Hello again, I’m Rodney Reynolds and welcome to another video review!

It’s a soundboard of Rodney Reynolds! Awesome when used against WoW nerds. Tried it in Skype, as all everyone seems to talk about now is World of Warcraft and drinking (two subjects which I don’t give a shit about), but I didn’t get the same response as VideoCompiler did. Sad
There ya go. Have fun with that! Open-mouthed
UPDATE: SHIT. I forgot to include the KICKASS music! The music doesn’t work for me on my laptop! Sad
That’s really weird, cuz I asked it to include external files. I’d reupload it now, but it’s on the Pwnage-O-Matic, and I’m on my laptop. And I’d wake my parents up by going upstairs and turning it on. Sad If only my sister would move her ass out of this room then I could get the Pwnage-O-Matic in here, and use it whenever I wanted! Because, surprisingly, it’s not THAT loud for a gaming rig! Just chose the wrong case, that’s all. Should’ve got one with sound dampening foam in it, but it looks awesome, and I don’t really care about PC noise! Open-mouthed
So yes. I’ll upload a new version tomorrow. Or I might do it at college, if I’m bored! Which I WILL be! Then again, Aaron and I will probably be playing Streets Of Rage Remake or Dragon Seeds or something instead of working, so I might not be uploading it there. Open-mouthed
UPDATE: Earkay, it hast been updaterz0rd! Open-mouthed You should have the KICKASS music when you download it again, now. Smile

7 thoughts on “Hello again, I’m Rodney Reynolds and welcome to another video review!

  1. THAT IS AWESOME seriously!!! WHY World of Warcraft and drinking???????? Seriously WHY??? WoW looks boring! Ped says I can’t pass judgement on it cuz I’ve never played it, but I’ve ssen him play it enough times to know that it looks BORING and to know that I would sooner play the Charlie and Lola butterfly game with my little cousin that WoW! Is WoW boring Carl?? Hang on that’s a rhetorical question! Of course it is! You’ve told me it is so many times before!
    And drinking, really does not interest me! I mean yes I’ll have a drink every now and then, red wine and coke! YUM!! And don’t forget the ICE! But it will only be ONE drink! Not like the others who have LOADS of drinks and then some of them get ABSOLUTELY PARALETIC! (Don’t tell them I told you!) I mean drinking to that excess just doesn’t interest me! Sure I like a drink every now and then and even that’s not very often, but I don’t LIKE any other alcohol! It tastes REALLY WEIRD! And I don’t wanna get Paraletic either because I don’t wanna not remember what I did the night before, and when some of the others get like that THEY SCARE ME because they’re so dangerous and I really do NOT wanna get like that! I just don’t see the point!
    Oh yeah by the way, I got some really good news on Friday…seriously it could change my life forever…I’m SO HAPPY about it!! I was buzzing about it on Saturday (in fact I still am) and I went up town with Ped and Rich at first then we met Si, Si and Angie…But anyway I was so excited about this news and I wanted to tell someone…so I started to tell Ped and Rich but Rich who had fallen out with Shannah the day before was saying stuff about Shannah and me and Ped didn’t think that was fair, so we told him to stop it cuz he’s as bad as her if he says stuff about her, and then Rich went off in a mood, so I never got chance to tell them :(…I told Ped later but I don’t know if he was paying attention…but I came to the conclusion that some people even two of my best friends sometimes live in their own little worlds and that sometimes news that’s important to me that I wanted to tell…just doesn’t matter…and sometimes I don’t matter. (Don’t tell them any of this cuz I’ll get a lecture probably.) And I’m sorry about suddenly going all depressive on you! But I guess it’s just my random thoughts!
    Anyway that soundboard is AMAZING and I fully support you using it on Skype, because it’s amusing! 🙂 I bet it’s amusing to hear their reactions too. 🙂
    The third chapter of DT is edited by the way 🙂 I did that instead of doing History homework! 🙂 Editing DT is a much better and more entertaining use for my time! 🙂
    I have to go 😦 but I’ll see you soon 🙂
    Love Em xxx -hugs-
    PS Thanks for reading my depressive rant by the way 🙂

  2. Speck!
    Well, Andy and Ped pretty much take over the conversation speaking to each other about WoW, sometimes to the point where I have to wait about 30 seconds after joining to be able to say "hello" cuz they won’t let anyone get a word in. They should just get Ventrilo and use that for their nerdy WoW crap so the rest of us can try and have a decent conversation. And drinking… I have no idea why! I just feel like everyone’s obsessed with it, and it’s kind of annoying. Cuz drinking sucks donkey dick. 😛
    My brother was going on about their wedding and crap, and he said:
    "You know you like J2O, well, drink a WKD instead of a J2O before your speech."
    And I replied "Why don’t I just drink a J2O? They taste nicer."
    "No, they taste the same, and the alcohol will help you relax!""But they don’t, though! One has alcohol in and you can taste it’s shitty flavour if you have a brain, and the other doesn’t and tastes a million times better! And no, it doesn’t make you relax, it turns off brain cells, making you more STUPID!"
    And then he shut up. 😛
    I won’t touch the crap. People’ll mock me and say I’m weird, but I really don’t give a shit! After all, I can ride home in my nice Audi or BMW completely sober while the others will have to get a taxi home and pick up their CityRover the day after because they spent so much on drink that they couldn’t afford a better car. 😛 That’s if they can REMEMBER where they parked it. 😀 And they’re going on about "ohhh, I got so pissed at that party" as if they’re cool, when they’re just not! Having a night out, acting like a retard and not remembering is cool? Maybe to a sheep, but, you know…
    And the others have gotten REALLY weird since I left Kingsley, and since Shannah pretty much took my place. Rich has been pissed off more, everyone’s complaining about everything, and everyone has gotten more boring! Ped, Andy, Rich and soon-to-be Neb all play WoW and pretty much nothing else so I can’t actually play any other game with them, so I get bored, and when Neb does play an online game it’s usually with Si, cuz they got lucky on EVE and got into an alliance even though they were four times worse than the requirement, and I was hoping they’d try and get me in, but they didn’t. So now EVE is boring, cuz there’s no-one else around, and I’m stuck doing boring missions that aren’t getting me anywhere. Rich, for some reason went all weird on Diablo and said that he didn’t want to use his lower level character which was made at the same time Ped and I made our characters, so he went on a character that was double our levels and said he wouldn’t go back until we were the same level, so he pretty much ruined that for us. And Ped doesn’t have a 360 cuz he STILL hasn’t frickin’ repaired it, so I can’t play Guitar Hero III or something with him for a change! He probably wouldn’t want to, anyway, cuz he’s obsessed with WoW so much. He’ll say he’s not a WoW nerd, but he just is. For example, according to him, you HAVE to say "ding" when you level up, and the obvious things like "Leveled!" or "Level Up!" or even "Levelz0rd!" are unacceptable. And when you need to recharge mana, you HAVE to say "Mana break", not "Hang on, I need some mana" like a normal person would say. What the fuck?! Nerd much?
    And he calls ME a nerd for having a good knowledge of computers, when that is in fact very useful when you accidentally overclock your CPU so much that it won’t actually run. Knowing the WoW map better than the real world map won’t save you when your BIOS fucks up or your CPU fan stops working.
    And I was gonna invite him or someone else to help edit with us! But he’d probably change parts of the story to WoW language. 😛 Maybe Rich is still on planet Earth, and maybe he could help? More editors are good! To a certain extent. 🙂 If anyone shows any interest of helping, you know… I could send them an invite! And then we’ll have THREE editors!
    So yeah. To sum it up, everyone’s boring and no-one listens to anyone who’s not interested in what they’re interested in, I’m seriously bored, EVE has become boring with no-one else to play it with, so I’m on the verge of quitting, and Skype has become so pointless because no-one ever talks about anything even remotely interesting, nearly to the point of me not logging on again!
    Good old Dragon Tail, though, that helps to get rid of some boredom, and it gives me a good reason to not listen to any WoW crap! I looked at the Chapter 3 edits, and they were pretty good! I did a few more edits and added Chapter 4. 🙂 We is a kickass team! 😀
    And that soundboard showed how boring they really were! None of them laughed, or anything, some were like "What the fuck?" and some just didn’t say anything! Ped among those, still speaking in WoW language as if nothing was happening. I’ll record a clip for you some day to show you what I mean!
    Anyway. That’s a biiiit long for me, but oh well! I’ll see you laters!

  3. Hey! How are you?
    I am seriously LOVING the update on the Rodney Reynolds soundboard. I LOVE THE MUSIC and if you then press another button while the music is playing it sounds SOOO COOL!!! :D:D:D So thanks for that! It keeps me anused when I’m supposed to be doing homework!
    I can’t believe they do that, that’s really mean! I mean surely if they’ve invited  you into the call they should shut up long enough for you to say "hi!" You should just interrupt them seriously!
    And everyone is obsessed with drinking! It’s quite scary! Because I mean my red wine and coke is like a HUGE glass full of coke, with a splash (and only a little splash at that) of wine in it, so you can’t even taste it, because if I taste it I can’t drink it!! But everyone else they just down the alcohol like it is coke and it’s scary. I mean when Rich is drunk he scares me so much! He’s dangerous when he’s drunk! (Don’t tell him that!) But it’s the truth! I hate it when they’re drunk and I’m sober cause I feel like I’m looking after them and then I don’t have fun, I mean I’ve cried at a party before because I was so upset about it! And I fully support you not touching alcohol, I think you are far more sensible because just think, at least you remember what you did and you’re  more healthy too, so well done! 🙂
    HOW DOES WKD taste like J2O?? Please tell me! WKD’s are disgusting, I tried one once and after one sip I was just like "no I can’t drink this!" So I think you should drink a J2O and besides you’ll be fine when you have to make a speech! I know you will! You really don’t need something to relax you!
    Yes, everyone has got really weird since you left Kingsley! Please come back! 😦 And Shannah NEVER took your place, well not in my eyes anyway. You’re far nicer than she is (oh god I hope she doesn’t read this) so therefore she never took your place and if someone ever tries to tell me that I’ll tell them she did not take your place because I don’t think she did! She just kind of came into our group and that’s it. Personally I don’t particularly like Shannah, she’s controlling. (oh god I REALLY hope she isn’t reading this) so PLEASE COME BACK CARL!! I need someone genuine at school who I can have a decent conversation with! Why do they just play WoW? Surely they know that it must be boring for you being on your own playing EVE! They should think about that! But oh yeah, I forgot they tend to not think about anything except WoW and being annoyed at each other!
    All the knowledge that you have is so useful! Honestly and having a really good knowledge of computers does NOT make you a nerd, because it’s going help you in the real world whereas knowing the WoW map won’t!
    Seriously I wouldn’t hold out much hope of getting other editors! I mean they’re all too busy with WoW to care about things that are important to people who are supposed to be best friends. I experienced that the other day. I’ll ask for ya but I don’t know if they will. I mean I was telling Ped about editing DT the other day and look I really don’t wanna upset you here, and I’m really sorry if I do, and don’t tell Ped I told you but I told Ped he should read DT and he said "Maybe I’ll read it one day when I’m bored" and I thought that was a really mean thing to say! So yeah, I’ll ask them if they wanna edit DT but I don’t know what they’ll say! I hope I didn’t upset you and I’m sorry if I did!
    To sum it up. Basically exactly what you said. Skype is pointless! I don’t even know why I bother with it.
    Yeah I LOVE editing Dragon Tail it is seriously SOOOO MUCH FUN and when we’ve finished it I’m gonna miss it so much! :,(
     I’m glad you like my edits by the way! And I’ll have a look at Chapter 4 when I’ve finished my homework! I don’t know if that’ll be today or tomorrow though! I hope you don’t mind! 🙂 And yeah we make an ACE team! 😀 and I love the Dragonflight Publications in the header. I think that’s GREAT! 😀
    I LOVED that soundboard! It was AWESOME!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!! I can’t believe they just ignored it though! I mean COME ON that is so FUNNY how can you ignore the Rodney Reynolds soundboard?
    Oh yeah I HAVE to tell you my good news, seen as no one else seem to listen and I don’t think Ped even REMEMBERED I’d told him. OH MY GOD this news is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basically I went to the hospital on Friday (I got out of a French day to have to go to the hospital as well WOOOOOO! :D) and at the hospital I went to see my consultant, and you know I wear splints on my feet, yeah? Just to help me walk y’know? Well my consultant said that it’s time we make a decision about whether I need them for the rest of my life or not, so he wants me to gradually work down from wearing them all the time to not wearing them at all when I’m walking, over the next six months and I should be OK to not wear them EVER again after that! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Isn’t that great news?? I mean I can finally get some NICE shoes rather than the specially made ones and I don’t have to worry about people seeing my splints!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D AND I don’t feel ANY different in walking in just shoes instead of shoes and splints so that has to be good doesn’t it?? But seriously, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED when I heard the news that I could try not wearing them!!!! Because I’ve always wanted to not have to wear them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Isn’t that great news????????
    OK, very long comment, now I have to go and do homework 😦 but I’ll see you soon! 🙂
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  4. Speck!
    WOO! Awesome on a stick! That’s great! Until you find you’ve spent 90% of your life savings on shoes that you’ll wear once. You know, like 98% of women do, apparently? 😛
    Then again… me saying 90% of life savings is pretty stupid if you’ve got about £20 in the bank. Like me. 😛 Cuz of cockwank EMA being… cockwanks. 😛
    Eh, what Ped said doesn’t bother me. I don’t reckon he’s much of a reader, unless it’s a book about a game like WoW. 😛 He’ll probably always think that way about everything I make. Have no idea WHY, maybe just cuz I have a unique imagination that spews out random words that people say "WTF" to, and then amazingly pick them up and start using them! Like Moot! I introduced that! Didn’t INVENT it, but I introduced it. 😛
    And then when my mind starts thinking seriously, it starts spewing out pretty damned awesome things. You know the Derians that I mentioned in the editing? I made them up in THREE minutes. No joke! THREE! It’s amazing! Give me another word, and I’ll do it again! 😀
    Ped’s the one losing out on the story, anyway, not me. 😛 When I publish it, and if it ever manages to get in a bookstore or something, he’ll probably become intrigued. Please don’t lend him the copy I’ll order for you, will ya? Make him buy it for full price. LOL at him!
    Ya, don’t bother asking anyone else. No-one will do it, and I think we’re alright by ourselves! Besides, it costs me less in free-copies-for-the-editors cost… thing.
    Dragonflight Publications FTW! That will actually be my publishing name thing. That’s if it’s not already taken. Which it won’t be. 😛
    Anyhoo, I ist going to go now. See you laters!

  5. Hey!
    :D:D:D Yeah that is really good news isn’t it?? When I heard I got home and I just randomly did a happy dance! Lol! But don’t worry I won’t lose much money because I don’t buy a lot of shoes! I do not spend 90% of my life savings on SHOES! I have much more interesting things to spend my money on e.g. Rock Band! And you should know by now I am not like 90% of women, I’m very very very unique! 😀
    I have NO IDEA why Ped won’t read Dragon Tail, but like you said it’s him losing out! And WOW I can’t believe you came up with the Derians in 3 minutes!!! That’s just WOW!! And yeah LOL at Ped for having to pay full price for Dragon Tail when it gets into the shops!
    You REALLY do not have to do the free-copies-for-the-editors thing! I don’t mind buying my own copy! Really!! And Dragonflight Publications is the best publishing name thing EVER, it just RULES!!
    OK, I have to go and do homework now! 😦
    See ya soon though 🙂 And it might be a couple of days before I can look at Dragon Tail because I have a MOUNTAIN of homework to do! So I’m really really sorry, but I will be able to look at it soon. I promise! 🙂
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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