Achievements unlocked: 4 for 140G.

WHOOYEAH!! *dances around room*
I just OWNED Green Grass and High Tides on Expert!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed And very kindly, the game unlocked ALL of the difficulty achievements for me, the Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert ones!!
Well… when I say "OWNED", I mean 83%-ish and 4 1/2 stars, so that’s… average, I guess! I had to develop a new technique, and actually squat down to keep the guitar straight and stable so I could use the solo frets. AND I had to figure out the FLESH BURNER for those stupidly long zig-zag techniques! Having to run two fingers up and down three of the solo buttons so that you can feel the heat of the friction! It sort of… hurts after a while, understandably. Open-mouthed
But now… I have to go play some more songs, to check out mah new GOLD STRATOCASTER!! Open-mouthed Yes, I get overly excited about this sort of crap. Open-mouthed
See yous later! Smile

2 thoughts on “Achievements unlocked: 4 for 140G.

  1. Speck!
    The guitar’s not THAT amazing. The Mace and Batwing and Chainsaw and all the special guitars are cooler. 😀 I’ve actually Gold Starred quite a few of the songs, as well! 😀 But that sounds crap, so I just call it "Elite" score. 😀

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