GTA is just MORE than awesome.

If you haven’t got it, then I have one thing to say. HA. Have fun trying to find a place where you can buy it. Tongue out Andy barely got his copy, I dunno HOW he did it, but he got it. Open-mouthed My sister’s friend, Ian, he didn’t pre-order it because he was gonna trade in one of his old games for it or something. He had to go around SIX shops to try and find it. And walking by HMV one day, I saw a bigass sign outside the door saying "NO GTA IV." GAME is out of stock, and so is Gamestation. I laughed, and I feel happy, cuz I did the smart thing and pre-ordered. Open-mouthed
I won’t spoil anything for ya, apart from that Niko sounds like Borat, and the way he says "You’re a dick" is hilarious. "You know something? You’rr a deek!" Open-mouthed Oh, and multiplayer is insanely fun, even in Free Roam where there’s no aim or anything. We just ran around blowing stuff up, and my main mission was to get to 6 star wanted level. AND I DID IT! Lasted about 20 seconds after that cuz Andy ran me over with the boat when Neb accidentally hit me round the head with a rocket launcher and I fell out, but I got to 6 stars. Open-mouthed
And on Monday, Ped is coming to my house! With Rich, who wanted to tag along cuz he said he would be bored. And the last time I had two people around my house was… I can’t remember! But there. Monday should be fun. Open-mouthed If only Ped had fixed his Xbox and bought GTA IV, then we could pwn on multiplayer with the others. Open-mouthed
Now, I HAVE been doing some of Dragon Tail! Not an insane amount, no, and not enough for another chapter, but I’m getting there! And I’m SO EFFING CLOSE TO 100,000 words, too! Only about… 3,000 more now! You WILL know when I’ve hit it. As soon as I write my 100,000th word, I’m going to STOP, post a screenshot and DANCE. Open-mouthed
Until then, bye bye!

2 thoughts on “GTA is just MORE than awesome.

  1. Heya, how are you??
    Sorry I haven’t commented in an INSANELY long time, but it’s the usual excuse FRENCHIE lol, but this time it’s Frenchie being SUPER EVIL. Basicall, they changed the topic for my speaking exam like A WEEK AND A HALF before the REAL exam, so now, thanks to them I’m going to FAIL because I have to completely change my slant on it and learn it!! So I’m going to fail lol!
    WOW GTA IV sounds AWESOME! And HMV, Gamestation and GAME were all sold out! WOW!!
    Oh yeah, did you lot have fun on Monday? 🙂
    I want a screenshot when you reach your 100,000th word on Dragon Tail!! 😀 That will be a MOMENTOUS occasion lol! 😀
    Anyway I have to go and revise FRENCHIE and IT (boring) 😦 but I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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