I can do it too, you know. :P

That Streets of Goong video I uploaded in the last entry, the video wasn’t made by me. All I made was the "STAGE 1 START", the health bar, score and lives, and the "STAGE 1 CLEAR" and the bonus screen.
Well, THIS one, I made all by myself! And yes, I uploaded it to Youtube. Tongue out I just took a random clip from Tom Yum GOONG, added music and sounds, and the good old HUD! Yes, I know it says "STAGE 1 START", when I’ve already done Stage 1, but it’s just a sample video that I made to see if I could do it! Check it out, eets fooni. Open-mouthed
I was GOING to post this several hours ago, but I had to finish the final clearout of my new room, and then I decided to build my computer desk. I’m not sat at it at the moment, but I’ll be putting the Pwnage-O-Matic on it tomorrow! Open-mouthed It looks awesome! It’s a corner desk, and if I put my consoles and stuff behind me, I should be able to swing my chair around and play the 360 or something without nearly running out of headphone wire! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed
And right now, after doing it all by myself, I am knackered. The instructions said it was a 2-person job, but when my mum gets involved she does stuff wrong, and when my dad gets involved he becomes so controlling that I either just watch, or I get pissed off at him and leave him to do it by himself. By myself, though, I PWN at assembling stuff like that. Open-mouthed Unless the instructions are shit. Then it’s nearly impossible.
Anyhoo, enjoy the Streets of Goong sample, and I’ll see yous later! Open-mouthed

4 thoughts on “I can do it too, you know. :P

  1. Hey! Oh WOW that is SOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you gonna do more videos like that?? (Please say yes!) 🙂
    Lol if something in our house has to be built I try to help but dad gets annoyed if I try to help, so I just leave him to it and if my mum tries to help it takes twice as long than it would if I did it on my own!
    OK, I got an email saying you updated chapter 4 of DT so I’m going to look at that!
    See ya later
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Yes I am! If I get bored enough. 😀 Which is REALLY likely. 😀
    That won’t be Stage 1, though, the REAL Stage 1 will be longer than that. 😀 Hopefully much funnier and cooler, too. 😀
    And I’ve checked the next chapter of Dragon Tail, and it looks great! I’m gonna put Chapter 5 on there tonight, maybe do a bit of editing tonight as well. 🙂 But just two more days left of college, and I have to do some improvements to things in those two days! :O
    So, I’ll see you later! 😀

  3. Hey!
    That’s awesome I can’t wait to see them! (If you do make more videos!) But I’m sure you will because I know you do get bored easily! 🙂
    You are so lucky! 2 days left at college? How UNFAIR is that?? I have another FOUR WEEKS at school and of FRENCHIE!!! Grrrr! But I guess the amount of work you have to do in two days sort of compensates for it a little bit! But it’s still not fair!
    And I shall look at Dragon Tail now! WOO! 😀
    See ya later! 🙂
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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