Genesis64/74k or whatever your name is…

I like to get messages. I really do. But I DON’T like to get BOT messages. And that’s obviously what you are, sending me a link to a site that somehow already knows my e-mail address?
Quite funny really, as I use on this space, which actually no longer exists. And if it does, it has over a million spam e-mails in it. So ha. Tongue out
I like to get messages from humans or other intelligent beings that may exist in the universe that have flesh and blood, not automated bots created by retards who want to try and get you to do something, like sign up to a site that’s been renamed. Spaz.
(If you ARE human, or an alien from another planet or something, then I’m sorry, and message me back with a message that doesn’t seem so bot-like. Open-mouthed Otherwise, Mr. Bot, fuck off. You’re wasting my Rock Band playing time, and my Dragon Tail writing time, too. Go join the uSuk clan on COD4. Tongue out)
My arms are REALLY hurting from today. I played… about… 10+ songs in a row on Rock Band with my mum? She was singing. And it hurt my ears at first, cuz I told her to scream when the yellow blocks appeared, but then when one appeared, she just screamed the rest of the song, and kept trying to scream the lyrics even though she’d failed out. Tongue out Then it took her half an hour to learn how to bang the microphone against her hand to the beat during the percussion fills, and eventually, it all worked out, and she gave Expert a crack. And cleared it! While all the time I was on the guitar, and switched to the drums for three songs at the end.
So I ache like fuck on a spiky stick. Hopefully I’m okay by Tuesday, otherwise I’m going to do CRAP!
Oh, and another thing, I GOT A NEW FISH! He’s a black Oranda, and he looks TEH AWESOME. I called him Shadow. Much smaller and thinner than my other fish, and he was a bit timid at first, but he looks like he’s fitting right in now. Open-mouthed
And I swear, at those pet shops, they must feed their fish, like… once a WEEK or something, cuz Shadow nearly had a spaz attack when I fed him for the first time. The others were all relaxed and eating normally, and Shadow was moving around like a lunatic, grabbing all the food he could see without getting too close to the others!
He’s got these massive eyes, too, like… um… well… if you lok at him from the front, they kinda look like…
|  O   ____    O  |
—–/       —–/
That… looks… shit. Looks more like a dumbbell. Or however you spell it. I don’t have a picture right now! I can’t show you properly, but trust me, they look weird. But cool. Open-mouthed
Anyway, I has to go now, but I am starting the new chapter of Dragon Tail now! Yes, I started it a bit late, but I thought I’d relax for a bit and try and finish some more college work first, and then Rock Band came out and all hell broke loose. Open-mouthed But it WILL be here faster then Chapter 35. I promise!
Right, see yas later!

1 thought on “Genesis64/74k or whatever your name is…

  1. Heya again!
    Oh wow!! How cool! You’re fish is called Shadow!! That is an AWESOME name!
    Lol I’ll see you Tuesday Carl!
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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