and you wouldn’t be able to complete the quest. We thought "yeah, that’s LOADS of time!" and so we continued normally.
And then the timer hit ten minutes, and we panicked. Open-mouthed
We weren’t anywhere NEAR the end, and so we had to rush through as fast as possible, and because I was ten levels lower than Rich or Andy, I couldn’t keep the aggression off them. Sad¬†But never mind. Open-mouthed
Then when we DID reach near the end, we had to kill a load of level 61 elites to open a door, where there’d be loads of level 62 elites, followed by the final boss, a 63 elite. In five minutes?! Surprised
We cleared the outside in 2 minutes, but then the door wouldn’t open for another MINUTE, and we were all panicking about that. Then we cleared the next wave in about half a minute, leaving the final boss to take out! TENSE! Open-mouthed
We started attacking him with about 50 seconds left on the clock, and he spawned a load of minions to help, but we tried to ignore them and take out the boss ASAP! The clock started flashing as it hit 10 seconds left, and we were nearly done!! Open-mouthed
I counted the clock down, while we pummeled the crap out of the boss…¬†and WE DID IT! With FOUR SECONDS LEFT!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed
That was SO FOKKING TENSE, you seriously had to be there, it was awesome in a jar! Open-mouthed¬†Cuz if we HAD run out of time, the past four hours would have been like… wasted. Yes, FOUR HOURS to get through ONE INSTANCE! Surprised¬†Pretty time consuming game. Open-mouthed
It all worked out well in the end, though!¬†Si got a new shield and some other stuff, I got a new belt and some gauntlets, and Neb and Si got some very nice experience (which resulted in Si leveling to Level 58! Open-mouthed). I can’t get any more experience¬†though, yet,¬†cuz my expansion trial ran out. Sad¬†Gotta get the expansion soon, when I can ever get my money in the bank…
Anyhoo, it was fun. Open-mouthed
Now, COLLEGE! Aaron finally showed up today (only several hours late Tongue out) and I showed him Adobe Premiere and whet I’d done with it. And then I showed him the 3DS Max sequence I’m gonna do for the assignment. It’s the ULTIMATE LAME SHIP GAME!! Open-mouthed¬†I managed to make the Ultimate Lame Ship 3D, and it looks okay!
(I’m gonna try and improve it! You REALLY don’t want to see the rear view. Tongue out¬†I didn’t take much into consideration when doing the rear. I was just looking from the side view the whole time. That WAS the only view I could¬†do.¬†Tongue outOpen-mouthed)
For a¬†few hours work, with nearly no experience, expecting something much MUCH worse than that to come out… I don’t reckon that’s bad! I’m REALLY proud of the¬†flames and the blue trails, although I might¬†make the¬†flames more powerful. Open-mouthed
I’m¬†gonna¬†make¬†a¬†trailer¬†for ULSG using¬†3DS Max, where the ship flies in and blows up loads of ships. But the college want me to have my own camera footage and stuff, so I’ll have to put like a transmission in the corner of me or something, saying to get 999 trillion points, then a load of enemies spawn. Then it switches between 2D footage of the game, and¬†the 3D sequence of the Ultimate Lame Ship blowing the crap out of enemies, with cool retro explosions done by the SPACE WARP BOMB TOOL!! Open-mouthed
Something along those lines, anyway. I don’t plan THAT much, otherwise everything goes kapoot. Tongue out
Anyhoo, I’m gonna start the final chapter of Dragon Tail tomorrow, methinks! And the epilogue, can’t forget that. Open-mouthed¬†Oh, and speaking of Dragon Tail, Aaron’s very nicely offered to attempt to draw some art for it, cuz he wants to practice. Open-mouthed He called it "concept art", but that’s generally used for… concepts. Tongue out¬†This is nearly DONE! Open-mouthed¬†I’m gonna try my hand at it after I’m done with it, and when I get a better fokking graphics tablet! MINE IS FAIL!
But for now, I think I hast better be off. See yas later! Open-mouthed


Speckeroonie! Open-mouthed
I has a video for you before I go to bed, cuz it’s college in the morning. Kinda yay, kinda "urrrgh", cuz it’s kinda fun, yet boring. AARON, GET YOUR ASS BACK TO COLLEGE! It’s not as fun with no-one to prat around with. Tongue out
Anyhoo, it is PLEBS PLAYIN’ GMOD, EPISODE 1!! Open-mouthed¬†The funniest moments from Garry’s Mod that I recorded. Open-mouthed
There ya go. Watch and larf. Open-mouthed

Have you seen the new Guitar Hero?!

Zomg. It sounds fokking amazing! Surprised
It’s got EVERYTHING in it that you could possibly want!¬†Guitarists get a new, WIRELESS, more responsive guitar (kinda looks like a Gibson Les Paul, but it’s not, it’s more spiky Open-mouthed), bassists can get their own unique¬†bass guitar,¬†vocalists get¬†a new, more responsive microphone… and for drummers, well… um… you thought it was REALLY¬†hard already?
You’ve got three pads in front of you, then you have two pads higher up, which are cymbals. That’s a total of FIVE targets, one more than the already near-impossible drums on Rock Band! AND you’ve STILL got the foot pedal to use! Surprised¬†SIX TARGETS?! They might as well have added a sixth key on the guitars for Uber difficulty¬†mode! Oh, and did I mention that the drums were also wireless? Open-mouthed
The mic still has a wire, understandably. There’s no way you can transmit sound fast enough¬†to the Xbox through a wireless mic. It’ll¬†all lag out and you’d fail faster than Ped. Tongue out
And, by the way, this is Guitar Hero. Rock Band is easy, whereas Guitar Hero is insane!
Anyway, new features, apparently there’ll be a music studio mode, where you can make your OWN TRACKS. If that’s true, that is the killer, that’s what’s gonna¬†make previous players¬†buy it! If they don’t care about that, then maybe they’ll care about the Battle of the Bands mode, where it’s 4v4 multiplayer! Surprised¬†I NEVER thought they’d do that! That’ll be AWESOME! Open-mouthed
And there’s all the customisation of Rock Band in Guitar Hero 4 (or Guitar Hero: World Tour, it’s proper name), and MORE! You can modify your guitar to look unique by adding all sorts of random bits of metal on there…
I could go on for hours saying how FREAKING AMAZING this game is going to be, but have a link, instead. Open-mouthed
It’s expensive… to say the least. ¬£149. You’ll have to at least get the drums, cuz the old Rock Band set probably won’t work (six targets on GH4… only¬†five¬†on Rock Band… y’know?)¬†but the guitar should, and the mic should. If you don’t care about getting the GH4 stuff, it’ll cost you… um… actually… I don’t know. There isn’t a drum set + game package. Sad
No worries for me, though! EMA’s ¬£20 a week, I owe my mum about ¬£175 still… and… wait, there ARE worries, EMA will only amount up to like… ¬£120, and then I’ve still gotta pay my mum off… GAH! There’s a job at Argos, apparently, if I can get that, OWNED! Open-mouthed
So ya. Make sure you save enough for it, unlike me. Tongue out¬†It’ll be awesome. Open-mouthed¬†And if you get it on Xbox and don’t have Xbox Live, sign up!¬†Then we can jam together. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, that’s that. Bye bye for now! Smile

Dragon Tail – Chapter 40!

No, no, you’re NOT DREAMING! It’s here!! Open-mouthed
Yes, Chapter 40 is here. This isn’t the final chapter, I know I estimated it to be 40 chapters… but that’s an ESTIMATE! I bet it’ll be 41 and a prologue. So next time I post Dragon Tail… that’s it… it’s over. Sad
Just going over this to make sure it sounds right… earkay… all checked out and ready to go! Open-mouthed¬†Enjoy.
(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)
Sorry if I made yourself feel disgusting… but Sin REALLY hates you. Understandable. Tongue out
Anyway, anything you don’t like? Anything that I could change… any spelling mistakes or poots that I made along the way? TELLZ ME! Open-mouthed
Hopefully you liked that chapter… but only one more to go… and that’s it… Sad
I’d better be off, but I’ll see yous later! Open-mouthed

AAARGH! I am getting on my own nerves!

Eekay, so I was planning on getting Dragon Tail done quickly. But in truth, I haven’t looked at it for the past… week? Cuz I’ve been distracted with downloading GMod and getting it working again cuz we were all bored, and downloading the WoW Burning Crusade expansion… and on top of that… I downloaded the WRONG WoW! I downloaded the original like a mongol and wasted 4GB of bandwidth. >.<
BUT ANYWAY, never mind! I’ll get it done ASAP, now that I’m done with GMod for today. IT WAS BRILL, we got my spaceship to work, cuz we’re playing SpaceBuild, where you have to go into space and find new planets and colonise them or explore them. I docked with Ped’s mothership (which he didn’t make himself, sadly) WITHOUT CRASHING! Open-mouthed¬†And then we all got in our ship, and we explored 2 planets before Ped had to go. And this was all ruined by Ped’s pathetic hosting skillz and crap framerate, but it was good. If I could host (which I can’t, cuz GMod is retarded) then it would have been EPIC. Open-mouthed
I’m just gonna check the Dragon Tail edits now¬†if there are any, and then I’ll get to work on the final chapter of Dragon Tail. Open-mouthed¬†But I’ll see you later! Open-mouthed

Doh, doh, doh doh doh BART! Doh, doh, doh doh!

Firstly, I¬†wanna show you a song. Open-mouthed¬†I’ve had it for ages, but I just listened to it again a few days ago, and it’s ACE! So if you’ve never heard the D’oh Song, then¬†here you go:
Anyhoo, onto STREETS OF RAGE! Open-mouthed
When everyone had gone off Skype but Rich and I, he asked me to send him the Genesis Emulator that I’ve got, so he could play some retro games. So, I sent him it, showed him how to set it up, and he got it working. Then… I suggested we go on Netplay, which hasn’t been working for AGES… but now, it works! It took us a while, but we found a good, fast server, and we set up a game of MULTIPLAYER STREETS OF RAGE 1!! Open-mouthed¬†IT WAS AWESOME! Open-mouthed¬†A little¬†bit laggy in places, but it was FOKKING HILARIOUS! I got the highest score, and we didn’t complete it,¬†but that didn’t really matter, it was so much FUN! Open-mouthed¬†I knew it was gonna be funny from the very start, when we were choosing our characters:
Me: Ah, you go ahead, I prefer Axel, he owns.
*Rich accidentally chooses Axel*
*We lol Open-mouthed*
And it went crazy from there, in the first stage,¬†Axel¬†grabbed Blaze in a very… personal area… multiple times… Rich backhanded me… I kneed Rich in the face hundreds of times (90% of the time accidentally Tongue out),¬†and at the end of a stage, I grabbed Rich and dropped him on his head, FOR FUN!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed
So ya, it was extreme fun. Open-mouthed Multiplayer Streets of Rage wins. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, I’d better be off. Tomorrow, I answer the question: Has Garry’s Mod gotten better? As in… PLAYABLE?!
Oh, and by the way, I’m nearly done with Dragon Tail, just a bit more to do. I’ve been concentrating more on the editing recently, cuz the story’s nearly over. Sad¬†But don’t worry, I hope you’ll find it’s a good ending! Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off. Bye!


Right, I’m not going to use the backspace key in this blog ntru, just to show you how recked me arms are. Wrecked my arms are, evenm. stupid arms.
After specding soe time with Rock Band and IMPROVEING my skillz… sSOME tome… some TIME… IMPROVIBG… IMPROVING… lemme starty again.
After spending some time with Rock Band and IMPROVING my skillz (YES!) I decuidded to go back to my nioghtmae box… NIGHTMARE BOSS…
Yes, I was STILL stuck on him. And I’ve had the game for… whgat… 2 years… maybe a bit more?
Things can only be explained in THIS VIDEO. Watch it! NOW! Well, I could explain to you here, but that’s broing.¬†Tongue out Boring, evem. EVEN, EVEN DOT!. TJANK YOU! THANK*** you! Finally.
Anyhoo, watch that, and you’ll know what happened. Open-mouthed¬†Download it, don’t stream it, otherwise the end’ll be cut off. It is a bit long. Open-mouthed
Kay, bye for now! ME FTW!! Open-mouthed
Um… I accidentally posted this entry before I got the link to share my video. >.<
If you get here before I post my video, just come back in a little bit, and I should’ve updated. Open-mouthed
Eekay, I has the video, and a BONUS VIDEO COMING SOON!! Open-mouthed


I FIXED IT! Open-mouthed
SUCK MY COCK, MICROSOFT! Why didn’t YOU suggest I do that?! Maybe you should fire yourself, Mr. Head of Spaces, and let ME take over! Tongue out
Still thinking about switching blogs, though, to see if I can get more fans for Dragon Tail. Tongue out Just to see if it can give me more drive. Smile
Do you know what was causing the problem? It was… a LINE OF TEXT. No, really! A SINGLE LINE OF TEXT that I had copied and pasted from an e-mail had bust my ENTIRE BLOG overnight.
How… the… hell…?