Randomness in 60 seconds… and Smartphones.

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero! Life Lesson 114: I’VE GOT BALLS OF STEEEEEL! says (23:38):

LOL, my next door neighbour is such a noob.

He wants to download a program…

…without downloading it?!

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:42):



Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:43):

did u say u cant not download it

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero! Life Lesson 114: I’VE GOT BALLS OF STEEEEEL! says (23:43):

Lol, yeah.

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:43):

what program?

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero! Life Lesson 114: I’VE GOT BALLS OF STEEEEEL! says (23:43):

Ah, I dunno, it was a retarded generic question: "do u know of any web site that u can downloading stuff with out downloading it"

Adam! (OODIAR!!) says (23:44):


thats really retarded!

Open-mouthed– u get a retard point!

MongMaster – The Intergalactic Hero! Life Lesson 114: I’VE GOT BALLS OF STEEEEEL! says (23:44):



Lollerskates! Open-mouthed RETARD POINTZ!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed
I is now gonna keep a running total. Open-mouthed
Oh, and one more thing, I has found a very nice gadget I want for my 18th! Apart from driving lessons, but that’s not a gadget. Tongue out
It’s THIS!
It’s the LG KS-20!! Open-mouthed
Now, for all you who can’t figure it out, it’s a Smartphone that has all the features of my Pocket PC (like it can go on the internet), but it’s got an integrated phone!
Now, you ask the question: Why not get an iPhone? Because compared to this, iPhones suck!
UNLIKE the iPhone, the KS-20’s got a 2 MegaPixel camera, it has the Windows Mobile 6 Operating System instead of the simplified Apple Operating System (WM5 was brilliant, as I could do nearly everything I could do on a PC! I’ve never tried WM6, though. The Apple OS looks too simple, so i don’t like it. :P), I can play games on the KS-20 (not shitty mobile games, there are some REALLY good PPC games out there, like Flux Challenge and Enigmo) and if I buy a big enough memory card, I can buy a bluetooth reciever and convert it into a SAT NAV! It’s like a phone, a Pocket PC a cross between a GameBoy Advance and a PSP (so maybe the Nintendo DS, heh heh…), an MP3 player, an alarm clock, a calendar, a contacts list, a Sega MegaDrive, and a SatNav all rolled into a 16mm thin package! Open-mouthed I’ll only need to take my Smartphone to college, not my PPC and my mobile, and trust me, I forget one or the other. Tongue out Or both. Tongue out
Plus, it’s got MSN on there, and if I buy an internet bolt-on from O2 or 3, whoever I decide to go with, I can use the internet ANYWHERE! Open-mouthed AND it looks cool. Open-mouthed
It’s not a bad idea, is it? Combining EVERY portable device into one? My dad seems to think otherwise… for some reason. He showed me another one that he claimed was better… but… how could he know? It didn’t mention ANYTHING on the description! I didn’t know whether it had a touchscreen or not, I didn’t know whether it had Windows Mobile or some crappy Samsung Operating System that was made in two days (and therefore impossible to put SatNav on it), I didn’t know whether it had WiFi or Bluetooth… all it said was that it was a Smartphone and had a 5MP camera. And I could only get it free if I went into a contract… and to be honest, I don’t use my phone A LOT, cuz I have Skype, so I only use Pay As You Go.
Okay, after a lengthy search, I think I found the Smartphone that my dad said was better. Um… no it’s not… It’s got an operating system called "Properitary"… whatever that is… looks like an iPhone… anyway, it’s not got WiFi, it uses WAP internet, which sucks, it only plays crappy Java games that you find on mobile phones, it’s not got Instant Messaging, it doesn’t support Skype and the only thing that’s good about it is the 5 MegaPixel camera!
And when I told him I wasn’t interested in that, and that I was more interested in the KS-20, he said that it was a stupid idea. So it wouldn’t have been a bad idea if I’d have chosen that smartphone that costs more and has less on it…? I’m not gonna listen to them twice, cuz when I DID want an upgrade from my old PDA, I wanted a Smartphone from HP that has now sadly gone out of production, it had EVERYTHING, even a QWERTY KEYBOARD (no crap [Qw][Er][Ty] keyboard like some Blackberries!), but at the cost of screen size. Instead, they got me a DELL Axim X51v… A DELL… the WORST computer manufacturers in all of human history. Automatic FAIL.
It was fast, and cheaper than the HP Smartphone (not by MUCH) but had crap memory, rubbish storage space (90MB), a card reader that corrupted the memory card every time you took it out, it plings for no reason, it turns itself on for no reason, it forgets settings, adjusts alarms for no reason, forgets to set the alarms off (or does set them off but plings quietly as it’s setting them off, which interrupts the actual alarm sound), sets alarms that it has missed over the past week off at the SAME TIME when you next turn the damn thing on, it runs out of battery in its charger, claims that the battery latch was opened when it wasn’t and shuts itself down, it crashes for no apparent reason in the most random times, it tries to perform a hard reset every so often, it forgets that you have aligned the stylus therefore making taps go MILES off course, it says you typed your password in wrong when you didn’t, and it doesn’t have a camera, which I REALLY wanted. It was RUBBISH. And cuz it wasn’t a Smartphone, I didn’t end up using it as often as I’d like. And because it didn’t have a camera, I ended up with LESS than I had started with with my old PDA. The only cool thing were the 3D games on it, like Flux Challenge and Enigmo… and a rally game that was pretty forgettable. Tongue out
On that note, if I DO end up getting a KS-20, is anyone interested in a second-hand Dell Axim X51v? I dunno how much it cost in the first place, but I’d probably sell it for £90. Open-mouthed It’s in near-mint condition, just the rubber feet fell off, but if you’ve got a Dell PC, you’d be used to that kinda thing by now. Tongue out
Oh yes… speaking of price, heh… the cheapest I’ve been able to find the KS-20… heh… um… £233. Surprised That’s quiiite a bit. Tongue out
Eekay, it’s a bit late, so I’ll finish this off tomorrow. Smile
**The Next Day…**
Kay, I’m back! Open-mouthed Um… that Smartphone that I saw that I thought was the one Dad showed me? Nnnno, it wasn’t that. It is COMPLETELY different, it’s actually… amazing!
This is it:
It’s called the "Omnia", which means "Everything". And they’re not joking! It’s got WM6, a 5 MegaPixel camera, the biggest screen I’ve ever seen on a Smartphone (3.2 inch), Bluetooth, WiFi, Built-in Advanced SatNav (I don’t need a reciever!), and a 624MHz processor, which is one of the fastest processors you can get on a mobile device! There’s NOTHING else you can put in there! It’s the most advanced Smartphone ever made!
As a result, I do think that my dad is right. Apart from the fact that the Omnia is nearly TWICE as much as the KS-20. £434! SurprisedSurprisedSurprised!
BUT, if you go with a contract, you get 100 free texts and 600 free minutes a month, and unlimited internet access (unlimited is actually limited to 500MB a month… Sarcastic) for £30 a month, but you get the Omnia free. That’s quite amazing, considering that over 12 months of contract, the Omnia would STILL cost more if you’d have just bought it alone. And if you HAD bought it, you’d still need to pay for phone calls on Pay As You Go, whereas on a contract, you get them free. I know they’re not actually FREE, but you’re paying the price of the Omnia over a period of time, and it will eventually cost more. And by that time, if I’m not using the minutes as much as it’d be nice to, then I’ll stop the contract, unlock the Smartphone and go SIM free, so I can use any Pay As You Go SIM. Open-mouthed
But I don’t use my phone A LOT, I use it sometimes to call my Mum when I’m at college, or she texts me, or my sis texts me if she’s picking me up, or I end up sending a random message to Angie to make her phone pling over Skype. Tongue out So I dunno if the contract would go to waste… but then again, my Mum and Dad are paying for it… cuz it’s a b’day present… Tongue out
And if I get this, I won’t need to buy a £150 SatNav in the future, or a new phone or PPC for a LOOOOOOONG time… so it’s FUTURE PROOF! Open-mouthed
Okay… so that’s done. Omnia it is. Open-mouthed I’ll be looking forward to my 18th, when I get that! Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, I’m off. Bye bye!

2 thoughts on “Randomness in 60 seconds… and Smartphones.

  1. Hey! 🙂 How are you?
    Lol I should be doing my French homework right now, but I couldn’t be bothered! So I’m leaving a comment on here, because this is much more interesting, and then I’m going off to edit DT! 🙂
    Anyway, lol you’re next door neighbour is very strange, how can you download something without downloading it? Lol that’s the kind of thing my sister would say!
    Retard pointz (as you spell it!) Lol nice! 🙂
    WOW, that phone that you first wanted is AWESOME, but the one that your dad saw was just seriously COOL!! And you get it FREE, when you take out a contract for £30 a month, where you get 100 free texts and 600 free minutes, that is a SERIOUSLY good deal! 😀
    Lol at £434 you’re doing the right thing by asking for it for your birthday lol!
    Anyway, I’m off to edit Dragon Tail! 🙂 See ya later! 🙂

  2. It’s quite funny, cuz my Dad would’ve got that if he hadn’t tied himself into a contract with an average phone just a month before the Omnia was released. 😀

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