Speck to all! Open-mouthed
So yes, as you can probably guess, I went to see Wall-E today with Ped, Rich, Angie and Andy! It was great! I won’t say anything more, cuz some people that read this might not have seen it. Open-mouthed
And I shall never, EVER screw at my PC again. Ped’s is… ugh… SLOW AS HELL! It took FIVE MINUTES to restart, and then another five minutes to get to the place where I installed ULSG V12, and then another few minutes until it booted! Surprised And THEN it failed to run ULSG at a good framerate…
But anyway, ya, today was fun. Open-mouthed And I don’t have much else to say, because I is going on Rock Band with Rich! Open-mouthed So, I’ll see yous later! Open-mouthed

1 thought on “WAAAALLEEEEE…

  1. Hey how are you?
    I went to see Wall-E with my sister last week (I didn’t think it was very good but oh well) Yeah today I went to the cinema with Si Hills to see The Dark Knight!!! FANBLOODYTASTIC film, I recommend it to everyone! 😀
    See ya later! 🙂

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