6 thoughts on “Lolcat…

  1. Oh yeah, sorry about not commenting for ages but on Friday I was out at a family party (which was suprisingly fun, unusually fun, there’s usually a fight lol…oh well…families…sometimes they’re so annoying) and then on Saturday, Sunday and Monday my sister was on the computer all day lol! But I’m back now, and I’ve commented on all the blog entries and I even replied to the comment on the blog with the epic RickRoll in it! And now I’m going to edit DT! 😀
    See ya later! 🙂

  2. Never miind. 😀 I don’t write Dragon Tail every day, so… 😀 😛
    By the way, was it you that voted that pic 5 Cheezburgers? 🙂
    Anyhoo, off to Office Live to look at the changes to Dragon Tail! 😀 Bye bye!

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