EXPERT Timing!! HAA!

Guess what I’ve been doing!
I’ve made ULSG VERSION 11!!
Well… when I say "Made", I lie, cuz there are two challenges missing and a few bugs to fix, like it doesn’t update your cumulative score when you get to the 1 Quadrillion mark in the Single Player. And in Two Player, too. Yes, I put in a Two Player mode! Not over the internet, cuz when I tried that, it went well for a few minutes, there was no lag or anything, but then when I added enemy ships, there was so much lag that it took over three seconds to register on the opponent’s screen, when your opponent blew up a ship it blew up ALL the ships on your screen, and eventually, it would be SO laggy that the other player’s ship would just DISAPPEAR without a trace. So I conclude, Multimedia Fusion 2 is NOT built for multiplayer gaming. Not with ULSG, anyway.
Never mind, it’s still local 2 player! One player controls red, another controls green! Score cap is now 1,999,999,999,999,998 and maximum multipliers are 1998x1998x100! Maybe I’ll set it to 1998x1998x200 to make it make sense. Open-mouthed Haven’t been able to test 2 player yet, cuz I haven’t been able to show anyone in person! There’s another special award for completing it 2 player, as well! Open-mouthed
The most interesting features in my opinion, though, are the Challenges! There are only 2 right now, but there will be 4, and probably more after that. And when you get the special 1 player award, there will be even MORE challenges! When you clear all the Level challenges with at least Gold, there will be a colour select screen! So you can change the colour of your ship! And if you happen to clear all the Special challenges with at least Gold, some exotic ship designs will unlock! And when you manage to clear all the Super Special challenges with at least Gold, you will unlock some MORE ship designs! And when you clear ALL the challenges with a Diamond medal, you will unlock the Super Lame CPU Tournament League Mode! When you clear Diamond level on THAT… you will unlock the BEST ship! It’ll be called… The AXEL! And there’s a clue for you, to work it out…
There, there’s the clue. Open-mouthed
Now, so far out of all this, I’ve put in the Fruit Frenzy Challenge, and the Ninja Skillz Challenge! Fruit Frenzy is short, sometimes 30 seconds, maybe a minute, but the longest I’ve ever played it for is about 1 minute and 10 seconds. That’s fun. Then there’s the Ninja Skillz Challenge,  which is even better! EVERY ship gets given a gun, and you have to shoot the bullets to get Ninja Skillz! If you get hit, you lose 2 Ninja Skillz, and if you crash, you lose 5 Ninja Skillz! It’s EXTREMELY fun, and the background track is TEH AWESOME. Open-mouthed
There’s a teaser of Ninja Skillz Challenge mode. Open-mouthed Check it out if ya want!
I’ll have a Beta Edition of ULSG on my file share soon, so you can try it out if you want! But until then, I see you later! AAAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! (Remember teh cluuuuue… Open-mouthed)

2 thoughts on “EXPERT Timing!! HAA!

  1. Hi how are you???
    My computer’s being stupid and won’t load the file properly 😦 and it is my computer! It’s been nice to me because it let me post a HUGELY LONG comment about DT, I had to split it into two parts, so if you haven’t already make sure you read them in the right order, oh and that doesn’t include the comment I posted yesterday by the way it’s JUST the comment I posted tonight, so I’m sorry about how long it is!!
    Anyway I’ll try loading the file again tomorrow
    But until then, I have to go so I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Don’t worry. 🙂 4shared can be a retard sometimes. It’s MUCH more fun playing it though, trust me. 😀
    When I’ve finished the 4 Minutes Challenge and done the Double Trouble challenge, I’ll upload a Beta to the file share! So people can give it a try. 😀
    I has to go too, but I’ll see ya soon!

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