I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my Rock Band Set!

OH YA! Seen my Gamertag? Seen my most recent game?! AHAHA!
Rock Band is MINE! I gave in to temptation. My mum rang me up while she was in town, and said "Rock Band’s been released, you know." and I replied "Yeah… I know." Then my mum went on about how HMV had it for £150, like, the game, drums, guitar, microphone, USB and power supply, as well as 2100 MS points thrown in! 2100 MS points are like… worth about £20, and was meant for downloadable content, so I was technically buying it for £130, and putting £20 towards downloadable songs. Amazon are doing it for £140, but that doesn’t include MS points.
Rrrragh! She asked "Do you want me to get it for you, and you pay me back?" and there was a looong pause. Eventually, I said "Yeah."
FUCK DICK! I already OWE her £150 for my PC! And I told myself that that was WAY too expensive for a game!
But I shut myself up. It’s worth EVERY PENNY. Seriously, I’ve never played such a fun game. I haven’t tried the mic (and I probably never will), but I’ve played the guitar and drums. Started on Normal on guitar, after two songs, bumped myself up to Hard. After I cleared Orange Crush on Hard, I bumped myself back up to where I belong. Expert. Open-mouthed
The drums… ahhh, my GOD they are hard! I dunno if it’s the way I’m sat or anything, or if I have to wear shoes to use the foot pedal, but Jesus, it hurts your ankle! You can’t escape the foot pedal, either, all the pads and the foot pedal are used on every difficulty level, even Easy! Even the drumsticks hurt your hands after a while! I haven’t been able to do a Hard song yet with them, but I’ll stick to Normal like I did with guitar… and who knows, maybe I’ll get used to it. Open-mouthed
The new things I really like, too! There’s this little switch that changes the sound of your guitar in Solos and Overdrive. Wha-wha is awesome, but it sounds crappy on some songs. Sad Then I use Flanger. Open-mouthed I’ve found myself fiddling with the switch quite a lot while playing a song, so it can’t be all bad!
There’s the new Star Power, which is called Overdrive. Same thing, really, except that you have a bar that tells you exactly how much Energy you have instead of just glowy lights over a Rock Meter. Cuz I now know that one special sequence gives you 25% Overdrive, and I never knew that in Guitar Hero, so I used to waste Star Power waiting for a full meter. The Rock Meter was replaced with the Crowd Meter, which looks boring, but it makes much more sense to use that in 4 player mode instead of four Rock Meters.
There’s also a display telling you how many stars you’re getting under your score, which is handy, so you don’t finish a song and THEN know how many stars you got, you know during the song so you know if you’re on target!
I love the Solos, too, they give you points depending on the amount of notes hit in the solo! And it’s ACE when you get 100%, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and you push yourself even harder! Open-mouthed And I FECKING LOVE the BIG ROCK ENDINGS! Basically, just strum and fret like crazy at the end, and then just don’t forget to hit the last notes, otherwise you lose the bonus!
The only thing I don’t like are the stupid solo fret buttons. They’re right at the bottom of the guitar, and you don’t have to strum in the Solos if you use them. Then again, they are so close together and so fiddly that you’re better off using the normal buttons and strumming! They are SO FAR from the normal buttons that you lose a lot of time switching to the solo buttons, and then lose EVEN MORE time switching back! They are just… teh suck.
I DO like the new Stratocaster guitar itself, though! The buttons are so much nicer to slide along than the old GH3 Gibson Les Paul guitars. And the strum bar is awesome, it’s nearly SILENT! Thing is… it feels like it could so easily break. And the whammy bar is clumsy, and is too close to the guitar mode switch. And once, I used the whammy, and hit the start button with the whammy, which paused, and lost me my perfect. And the D-Pad is clumsy. And I hate the solo fret buttons, like I said. Other than those things, the guitar is great, and looks pretty good, too!
The drums feel like they can take quite a pounding, and are pretty loud when you bang them, too. The sticks are pretty authentic, too, and it looks great overall… but I HATE that fecking foot pedal! I just can’t get used to it!
And the microphone is… just a microphone.
Don’t be put off by the pretty steep price. GH3 was £70, and that included just a game and a guitar! For £150, you get a guitar, a mic, a pretty big drumkit, the game, a USB hub to link it all together, and 2100 MS points! And TWICE the fun of GH3! Now, I don’t think that’s too bad at all! Sure, Americans get it cheaper, who gives a crap? Ignore the Americans! We should be used to getting ripped off by now.
Hang on… do they get it for $170 WITH VAT? Cuz I know that VAT is added on AFTER over there, so if that’s true… then it would be… is their tax rate 5%? If it is, it’d be $178.50 over there. I dunno. Well… they still get it much cheaper. Sorry, but I just don’t care at all. Tongue out
Anyhoo, I’m bringing it to Ped’s on Tuesday! That will be SO MUCH EFFING FUN. We can see Ped fail at drums cuz he can’t multitask and has no hand-eye co-ordination WHATSOEVER, and Rich fail on the mic cuz his voice will be too high, and me and Si will sail straight through it like the Pwnage Brigade! I COULD sing Orange Crush, as there’s nothing to that. But I won’t. Tongue out
Orange Crush is the BEST song so far. No doubt! Open-mouthed I did download Message In A Bottle (SENDING OUT AN SOS!!!), and I also got Still Alive by GladOS. Yes, that song off the end of Orange Box’s Portal. That AWESOME song. Open-mouthed I think there’s Welcom To The Jungle available for download, or it’s somewhere in the game, anyway, but I might be wrong. If it IS downloadable, then I’ll just be getting it without question! Pwnz0r song!
I have to try Bass when we play, cuz I hear about the BASS GROOOOOVE! That lets you get up to 6x score. I think it’s x6, anyway. If it IS, doing Overdrive would get you 12x SCORE! AWESOME! That’s like… 300 points a note! 600 for a chord! 900 for a Super Chord! And 12 points every 2 milliseconds on long notes! COOOOL!
There’s this screenshot of some people playing it on the Rock Band box, too, and they have over 1.2 MILLION points! I wonder how easy that is… Cuz on GH3, it was a serious achievement to break a million points on co-op mode! That would mean that BOTH players can break half a million alone!
Guess that won’t happen unless everyone goes on Expert. Tongue out
Aaaanyway, that should be fun on Tuesday! But until then, I has to practice drumming, and see how hard the guitar gets! Bye for now!

1 thought on “I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my Rock Band Set!

  1. Heya! How are you??
    ROCK BAND, ROCK BAND, ROCK BAND, ROCK BAND ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANNA PLAY ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!! Oh my God it sounds seriously AWESOME, I am SOOOO GOING TO GET IT when my Dad will take me up town to get it. (I would buy it when I’m on my own but the box is a bit big and probably heavy, so I’m going to pay for it, but dad’s going to carry it lol! He’d better not drop it!!!) So I take it that Rock Band is AWESOME then! 😀 And I can’t wait to see you at Ped’s on Tuesday and also to play Rock Band! I’m gonna fail but y’know it’ll be fun! 😀
    See you Tuesday
    Love Em xxxx -hugs-

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