Ohhh, dear. Is ULSG WAY too hard?

I seem to have hit a problem.
I gave ULSG to Neb, so he could try it. I just wanted to know if the requirements I’d set for the medals were too high, or if it was too difficult.
We’ll start with Fruit Frenzy first, shall we? Just hold the fire button down and blast the massive amount of enemies to crap, while avoiding a crash! You need 1 trillion for Bronze, 2 trillion for Silver, 3 trillion for Gold, 4 trillion for Platinum, and 5 trillion for Diamond. I squeezed out 7.5 trillion, a very impressive score. Neb… he got about 300 million. HOW?! How do you do that?!
Next, there’s Ninja Skillz. Shoot bullets with your lasers to gain a Ninja Skill, get hit to lose 2 Ninja Skillz, and crash to lose 5 Ninja Skillz! The requirements: 15 NS for Bronze, 30 NS for Silver, 45 NS for Gold, 60 NS for Platinum and 80 NS for Diamond. I managed 124 Ninja Skillz. Neb got… ahem… about -330 Ninja Skillz. MINUS! That would equal to him crashing 66 times, or getting shot 165 times! WHAT THE CRAP?!
Finally, there is the 4 Minute Challenge. Standard ULSG rules, but you start at Level 20, an average difficulty level, and you have 4 minutes to score as high as you can. There’s a point bonus at the end worth up to a trillion points for the amount of health you have left. The requirements: 1 trillion for Bronze, 2 trillion for Silver, 4 trillion for Gold, 6 trillion for Platinum, and 7.5 trillion for Diamond. I squeezed out a nice 10.3 trillion points. Neb… he got about 200 million… and died! WHAT? How do you DIE on Level 20?! At first, right, he said he got something like 50k! HOW?! I can get one million points in FIFTEEN seconds, and grab my first trillion in about 2 minutes! After that, the trillions roll in like mad! And if I don’t crash, I get an EXTRA trillion points at the end!
I just don’t believe ULSG is THAT hard. Either Neb can’t play it, or he’s playing on Ped’s laptop with a frame rate of -6 FPS. Please, for God’s sake, try the game out, and if you can at LEAST get Bronze on the challenges, I must be doing SOMETHING right.
There it is. Just extract it anywhere you want, and play the game. You’ll already be Level 15 and have access to three of the four challenges.
I’ll give you some tips! Don’t be aggressive in Fruit Frenzy, don’t stop shooting in Ninja Skillz, and don’t worry if a ship gets past you in 4 Minutes! Worry only when eight get past you, and three more are incoming! Read the instructions, too. They help, and they’re amusing, too. Open-mouthed
Okay, I’ll see yous later! Bye now!

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