On second thoughts…

Right, screw that idea about the 3D thing for now. I can’t actually be arsed right now, I have to get on with writing Dragon Tail. I’ve not done it for about a week now, and I’m REALLY getting annoyed at myself. WoW has actually amazed me at how addictive it can be. I’ve nearly hit the level cap for trial accounts… and I’ve lasted over FIVE TIMES longer than the other time I tried it. Surprised Maybe the "approach it neutrally"… approach… worked. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, so yes. I am going to try to get some more of Dragon Tail done, and I’m aiming to have it ready either tomorrow or Tuesday. I will definitely have Chapter 38 ready quick, because… well… if you’ve been following the story, that’ll be the BIG chapter. Open-mouthed
Don’t worry, though! I have PLLLENTY of time until the next college term. I’ll give the 3D a try… sometime. Smile But for now, I’ll stick with writing.
Oh, crap! I forgot… now that I mentioned Whirlwind in the last entry… I was meant to finish that picture of Dimari that I started ages ago! Surprised I’ve got that to do… and Dragon Tail… and the edits… and attempt that 3D thing… well, I can’t say I’ll be bored… Tongue out
Even though I rarely write Dragon Tail in the day. Tongue out
Anyhoo, I’ll see you alls later!

3 thoughts on “On second thoughts…

  1. Hey how are you?
    It’s a shame about you leaving that 3D thing for now, but yeah, writing DT is more important at the moment, you’ve got to get that done before you can attempt a complex 3D thing! And the BIG chapter 38! I can’t wait!!! How many more chapters have we got left now? 🙂
    Yeah, sometimes the "approach it neutrally" approach does work. but I still don’t think I would enjoy WoW!
    Oooohhh when you do finish the picture of Dimari can you put it up here so I can see it? Pretty please?
    OK I have to go, but I’ll see you later! 🙂

  2. Hang on… I’ve messed up my numbers… it’s Chapter 39 that’ll be BIG. 38 won’t be THAT big… it’ll be preparing the explosives for the BIG 39! I think there will end up being 40 chapters… and an epiliogue to cap it all off. So… not long left…
    Ya, I’ll stick Dimari on here when he’s done, but I need to use the older computer for the colouring… cuz my graphics tablet is a dumbass, and Vista is a dumbass. 😛 I REALLY need a BAMBOO FUNNNNNNN! if I keep drawing… which I probably won’t. 😛 Too much for too little…
    Right, I’m off. Bye bye! 🙂

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