Opps, I brokez0rd a game.

Hee heee… sorry about it being ages since my last update, but I wish you were here just now. Open-mouthed So, I was playing Tekken 3 the other day when I was bored, and I got pissed off at the mindreading computer. So… I cheated. Not a normal cheat like button presses, just a more extreme, custom cheat.
I’m not telling you what it is just yet! Wink Lemme explain the game I BROKEZ0RD.
On Dragon Seeds (it’s a really old Japanese game, but daamn, it’s good. Open-mouthed) there’s this boss battle at the start. You enter your name, and you see your first dragon, which looks pretty damn cool, and he has really good equipment. Then this count someone-or-other pops up, and says something along the lines of "Train your dragon with mine."
So, normal players would say "Yes". But I say "No". He then says "Don’t be concerned! If it gets too dangerous, I’ll stop them."
And as Arnie would say… "NO DEAL." I say "No" again.
And then he goes "What’s the problem? I don’t see any injuries. You shouldn’t suppress your dragon’s desire to fight."
Yes, I bloody well should. "NO."
"You should allow your dragon to continue."
"You have no choice."
And then, it removes the NO option! So you HAVE to say "Yes"! And that leads to your dragon’s doom! Sure, you can just clone another, but still…
The battle pits you against a 420HP Adult, while you have a 160HP Baby. Reeeal easy, yeah? No. Enemy does 40-50 with one special, 40-50 with one sword swipe, and after 1 minute, he starts to READ YOUR MIND! I experimented with the save states on ePSXe, and the computer really does read your mind. I went back, he fired special, which owns me. I went forward, he uses sword, which owns me. I used sword, he used special, which owns me. I use reflector, he advances, and when he’s close enough, he uses sword and owns me. I use special, he reflects it, which owns me. I intimidate, he uses special, and OWNS ME!
It’s an impossible battle.
Or… is it?
Hehehe, now in the time of Cheat Engine and emulators, you can EASILY cheat on an older console game! Check out that video. Open-mouthed You might want to download it so you can actually see what I’m doing, cuz the actual video size is much bigger than the preview size.
Anyway, enjoy that. Open-mouthed
Now, about Dragon Tail. Yes, it’s been a very long time since the last chapter, but I have been working my ass off with gay college work! But now I have no work! WOOO! Open-mouthed And we have a break until September, so I should hopefully be able to get a few chapters out! But there aren’t that many left, I warn you…
Oh, and tomorrow… well… later on this EVENING, I have a little surprise for you. Open-mouthed Come back at around 8PM-ish (that’s GMT if you’re reading this from USA or somewhere other than the UK Smile) and I’ll have it up here for ya. Smile
Until then, buh bye!

2 thoughts on “Opps, I brokez0rd a game.

  1. Hey!
    Lol brokez0red! 🙂 Nice word!
    Anyway that video was AWESOME seriously! The subtitles were GREAT too! And Arnie Mode just ROCKS!
    Anyway I’m gonna go now but I’ll see ya soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Hehehe, I was laughing for AGES after this, it was just so funny. 😀
    Cuz you rarely complete an impossible battle! 😀

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