I just babysat my next door neighbours. Sad
Well… okay. The chav and the idiot weren’t there, but the one… how can I name her… the "five year old brat who can’t speak properly yet", that’ll do it. Open-mouthed Yes, she’s a brat cuz she gets her own way 101% of the time… nearly… and actually can’t speak proper English yet. She doesn’t understand some simple words, she gets words mixed up…
But frankly, I don’t care! She was up in her room, leaving me downstairs in peace! Open-mouthed I had to check her light was off at 9:00, because for some reason she can’t turn it off herself… Sarcastic …but I didn’t do that, cuz if I’d have woken her up, she’d have been awake for ETERNITY. Cuz for some bizzare reason… she LIKES me! Surprised Not in THAT way, though, no. You sick person, you. Tongue out
This babysitting stuff would have been fine… but when I loaded up my laptop to come on here and blog to you while I was bored… their internet was OFF! WHO TURNS THEIR INTERNET ACCESS OFF?! The reason it’s called an "always on" connection… is because it’s ALWAYS MEANT TO BE ON! A modern modem uses like… NO power AT ALL (kind of), so there’s no excuse like "it saves energy". I was FOUR HOURS, with nothing but Friday night TV to watch (which is frankly ALL SHITE) and a laptop with one of THE worst graphics cards and processors EVER INVENTED, and with a battery that lasts about 15 minutes on full charge! Couldn’t concentrate on Dragon Tail, either, cuz of the epic distraction from the TV. Sad
Made £15, though, so not ALL a disaster. Open-mouthed
Anyway, Dragon Tail Chapter 40 may take a while, because… no. I’m not telling. Tongue out All I’m gonna say is, it’s gonna be good. Open-mouthed And it’s pretty much the final chapter… unless I need to split into another chapter for the ending. Open-mouthed
Good start, great middle, epic finish, that’s how I like it. Open-mouthed
Anyway… I’m off for now, but I’ll be back! Bye! Open-mouthed

3 thoughts on “Wooooo…hooooo…

  1. Awww I love little kids 🙂 lol, but I’m used to them because I have two little cousins lol, so I’m good with them and I just like them! But would your next door neighbour’s kids just stop me from liking little kids? 😛
    Awww rubbish internet, lol sounds like my house! 😛
    Wooo! £15 YEAH!!! I made £15 the other day too, for doing nothing lol, it was great, all I had to do was fold some leaflet things for my dad lol! So yeah that was nothing, and I just listened to my music at the same time, lol so it was great! 🙂 And it meant I could watch SummerSlam too! 😀 (Wrestling Pay-Per-View by the way)
    DT Chapter 40! OH MY GOD! The BIG one, the end! Oh my God I can’t wait to find out what haopens, but I really don’t want DT to end! 😦
    OK, next blog!

  2. YES IT WOULD! Yes it would. Hate ickle kids anyway, all they do is cry and poo and cry and poo some more. Then they sleep, and wake up by crying cuz they’ve pooed themselves. 
    WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT?! You got paid £15 for folding leaflets?! Wait… I got paid £15 for actually doing NOTHING! I shouldn’t complain. 😛
    Ah, there’s Chapter 40, and then there’s the EPILOGUE! Which isn’t that long. 😛 But I did 2,500 words of Chapter 40 last night. Oh yes. 2.5k in about TWO HOURS! Which only averages to 21WPM… but still… that’s good when I have to think before I write! It’ll be here soon if I carry on at THAT rate! 😀
    Anyhoo… next!

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