Hmmm… I’m getting good at this 3D stuff…

Kinda. Tongue out
I decided the ULSG V12 symbol looks a bit messy, and not cool enough for V13. It’s good, but not good enough for me.
So, upon failing to get the effect I wanted with Photoshop, I tried 3DS Max! Oh, what hell it was. Tongue out Well, okay, it wasn’t THAT bad, but still hard. After about an hour or so, though, I found my NEW FAVOURITE TOOL! Open-mouthed It’s called… "Convert to Editable Poly"! A million times better than a mesh, cuz it has some better tools with it, like "Inset", which immediately got me the effect I wanted, and the good old "Bevel" and "Extrude", of course, which you can’t possibly model without. Tongue out
And after another half hour or so… this is what I’d made:

Nonono, that’s not how it’ll look… this is how it’ll look!

Well… I would have had this to you by now, but 3DS Max CRASHED when I opened the MATERIAL EDITOR. How retarded.

Ah, finally got it. Here ya go. Open-mouthed

Still working on it, I have to put V13 there… in fact… I think I’ll do that now. Tongue out
There. Open-mouthed Yes, the image is really crap quality. Blame Paint for Windows Vista. Tongue out
I is rendering an animation now, of the camera zooming out from the V13, and continuing to zoom out until you see the whole "ULTIMATE LAME SHIP GAME V13! Open-mouthed Then it’ll fade to white, and then fade to the main menu, with the new V13 symbol, and it’ll be ANIMATED! Open-mouthed
Dragon Tail is coming along quite nicely, and I’ll hopefully have Chapter 40 for you soon! Remember, I can only work on it at night, cuz then I have no distractions, and the atmosphere’s better, so the story is better. Smile
Anyhoo, I is gonna work on the ULSG animation now. Bye bye! Smile

9 thoughts on “Hmmm… I’m getting good at this 3D stuff…

  1. Wow! The new ULSG game looks seriously ACE! Well done!!! The green and the red really stand out against the black! And that just makes it look so professional! 🙂
    DT chapter 40! 🙂 I can’t wait, but I can wait if that makes sense. Well I can’t wait because I want to know what happens but I can wait because I know that this is the last chapter (unless you split it, like you said) and I know that after this chapter it’s the end of DT and I really don’t want it to end! 😥 Seriously I’ve become so attached to it and all the characters too, I’m gonna be so upset when it ends! 😦 (does that make sense by the way) But when it’s published at least I can buy a book and I can read it a lot! 😀 And I can tell everyone else that they MUST get it! 🙂
    Anyway, next blog! 🙂

  2. It makes the game look SO AWESOME! It came out better than I believed I could do! 😀
    Ah, Dragon Tail… it’s been great to write. 😦 Don’t worry, though, my Draconic mind WILL live on! Something else might pop out of there at some point, you never know… 😀 Maybe a few more short stories along the lines of Dragons Evolved…?
    I’m STILL a bit iffy about publishing it to Lulu, though. I mean… this is the best piece of writing I have EVER done, and I don’t want to waste its potential. If I publish with Lulu, I won’t be able to publish anywhere else, but I can’t even think of how to even APPROACH a bigger publisher. They’re all evil demons.
    And about Lulu: if I remember correctly, the book of the month LAST month was the same as THIS month. They can’t do that! :O
    Anyhoo, next entry!

  3. Yeah! More stories along the lines of Dragons Evolved! 🙂 You could make it like a collection of short stories! That’d be ACE!
    I know how you feel about publishing DT to Lulu, because I can testify to it being the best piece of writing you’ve ever done, and it has a TON of potential, and I really don’t want you to waste that because I think that if that potential doesn’t get fulfilled to your standards, then as much as you say it won’t hurt, I think it would. I think if you are going to publish DT with Lulu, you have to let as many people know about it as you can, so that it gets as fulfils as muchof that potential as it can, if that makes any sense.
    But then again,, the same thing can happen with bigger publishers, because I know you want control over how DT is edited and everything and how the cover looks, and if a bigger publisher gets hold of it, and decides they like it, then they’ll mess around with it, and it could lose some of the uniqueness, so I don’t know, because, it’s just so complicated.
    What about publishing it yourself? I don’t know how you’d go about it, and it would be more difficult to make a profit from, I think, and it probably won’t work, but it’s just an idea! 🙂
    Anyway, if you want me to, I’ll see if I can find out any information of publishing companies for you. It’s up to you, but I don’t mind! 🙂

  4. Ya! 😀
    I don’t mind a bigger publisher messing with the cover, cuz I frankly would suck at it. 😛 Anything else though, is a BIG nono to change. I LOVE all my characters, and if you changed them, I’d have to learn all about them again. Cuz as I was writing, their personalities molded into shape in my head, and if you change one part of them, I have to remold them to be as connected with them. Do you get me, or am I blabbing? 😛
    Publishing it with Lulu would actually mean ME publishing it myself, called Self-Publishing. I pay them a fee, they give me ten ISBN’s, put one on Dragon Tail and keep the other nine for future projects, then that ISBN gets activated and put on a central register that all the major bookstores have access to, and if they’re interested in my book, they can buy copies from Lulu, and I get my cut from that. I can also buy the books off Lulu myself at a special price just to cover the printing costs, and they’ll send them to me, and I can distribute them by, say, sending one off to a bookstore, and asking if they would be interested in it. If people ARE interested in it, I sell them at a profit!
    But I REALLY have some doubts about Lulu. They seem fine, and I could probably trust them, but I would have to do all the marketing myself… and A: I suck at that, and B: What kind of adult would take a 17 year old seriously?
    Meh, I’ll think about it. I’m DEFINATELY not sending it to a big company, they’ll cock everything up. 😛

  5. No! You’re not blabbing! I understand what you mean! I mean I’ve become REALLY connected with all your characters, you know I have, so I can’t even begin to imagine how connected you are to your characters, and if a publisher messed around with that then two things would happen: 1) Like you said you’d have to remold them to be as connected with them and 2) The story and the personalities of the characters would lose the uniqueness.
    I’m still not sure about what you should do. I like the idea of publishing DT with Lulu, but I guess I have doubts too, I know it sounds silly, because you’re the one that’s found out all the information about it, so I shouldn’t reallly have doubts, but I do. I don’t know why but I do have doubts about Lulu, because I don’t want to see DT get its potential wasted…am I blabbing?
    I’m not going to lie to you here, but as much as I refuse to acknowledge that it would be difficult to be taken seriously at 17, in all honesty it would be very difficult. But it’s got to be possible. I think if you DID send DT to a company you would be better to go with small companies because I just think they would be easier to approach.
    Anyway, I have to go, but I’ll see ya later 🙂

  6. Nope, you’re not blabbing, either. 😛 Lulu doesn’t seem UNTRUSTWORTHY, but it seems as if it’s a last resort for new authors to get their books out there into the world. And really, I don’t know any first resorts, so… 😛
    I’m not one for ANY companies. They usually demand a lot of paperwork and reasons and all that crap. FFS, I don’t WANT to write essays for you, let my story do the talking. If you like it, good, we’ll talk. If you don’t, never mind, I’ll find someone cooler. 😛 That’s all I want to happen! Nothing excessive, just simple, but companies don’t DO simple. 😛
    Mine will, if I gather some game creating buddies together, we’ll be plain, simple and down to earth! 😀
    Right, I’m off. Bye bye!

  7. I think if you do approach a company, the best thing to do is go in with the "let my story do the talking attitude" and if they don’t like it they’re dumb! But they probably will make you do some writing, I’m not sure

  8. THE most annoying thing that someone could say to me is: "Write an essay longer than your story saying how great your story is."
    Yyyyeeahh… 😛

  9. Hehe! If they do that, I give you permission to KILL them…feel free to use as many nukes as you want…:P do you have any nukes…:P can I borrow one?…you know EXACTLY what I want to use it for…:P -evil smile- I’m an angel really, I promise! I’d never nuke a certain department at school! 😛 Lol!

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