3D STUFF WINS… but it sucks to make. :P

Right, so that comment on my last entry sparked me to say what I’ve been thinking for the past few… weeks. Tongue out

So, I’m sat in the car on the way back from somewhere, and all of a sudden, a mega-detailed thought came to me, and that was a trailer/teaser for Dragon Tail. I could see everything, Whirlwind, every single detail on his body, his voice, his lip-synching, the scene, and what was going to happen!

Thing is… when I have these visions, I have an INSANE urge to try and do whatever I’ve been thinking of, maybe cuz I think it’s a sign or the fact that they happen very rarely. But this… this was a pretty tall order for me. I know how to go about it, but I don’t have the experience in 3D modelling, I don’t know how to create bones for a creature, let alone skin and rig them. I know how to do ragdoll physics to a biped object, but that’s as far as I can go in 3D animation! Apart from my uber camera movement skillz. Open-mouthed

And even before I create bones for a creature, I have to make a 3D model of them! And… um… I have never DRAWN a full dragon, let alone MODEL them! And speaking of "alone"… well… I only know one other person that can use a 3D modelling package that can help me out, and that’s Aaron, who I won’t see until September! And even then, we’ll have work to do!

So, I’m alone, and by no means am I an artist. Seriously… artists can make stuff that make you nearly puke with envy, and even though I am proud of my drawing of Whirlwind… (I’ll link it here for those who haven’t seen it…)

…I’m EXTREMELY proud of it for my first attempt, in fact. It’s the only thing of my creation hanging on my wall. Open-mouthed But others can make stuff MUCH better than that. Besides, 2D doesn’t matter now, it’s 3D I’m looking at, and I have next to no true 3D modelling experience and absolutely no rigging experience AT ALL! But what the hell! I’m gonna at least TRY to do this! Open-mouthed

So… I’ll need 3DS Max, which I have on CD somewhere. I can’t use Maya, even though ALL the tutorials on modelling dragons are with Maya. There’s a dragon wing tutorial for 3DS Max somewhere on the internet which will be like gold to me, but I doubt I’d understand it. I’ll give it a try, though. Open-mouthed

There’s also a mega-advanced app for 3D modelling called ZBrush, which lets you add serious detail to your models by using a paintbrush-style tool. You should see what people make with it. Everything from head models of humans to full models of whatever the artists feel like making. It’s incredible! I’ve signed up for a trial, and I’m gonna try that tomorrow! Surprised Not gonna BUY it, c’mon, it’s £600 for God’s sake! Surprised Epic ripoff! Bet it costs, like, a tenth of that to develop. It’s only a 30MB app, too! Surprised

I’ll also need to get my ass into gear and actually try to work hard on it. Because, every time I start to attempt art, I get nervous that I’ll piss myself off by doing countless things wrong, which is never good. Maybe it’s the fact that I LOATHE art SO MUCH, because it takes weeks to make a single image or model that serves no useful purpose AT ALL, other than showing off. And frankly, 90% of people just don’t care about it unless you’re known, or if it’s awesome quality (which is probably only possible if you go to art school), or pick out all the things wrong with it instead of looking at the good things. For example, art nerds would look at Sintarka and say that the colouring is dodgy in a couple of places, his ears look bad, he doesn’t look 3D… and they could make that list go on for DAYS. They won’t compliment me by saying his styling looks good, and that he has a nice pose or nice colours, they’d overlook those things for the bad things. Same with films (Eragon for example, everyone looked at the shit acting, but not at the incredible CGI of the dragon) and music (If even ONE thing is out of place in a song, some people WILL notice, even if the rest of the song is awesome). Thank God I’m a writer, they don’t seem to follow the same rules. Open-mouthed They’re more like "If it’s balls from the start, chances are it will be balls for the rest of the story, so let’s not bother." Not looking at anyone in particular… JK ROWLING 6TH BOOK BALLS STORY THAT MADE ME FALL ASLEEP!! She had BALLLLS OF STEEEEEL to write that and release it.

Yes, a woman with BALLLLLS OF STEEEEL. Tongue out

Anyway, I’m not promising anything with this trailer, but if I DO pull it off with added doses of AWESOME, you WILL know. Seriously. It’ll be here with a LOT OF CAPITALS as a blog entry, my personal message on MSN, my mood message on Skype, YouTube, 4Shared, Metacafe, Google Videos… a LOT of places. Open-mouthed

Right, I’m off. See yous later! Open-mouthed


So yes, I decided to reply to a comment in here because I have some SCREENIES to show you! 

You have no idea how hard 3D modelling is, seriously! I know, you’re probably thinking "Yes, I know, it’s VERY hard…" but it’s HARDER than very hard! When I loaded the program for the first time, I actually FROZE with confusion, no joke! I mean… EVERY button was confusing!
… but as I am about to load it up and take a screenshot for you… it seems like it DOESN’T WORK! What the hell… none of the viewports are working… EXCEPT for the one I’m using! So I can see only one view at a time, making it physically impossible to do anything!
That’s REALLY annoying… I’ll bet it’s fuckup Vista with stupid DirectX 10 that doesn’t work… I’ll try and fix it and get a few new screenies for ya soon. Smile For now, I’d better be off, though. Bye bye! Open-mouthed

3 thoughts on “3D STUFF WINS… but it sucks to make. :P

  1. Hey how are you??
    OH WOW!!! That sounds seriously AWESOME!!! I wish I could help, but unfortunately I don’t know how to use any 3D modelling software and stuff! So I don’t think I will be able to help lol! 🙂
    But anyway I think you will be able to do it, yes it’ll take you a long time, a VERY long time, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end, it’ll be AWESOME, and imagine if some movie producer person saw it on YouTube or Google Videos and wanted to make it into a full film! That would be AWESOME!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D Can I have tickets to the Premiere pretty please?? 🙂
    And don’t worry about the stupid art nerds and people like that, They know a lot about art but they don’t realise that not everything has to be perfect to be awesome! See, that is their downfall!
    Anyway I have to go, but good luck with the DT if you do pull it off! 🙂
    See ya later! 🙂

  2. I’ll have them soon… 😛 Gotta get the NEW 3DS Max now, the 2009 edition. 😀
    Getting a TRIAL version… wink… wink… 😛

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