Dragon Tail – Chapter 38! (Part 2)

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)


Yes, as you’ve noticed, not an extreme amount of action, but hey, if it was 100% ass-kicking action, then it’d get a bit repetitive. Tongue out The ass kickery will come in Chapter 39. As you’ve probably guessed. Tongue out
Anyway, any questions or comments or things I should change? It does help, really, I know it seems like some bigass companies ask for feedback and then never use it, but it SERIOUSLY helps me. Smile
Right, I’ll see you soon! Open-mouthed

2 thoughts on “Dragon Tail – Chapter 38! (Part 2)

  1. Speck! I was gonna reply earlier than this, but I’ve been playing Rock Band and my next door neighbour has been round playing a game that he bought for PS2 (when he doesn’t have a PS2) on MY console, therefore making it impossible to use anything but my PC. That’d be fine… if I hadn’t hit the trial account level cap on WoW, but I have, so I’ve been bored. 😦
    But now that no-one’s here to constantly look at what I’m doing, I can now reply! 😀
    First of all, thank you for teh comment! Glad you liked this one, cuz I was slightly worried about it… like I ALWAYS seem to be. 😛 But ya, this was like a final chapter to try and boost the what I like to call "Character Link" before the final battle. Character Link is the connection between the reader and the character, and if that starts to fade, they can lose interest… so there HAS to be something interesting going on with each of the characters just to keep the reader interested!
    I’m giving away all my techniques in this blog, I shouldn’t really do that. 😛 But ah well. 😛
    I AM getting better at the luurrrve scenes, I find! Have no idea HOW, as I have next to ZERO interest in a girlfriend or getting married o being SEX Z(ee), but there you go. 😛 Must be a natural thing that I can just… DO. 😛
    Right, I had better go now, but Chapter 39 WILL be here faster! It’ll be long, I bet… but easier to write, cuz when I write action scenes for five minutes straight, I get IN THE ZONE! 😀 Until I get interrupted. Then I lose it. But anyway, I’ll see you later! 😀

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